VIDEO: Shas’ Atias Attacks Bayit HaYehudi for Being Sectarian

(Monday, December 17th, 2012 04:45 PM)

Responding to statements from Bayit HaYehudi leader Naftali Bennett that he wants to take the housing portfolio from Shas, for he feels Shas is sectarian, only concerned with its constituents.

Shas co-chairman Ariel Atias fights back, telling supporters that Bayit Yehudi represents it small voter base only while Shas works for the people, all the people. Atias refrained from mentioning Bayit Yehudi by name, stating “No one will tell us we are sectarian. Do you know who we represent? The people – that’s our sector. Yahud, Ohr Yehuda, Ramle, all the places in which we are working to benefit those who are lacking.

Atias repeats that Shas is the only party that will take care of the underprivileged, those who are lacking.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. akuperma says:

    Bayit Yehudi wants to influence the future of Eretz Israel.

    Shas wants to be the future of Eretz Israel.

    In simpler terms, Bennett hopes to be a cabinet minister. Shas hopes that someday, in the foreseeable future, they will be the party forming a government.

  2. zionflag says:

    Think that Bayit Yehudi CAN also help all the poor sectors in Israel.

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