WATCH THIS: Alan Dershowitz Melts Down On CNN; ‘I never Want To Be On The Show With This Bigot Again’

(Thursday, March 16th, 2017 01:45 PM)

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  1. georgeg says:

    What backward reasoning this John Flannery impugns to others, so much so that it really does give credence to the question of his real mind set and intention. Israel would love it if the Muslims in question moved out of the middle east to another hemisphere and made more room for the Kurds. The ban by Trump means these Muslims remain endangering Israel’s security right on Israel’s border. That is so obvious no one would seriously think Israel is backing Trump so as to prevent the Muslims from leaving Syria. A claim he is obviously implying.

  2. appleface says:

    That Fool and Lowlife Don Lemon is on CNN for one reason only, because he’s Black. The undecided are starting to see the falsehood of the left.

  3. spectrum says:

    Keep your racist trash comments to yourself. No need to air your dirty laundry.

  4. jew yorker says:

    Reb Appleface is only half right. Don Lemonhead is on cnn because he’s black AND gay.

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