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A video that circulated on social media over the weekend showed a masked reserve soldier in Gaza calling for mutiny against Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and IDF Chief of Staff

The IDF Israel Security Agency (ISA) carried out a precision strike earlier this evening, eliminating two senior Hamas officials in Yehuda and Shomron. Yassin Rabia, the top Hamas commander in

Lag Baomer marks the third Yartzheit of the 45 victims of of the horrific tragedy at Meron on Lag Baomer. YWN mourns their loss along with Klal Yisroel as we

A man set a cup of liquid on fire and tossed it at a fellow subway rider in New York City, setting the victim’s shirt ablaze and injuring him. The

Iran’s Supreme Court rejected the appeal by the family of Arvin Netanel Ghahremani, 20, and he is at “imminent risk of execution,” the Iran Human Rights (IHR) group said. His

Powerful storms killed at least 15 people and left a wide trail of destruction Sunday across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas after obliterating homes and destroying a truck stop where dozens

As many as 50 people reportedly dead after a massive explosion rocked Rafah, Gaza, late Sunday night. Insane footage showed buildings and vehicle ablaze, as emergency personnel were attempting to

by Rabbi Yair Hoffman On LaG BaOmer we celebrate the cessation of the deaths r”l of the Torah Scholars – students of the great Rabbi Akiva.  What better way to

A mother and daughter in the Jewish kehilla in Argentina lost their lives in a fire that broke out in their apartment building in Buenos Aires over the weekend. The

Many government officials  are denouncing the violent actions of the Israel Border Police in Meron on Lag Baomer. As YWN reported earlier Sunday, a few hundred Chareidim broke the law,

The largest hadlakah on Lag B’Omer took place in Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled under the leadership of the renowned mashpiah HaGaon HaRav Elimelech Biderman due to the closure of Meron

The IDF has announced the death of Staff Sgt. Sahar Sudaei, 20, from Tel Aviv, of the Givati Brigade’s Rotem Battalion, during clashes with terrorists in northern Gaza today. His

Donald Trump was booed repeatedly while addressing the Libertarian Party National Convention on Saturday night, with many in the crowd shouting insults and decrying him for things like his COVID-19

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When Makkabi Berlin became the first Jewish club to ever play in the German Cup last year, it was a moment of pure joy and pride for a team founded

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Families in Uvalde took more legal action Friday on the second anniversary of the Robb Elementary School attack, suing Meta Platforms, which owns Instagram, and the maker of the video

A Netzach Yehudah soldier who was critically injured last week battling Hamas terrorists in Beit Hanoun died of his injuries on Sunday morning. The soldier was identified as Staff Sgt.

Police in Meron have been filmed brutally attacking and beating unarmed civilians whose sole crime was being at the kever of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai on Lag BaOmer. Meron is

A record was broken ahead of the Memorial Day weekend for the number of airline travelers screened at U.S. airports, the Transportation Security Administration said Saturday. More than 2.9 million

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