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    Think first

    Poem dedicated to all who can relate to it

    When u see one wandering in the vain

    everything is for the good

    When u see someone in pain

    The end will be be good

    When u see someone cry

    Everything is for the good

    When u see someone in a tough moment

    The end will be good

    Because hashem is good

    And wants only good for you

    Ur voice he wants to hear

    Ur pain he cannot bare

    Raise ur voice to the heavons

    Raise ur voice to the heavons

    Father,father up in heavon

    O hear my voice

    On my day of calling

    Father,father up in heavon

    O hear my voice

    On my day of calling

    Think first

    Day after day I try

    Just to understand why

    The cards I’ve been dealt

    The pain that I felt

    Could it not have been different

    Maybe less severe

    I try to figure out

    While I lie here

    Year after year in my memory

    I wish it were not so to say the least

    did I choose it or was it my fate

    I sit here tonight and contemplate

    We all have a mission

    A task to fill

    Giving light weight to a giant

    Is very sill(y)

    So I was handed what I need

    For me and not for you

    That great big task

    I was born to do.

    So now everything that’s thrown my way

    Was tailored made for me, I say

    It can’t be different if it could it would

    I have peace now knowing my life is like should

    Think first

    Dedicated to all whom went through a tough childhood..

    Ask me any question the Rabbi says

    From simple stuff to ways of Hashem

    One by one raise of the hands

    Are satisfied with his wisdom and the way it lands

    Then out of the corner all the way in the back

    Comes a loud voice ready to give slack

    If hashem is good please let me show

    Cigarette burns on my body from head to toe

    U see my mother was an alchoholic crazier than most

    If I stepped out of line, I was toast

    what’s the good in this I’m waiting to hear

    The enourmous pain I had to bare

    Everyone thought the Rabbi would run

    What would he answer to this one

    You see one day there may be a book sold in every mall

    “How to stop child abuse forever once and for all”

    With your name as the author, you will then understand

    Why those burns on your feet and you hands


    think first- wow…. So powerful, so emotional. Beautifully written too. You are right, we’re all given the exact circumstances for our mission. Whether it seems pleasant or painful, our challenges are ours to grow from and build on… I so glad you expressed it so clearly and in a touching way. The cigarette burn story is soooooo powerful. i should bookmark it to read to myself and others when in a tough time. so poignantly rhymed… Thank you for these all

    Think first

    I’m glad u enjoyed. May we all have happines and health.


    Think First, you’ve written so beautifully, just like saysme says… It’s so touching and yes, so powerful. You write so beautifully, mentioning again just for good measure!

    Blabla, i know it’s hard… keep holding on, keep remaining strong, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! NEVER doubt yourself and your potential!!!!

    SaysMe, how are you faring?

    Observanteen, BEAUTIFUL poem, such a touching point to bring out.. yup, it does go like that, (or like, BETTER, stronger, happier and healthier! !!!:))



    You can cope

    You can go on

    It soon will all be done

    The pain, the hurt

    The struggling

    replaced with joy and fun

    the carefreeness

    and laughter

    will be your constant friend

    Cuz you’ll come through

    And stronger yet

    By holding on til its end

    Don’t let the shadow

    or the darkness

    Stop you from your walk

    Rebut its words

    its insulting

    teach it sweeter talk

    And turn this challenge

    upside down

    Make it your source of growing

    As you overcome

    and it pushes

    you to keep on going

    it can be the block

    in your way

    that continues to hold you back

    or the fuel inside

    that drives you

    always farther down the track

    don’t give up

    hold on tight

    know you will soon overcome

    believe in yourself

    and the power your have

    and know what you can become


    i havn’t checked out the cr recently (been busy) but i read everything i missed now and i just started tearing up. you people are amazing! the talent here is incredible. im totally embaressed to print anything. but i will though cuz no one really knows who i am here. i hope. thats whats good about this place, you can say anything cuz no one really knows who you are.

    shes cool,



    shes smart,



    shes happy,



    but who is she?


    this one I wrote a while ago. its not really a poem, just prose.

    A teeming mass. A droning swarm. The streets are full of faceless people. Walking, talking, texting, doing everyday stuff. An endless sea of humanity.

    Each common does have a face. A life. Struggles, joys, issues. He has a heart with feelings. A brain with thoughts. He is an individual.


    Locked in a box,

    do the status quo.

    Repeat, repeat, repeat,

    do no different.

    Go thru the motions,

    do as your told.

    Please set me free.

    Think first

    Dedicated to parents……

    We love you dear

    We care for you

    Your our daughter

    In your highs and your blues

    I remember when you

    Were just a little fry

    We would hold you

    Whenever you cried

    We wished and prayed

    May you be blessed and again

    Swinging and swaying

    Were asleep by the count of ten

    Now you’re all grown we’re glad see

    Your very special in our family

    Although you are different in many ways

    Our love for you never sways

    Come home whenever you want a warm bed

    We’ll be waiting to greet you and ur friends

    Ur in our hearts night and day

    We love you dearly, always

    Just remember where your home is

    Its warm and safe

    We’ll accept you back

    In any form or shape

    One last wish as I shed a tear

    Please know were always here


    This one I wrote to my friend. (hi! luv u.)

    A wanderer falls,

    into a crevice,

    all alone,

    badly hurt.

    rescuers come,

    some to get fame,

    others money,

    as a reward.

    they bring a ladder,

    short peice of rope,

    poisonous berries to eat…

    all thinking they can help.

    the wanderer cries out,

    hes bleeding,

    thinking theres help,

    but gets wounded more.

    one rescuer looks,

    sees no hope,

    he falls in too,

    to comfort from within.

    Think first

    Puppy welcome, u write nicely keep it coming.


    Puppy-How are you doing? That’s an awesome poem!!! 😉


    Think First and puppy: Wow, great poems! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Puppy, welcome back! In regard to your “Locked in a Box” poem, did you try asking your questions from the right people?


    SaysMe, you’ve done it again! Being sensitive, thoughtful, and helpful… How are YOU doing?

    Puppy!!! Welcome back, how are you doing??? Nice pieces, i really like the “prose” one.

    Think first – you’re really good with your writing.. Where is that piece coming from? When did you write it? Thanks for sharing!!!

    Observtanteen: 🙂 ;0 😉

    Think first


    Well the one with the abused child is a real story that I heard from the Rabbi himself. Its an amazing story and lesson. I wrote it right here yesterday for the first time. In fact I never write poems although I do write songs. But this thread got me thinking, hey… I can do this. Its a first for me. The one with the daughter also wrote yesterday because I think there’s lots of people with that feeling hoping their child comes back home.

    Think first (and you may just make someones day)

    Think first

    Sorry my reply was to PrincessEagle


    Think first- u really can do poems- and so well and powerfully! Songs are poetry, so why not :). please keep them up!

    Puppy-welcome back! you had great pieces in the past, and you still do! The wanderer poem has such a nice message, it touched me reading- “he falls in too, to comfort from within.” got me thinking how many people i would do something like that for, and who’d do the same for me…. If you can count one, you have what to appreciate!!

    PE- Thanks so much :]. i’m avoiding your q, cuz i’m not sure. Feel like i’m on a precipice and we’ll see which way i fall. But i’ll speak confidently and say doing good, still going 🙂


    I feel so ripped and so torn apart

    That is the state of my now fragile heart

    Who can heal and comfort and really soothe

    To whom I can daven and trust with the truth

    I beg for forgiveness, for a clean slate

    Help me begin again, and fix my bad trait!!

    Help my Neshama to be clean and pure!!

    Chasdei Hashem ki lo samnu!

    Think first

    Random poem…..

    I try and try time and again

    When I fail I ask 0 Hashem

    Why does it seem so easy for some

    And for me so hard to overcome

    Why can’t I get it straight

    Why is this what I have on my plate

    Is there something that I must adjust

    Please tell me, I haven’t lost trust

    I know u created me in the most perfect way

    And I am exactly how I should be today

    My cry is only how come and how long

    Am I doing something wrong

    Please guide me show me the light

    I want to do only what’s right

    Sometimes its cloudy hard to dicsern

    But for the truth I do yearn

    Listen my child keep doing ur best

    Remember life is one big test

    Fail if you will but never depair

    Remember I’m always near

    Feeling new strength I now move on

    Each day is new yesterday is gone

    I do what I can in the best way of course

    I sometimes feel bad but never remorse

    Ah this is what life is all about

    one day at a time I wanna shout


    Think first-That is beautiful! The poem and the conversation it holds! So true, so important.

    Blabla- how u feeling? How was shabbos?


    Sitting alone,

    feeling down and sad,

    moping in silence,

    this world is just bad.

    confused and unknown,

    struggling to remain,

    trying to be normal,

    in a world gone insane.

    I’ve hit a dead end,

    I’m dizzy and spinning,

    can’t figure out who I am,

    this battle not winning.

    in a violent whirlpool,

    I’m fighting this wave,

    but I think I’m exhausting,

    crawling into my grave.

    forever and ever,

    I want to retire,

    to sit back and “chill”,

    I want to expire.


    I’m burring myself,

    digging my grave,

    throwing myself,

    into deep trenches,

    beneath the earth’s surface,

    engulfing myself in flames,

    licking my surface,

    scorching my soul,

    blazing, raging fire.

    in the battlefront,

    of a war,

    with guns,



    under my tender feet,

    in the softest sand,

    ready to explode,

    sweep me into its smoke,

    kill me.

    the tsunami is raging,

    its fierce waters,




    pouring in over me,

    engrossing me in its salt.

    the knife,


    piercing through me,

    etching marks in my heart,

    engraving the word “depression”.


    Blabla: ur poems always have me in tears, especially ur last one. they were amazing. remember im always there for you.

    thinkfirst: very inspiring. u write really well. wow.

    saysme: hi wasp? how ya doing? its so nice that you always have something positive to say for everything and everyone.

    When I die,

    do not eugolize me.

    Dont pretend,

    I meant everything to you.

    Dont praise me,

    for all the traits I never had.

    Dont fake,

    and say you loved me.

    Dont cry,

    over everything you’ve done.

    Dont feel bad,

    for everything not yet done.

    Dont try to make amends then,

    cry at my grave and ask forgiveness.

    Dont spend money,

    on my tombstone.

    Dont have anyone,

    try to console you.

    For you know, I may die today.


    Another prose one.

    Metaphorical Definition

    Deppresion is____________. What is it? No, it cannot be said in a single sentence. Its not just a dark tunnel with no light at the end. Not a black pit, totally dark and cold. A bubble closing around you, suffacating you. No, not that either. Not a dark fog weighing you down. Not a big black garbage bag, where your stuck inside. Not a chemical making your body feel like lead. Not like death either. It is not a single sentence. But maybe, its all of them together that describes a fraction of it.


    you think youre safe,

    there in your nest?

    you think youre above,

    all the rest?

    nothing can happen,

    to you at all,

    you will always stay,

    mighty and tall?

    bad things happen,

    to everyone,

    one second youre standing,

    the next youre gone.

    toppled over,

    far below,

    bewildered and confused,

    from all those blows.

    parents divorced,

    close ones die,

    getting bullied,

    friends leave your side.

    going bankrupt,

    losing your job,

    failing grades,

    no time to sob.

    for some of us,

    this is life,

    forever and always,

    pain and strife.

    you maybe new,

    but i am stronger,

    so welcome in,

    i’ll help you-i’m no stranger.


    Puppy-Although I only know you a tiny bit from here, I’d be devastated if you’d ch”v die! Please don’t think that! I’ll always be there for you!!! ((((((((hugs))))))))))


    And the child is…

    Rabbi’s child off the derech,

    psychologists kid depressed,

    teacher’s daughter can’t study,

    she’s failing every test.

    nutritionist’s daughter anorexic,

    personal trainer’s kid so fat,

    accountant’s going bankrupt,

    vet can’t save his rat.

    Chinuch experts kid,

    seems to be rebelling,

    was abused emotionally and physically,

    her marks are sadly telling.

    Writer’s son’s a “d” in English,

    in a subject so “genetic”,

    each loosing in their expertise,

    this world is so pathetic.

    Who can we still trust?

    there’s nobody who’s through,

    practice what they preach,

    live their life all true.

    Think first


    Wow! So true.

    Exactly we do our share and the rest is up to Hashem

    Think first

    New name for blabla!

    “The angel of poetry”

    You have amazing talent, I realy enjoy ur stuff.

    Think first

    What do u stand for?

    Do you even know

    Do you live for real

    Or is it all a show

    Is it the way you dress

    Car you drive

    Ur flashy ways

    Ur high five

    Is It your golden hand

    You play in a band

    Swim with ease

    People you please

    Tons of friends

    Talent galore

    What is it

    That you adore

    You teach children

    How to read

    Finish tasks

    With great speed

    You head a school

    Listen to ur rules

    AMAzing cook

    Wrote a book

    eloquent speaker

    Jump from planes

    Build cities

    Clean drains

    So what Is it and how does one know

    That which we stand for not just the show

    here’s my opinion, to accept it is ur choice

    You stand for the thing that makes you raise ur voice!


    Thanks guys! unfortunately, its very true (as I have seen from people I know :()


    blaba, I agree with Think first, you are an amazing poet, you can express yourself so well!

    Think first, that’s awesome that you write songs! Do you play an instrument, or is it just lyrics that you make a tune for? I’d love to hear them!

    puppy, I’m so sorry I only just saw all your incredible poems now. You have amazing talent!

    I miss PrincessEagle and observanteen’s posts here. Where are you both?

    I know I barely post here, but I read this thread more than any other, and all you here are amazing.


    Yes where are PrincessEagle and observanteen? it’s so lonely without you two. Especially since AYC left…. sigh.

    Come back encouraging, uplifting, ego-boosting posters! And MiddlePath- don’t you run off too!

    Think first

    MP- I compose the tunes as well and I play guitar, if you put ur ear to ur screen you may be able to a tune of mine. ……………………………………………………………………………………… You like?

    Think first

    Yeh, and where’s the creator of this thread?


    I just wanted to mention middlepath that you inspired me to tell my therapist an essential part of my past which helped my healing. If not to you and one other poster here’s credit, I would not be half as far as I am.


    SaysMe, I hope to stick around here, at least in this thread. There aren’t many other threads that I feel comfortable or wanted in at the moment.

    Think first, that’s awesome! What type of music do you play? What type of guitar do you have? I’d really love to hear your stuff. I play guitar too and compose a little, but mostly instrumentals.

    blaba, I have no words to describe how thrilled I am to hear you say that. You made my day! Wishing you all the best.


    Hey, thank you middlepath, saysme, i’m honestly touched to have been noticed. Middlepath, i’m really glad you’re sticking around this thread, it makes it much brighter and you have nice opinions and encouraging things to add 😉

    Think First, i’m really glad you did decide to write poetry too! I did notice with some of your poems that it was almost song-like, i was also wondering if you sing and play and i see that it’s been answered! I’d love to hear it 😉

    You wrote two amazing pieces here, the “conversation” with hashem – it’s encouraging for everyone! And the thought that we “stand for when we raise our voice” is true, and v. nicely written up! Thanks for sharing and pls keep doing so, as much as you’re comfortable.

    SaysMe! How are you doing?? Has it been enough time for you to decide!? i’m thinkin’ of you and hoping you’re doing okay. I see that you encouraging the others but have kept a little quiet about you are doing.

    Caretoshare, firstly, welcome! How are you feeling these days? You haven’t commented after you posted your well expressed and obviously painful piece. The points you mentioned are all important and all the right message. Yes, He is the one to heal us in body, in spirit, in mind and in thoughts. Even when we have turned against him, we say every day, ??? ??????, every day he is giving to us that new chance, trusting in us.. Don’t despair!! And that’s to everybody – blabla, puppy, saysme, etc.

    Blabla, you’ve once again expressed your deep pain. It really hurts to read!! How are you doing now?? Please keep holding on, keep going further, keep shining your true inner strength and keep showing all the other sides of you too.

    I esp. liked the first part of the one you called, “and the child is..” It’s a very powerful point. To me it seems that when you see such a thing – which we do see all so often – the message isn’t that “practice what they preach”. A child has a CHOICE regardless of who the parents are and you can NEVER blame the parents – and this is one message for starters!

    What we see from this can be, can be like you say, don’t trust them, but it’s missing the world FULLY!! Of course you can trust such a person if they are worthy of that trust, BUT you see that – hey!!! There’s a G-d and HE IS THE ONLY ONE to FULLY trust!

    ….What do you think?

    Puppy, you write so well and your words convey so much pain. I wish i would have what to say to you, i just saying that i feeling your pain from your words and i wish it better.. Please keep holding strong, you CAN do this, this too will pass!! If you read the above posts you’ll find a lot of encouraging words which you can take too if you can take it in..

    Observanteen! Soo what do you have to say?!!


    Thanks so much, PrincessEagle! I’m happy you’re back, and I’m sure everyone else here is also.


    Hi everyone! Thanks a lot, MiddlePath and SaysMe! I really appreciate it:) Middle, hope you’d post more often, haven’t seen much of you around lately:(

    ThinkFirst: You truly have talent. Keep it up!:)

    Puppy: I’m certain there are people who truly do care. Just let them! Nice (sad!) poems.

    caretoshare: How painful. Hope things get better for you!

    blabla and SaysMe: How’s it going? Feeling any better? Thinking of you!

    Princess: Aw, I’m touched:P


    thinkfirst ur songs/poems are amazing! i love gutairs! if i would play any instrument i would play gutair but unfortanetly i’m a bit tonedeaf… oh well. but theyre awesome!

    princess and observanteen keep it up. u brighten up this place with your encouragement.

    blabla i loved the last one. it was so well expressed. (and so true, as usual) u truly are “the angel of poetry”

    saysme how are you doing? i miss ur poems.

    caretoshare keep on writing. u could see it comes from ur heart. really sincere. good luck.


    crushing dissapointment

    follows me around,

    steps on my toes,

    crushes my spirit.

    makes me fail,

    beleive i’m crazy,

    wherever i go.

    clumsily trying

    for no reason,

    never accepting

    what is fact.

    it’s no use

    to continue the fight,

    i’m a loser forever.


    Dont judge me,

    by the things I do,

    you dont know how it is to walk in my shoes.

    Dont look at me,

    like a strange bird,

    you dont know how hard it is not to be a nerd.

    Dont get ruffled,

    by the things I say,

    I’m trying to be normal everyday.

    Dont think,

    you know everything,

    you never felt like sinking.

    You dont know,

    what happened to me,

    how I was tossed in the great sea.

    You dont know,

    how it feels,

    to be sent on a spinning wheel.

    You cant know,

    what I go through,

    to be normal like you.


    An ocean blue,

    fresh green grass,

    feiry orange sun,

    a colorful rainbow.

    A blue sky,

    fluffy white clouds,

    thick brown tree trunks,

    colorful flowers.

    A brown horse,

    tiny black ants,

    croaking green frogs,

    colorful birds.

    A colorful world,

    we have here,

    shiny and bright.

    Then why do I see it,

    in black and white?


    PrincessEagle-thanks for your welcome and encouraging words.


    You placed before me this huge obstacle

    Yesterday I was flying as content as the dove

    Today I lift my eyes to the mountains above

    When all around me seems dark and grim

    Esah einay el heharim

    Mayayin yavo ezri-

    I put my faith and hope in Thee!


    Thanks Middlepath!

    Puppy – keep going strong!!!! Remember, you CAN do it!! This time too will pass. Look at yourself every day straight to the eye and remind yourself that you CAN do it, G-d has given to you the tools, there’s no way you can be “a loser forever”..

    I like your piece on “don’t judge me”. It’s good and the message is good! Just realize that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has what to deal with, you’re NORMAL exactly like each other person. Nobody knows what goes on in your life, you’re struggles, fears, thoughts, pains, … and likewise we can’t know what goes on in anybody else s life, each person’s struggles, fears, thoughts, pains. And ALL IS NORMAL!! Keep going, you can do it!

    Caretoshare, you write really well.. and i want to say i’m really happy to see that you end your pieces POSITIVELY! You express so much pain … and yet you also share clearly that you know what thoughts to remind yourself of. It’s really encouraging, thank you! May the pain get less intense and may G-d bless you and all of us..

    Saysme – and blabla – hoping you’re okay.


    Just as I thought I was drowning,

    a life boat came to the rescue.

    just as I thought I’d fall off the cliff,

    a thick, heavy rope was thrust around me.

    just as I thought I’d fail,

    an extra zero was added to the end of the number.

    Just as I thought I’d crash,

    my car suddenly died.

    Just as I thought I’d dream a sweet dream,

    I was awoken.

    Just as I thought I’d finally ace,

    I failed my test.

    Just as I thought I’d loose some weight,

    I binged.

    Just as I thought I’d be getting better,

    I turned around.

    Good, bad, I don’t know this world is so confusing.


    The pain was overwhelming. Tears were choking me. My eyes were a river. My yells were hoarse and hallow. I thought I’d die. But i didn’t. Unfortunately.

    Depression means to me:

    being locked into a black closed tunnel, or one that goes on forever.

    being trapped in a blazing building, with absolutely no way out.

    being submerged 1000 feet bellow the surface of the water, with heavy rocks weighing you down and you can’t swim.

    People think they understand what I go through. People think they get it. But they don’t. They can’t. They never will. If I told you my life story, I think you’d die. Its horrible. Yes, its horrific. I’ve been going through so much. I can’t describe it. Its a vast emptiness within me that I’m struggling to fill. With food. But that’s the wrong thing. It needs love and support.


    its what people claim I have,

    yet I’m falling apart.

    strength for what?

    for where? for when?


    I tell myself I’m finished.

    I tell myself I’m going to die.

    I write the words die and suicide on my hand with a knife.

    i write it on my stomach,

    in the hope that it’ll penetrate and kill me.

    I keep the largest knife in my house under my pillow,

    in case I have the courage to do it,

    in the hope that my life will end.

    but they say I’m wrong,

    that once I die, I’ll only go to hell.

    I say I’ve been through hell on earth,

    I better not go through earth in hell.

    Cuz that just equals double hell.

    How can I be punished by God?

    for committing suicide if I’m going through so much?

    If I do kill myself,

    they say I’ll only suffer more.

    Is there any way out?

    I tell my therapist I’m surrounded by misery.

    I stay downstairs its bad,

    I go upstairs its bad.

    Where should I go?

    she says this worlds a mix of good and bad.

    I don’t believe her.

    why should I?

    she says I haven’t seen good yet. She says I don’t know what it is. And I think I agree. I agree that my life’s been all bad. And its only getting worse. I told someone about my misfortune. They said “what? after all you’re going through also that?!” I said yes. Ask God that. Is he there? I’m confused. Forlorn. Lost. Scared. Broken hearted.

    Right now, I feel the world is some foreign thing. I’m detached and depressed. I’m sorry if they’re not good at all. Its just horrible right now 🙁 🙁 🙁

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