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    A gigantic boom,

    the scene of smoke,

    the horrifying view,

    our hearts broke.

    The cries for help,

    terrified screams,

    the world has collapsed,

    fire travels in streams.

    people jumping,

    plunging to their death,

    with no other choice,

    they held their breath.

    the building collapsed,

    in shambles in lied,

    trapped people all over,

    we hope they survived.

    Maybe if I have patience I’ll write another better one later. This one is just whatever…


    AYC, I know I’m a bit late, but I only had a chance to write at night.

    We Remember

    We remember

    The towers we lost

    We remember

    The lives it cost.

    We remember…

    The towers smoking

    People choking

    Pushing, bumping

    People jumping…

    We remember…

    More news yet

    Another jet

    Hit with power

    The other tower!

    The fire raging

    EMTs paging

    Women crying

    Reporters prying…

    We remember…

    The towers

    Once powerful and strong

    Crumbling to the ground

    And the lives it took along.

    The malicious scheme

    The Muslims set

    We will remember…

    We shall never forget.


    Blabla – whoa. How powerful. You know how well you write!

    Observanteen – you write so well, it’s truly strong and expressed in such a nice way. Haven’t seen you around in a bit, missed you! BTW there’s ways of getting in contact if you’ve been following ..!



    Nice poem! Do you write peotry regularly?

    am yisrael chai

    Thanks so much, blabla and observanteen

    You were SO good in depicting that awful scene.

    We just need bitachon in Avinu Malkenu

    And we need Moshiach bimhayra viyamainu.


    Thanks, folks. Nice to hear feedback:)

    Princess: Thanks for saying that:) I’m working now, so I’m pretty busy. Why, I’d love to get in touch! How do I do that?

    mytake: I write when I’m overflowing with emotion. After watching the horrifying videos of 9/11 I just HAD to write.

    AYC: Thanks for your kind words. And you’re right about bitachon.


    observanteen, hope it’s busy in a good way! Yeah, i know exactly what you mean (well, in my own way of course) when you say about HAVING to write – so did you write this because ayc asked for it or just because you felt the need to?! i use gmail btw. And because i couldn’t use just my user name i put “fh” for “flying high” before.

    i love to write and i do write a lot but i don’t like to post it so publicly on here.. AYC do you write often too?


    PrincessEagle: Yep, it’s busy in a good way b”H. I wrote it because ayc asked for it, and because I had the need to:)

    Would you share your poetry privately? I’d love to see them. BTW, I’m home now, and our computer has a filter so I can’t go on gmail. Maybe I’ll visit tomorrow at my lunch break.


    You’re computer has a filter so you can’t email to I think i’d share some of them privately, the ones that aren’t so “private”!

    am yisrael chai

    bpt walked in the blistering heat

    Begging to get some blistering feet

    Admittedly just to get a shtickle keegel

    His commitment portrays a Yid so regal

    am yisrael chai



    You know fashion designers like Vera Wang and Bill Blass

    Who are considered Kings and Queens of elite fashion class

    Whose goal is that their designs cause people to turn and stare

    Who dictate to the rest of the world the current fashion flair

    One year it’s slits, one year it’s tight

    One year it’s short, to men’s delight

    Exposing collarbones, elbows and knees

    To the delight of any man who sees

    They’ve apparently run short of fabric

    On either side of the Atlantic

    How can women be so blind

    So as not to know the human male’s mind

    Men are very visual creatures

    So please cover your G-d given features

    G-d is the BIGGEST fashion Designer

    Who wants you to look refined and finer

    He wants you to be attractive but not to attract

    For you to be elegant but not to distract

    You’re Hashem’s precious daughter whom He has blessed

    So please Thank Him by the way you are dressed


    AYC – hey, it’s really powerful! Can’t say it’s easy to do in action but it’s really good!! Just wondering, what made you think of this now / post it now!

    Have a good shabbos!

    am yisrael chai


    Thanks for your kind words.

    “Just wondering, what made you think of this now”

    These were replies in two other threads and just included them here. If you read the original threads, you’ll see why I wanted to write these poems.

    How Far Walk to Shul?

    NOT TZNIUS "BUBBIES" (also some fish, honey, and vinegar)

    “can’t say it’s easy to do in action”

    You get credit for each and every struggle, for every time you fight with yourself,for every bead of sweat, and not just for the final result.

    L’fum tzaara agra


    The stab passed through my heart,

    the blood gushes out,

    oozing through my tiny heart,

    in excruciating pain I shout.

    Abandoned and alone,

    I’m a torn, lost soul,

    the slice that ripped my life apart,

    in my heart has formed a hole.

    I’m hurt, I cry,

    In pain my shrieks pierce the air,

    Helpless, nobody seems to mind,

    this world is cruelly unfair.

    I know its short…maybe more later.


    hi. its my first time checking out the coffee room and these poems are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i cud identify with so many of them especially blabla. amazing!

    blabla: ur talent is outstanding. u should write proffesionaly. seriously.


    NO! I’m not in any honors english classes and I can’t get into any cuz I don’t know english! I’m a stupid dummy! Okay you got the point…I’m super depressed right now ๐Ÿ™ But seriously, I’m not good enough to write professionally and I can only write in certain moods when emotions overtake me.

    observanteen-when you had anxiety, did you get naucious? like stomach aches? Nothing is helping ๐Ÿ™ but I didn’t have a chance to try the cds so bli neder I will.


    Of course I had stomach aches (which was my excuse not to eat). They were so often and so bad, I checked it out by the doctor. I actually did have a tiny cut in one of my intestines (I think) and took medication for it. Interestingly enough, when my anxiety was gone, so were the stomach aches. Stomach aches are a real sign of anxiety.

    Now, I’m not trying to be preachy or anything, but your sitting and waiting for some miracle to happen is not productive. Why don’t you order the CDs? Or go to your therapist? Or talk to a friend? Why don’t you do something to stop all this?


    Woah calm down! I just increased my meds a little and now I’m getting a hold of the cds from someone who already used them. (I also emailed them and got a free sample) I’m in very intense therapy (twice a week!) and I’ve been working on it. Also since I started school its been tough but working through it.

    Mods, since I know you’re reading this, can you please tell me how I can get permission to post an email address (that I specifically made for the purpose of the cr)? Thanks


    he is sitting on the side, face looks glum,

    is as if hes saying, dont approach me, near me dont you come,

    you think to yourself how stuck up,what an uptight guy,

    but in reality he is only shy,

    so please just smile at him or say hi,

    you dont need a reason why,

    you have no idea how good he will feel,

    his mean look, may be a call for help, an appeal,

    its one easy thing to do,

    and you may change this persons life too,

    just as you dont judge a book by its cover,

    dont judge a person by the wall he puts up to feel safe, to hover…


    Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m glad you’re working on it. Have you asked your therapist what you can do to get rid of the nausea?


    No problem-yeah I asked her and my psych. and both said just tell yourself its anxiety and that’s why but its horrible! It comes so often and becomes physical pain! When I was little I also had it and went for medical tests cuz they thought it was real but was just anxiety! Its really crazy especially when I’m not home.


    Do you excercise? Excercising helps me a lot. Even now, when I’m a bit anxious about something, I do some excercise (I jump on the trampoline – usually for 1/2 hr, somtimes 1 hr). It should also help you with your stomach aches.


    I love exercise! I try to do it as often as I can and I wish I owned a trampoline ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, I’m off to exercise anyways right now so definitely great to know that it helps for stomach aches! The weird part is that I’m usually anxious that I’ll get a stomach ache so its a vicious cycle.


    I recently remembered a song I wrote in high school, with the lyrics about a soldier dying in battle, and his final thoughts.

    Here I lay on blood soaked ground

    Surrounded by the dead, waiting to be found

    Chaos of war flows through my veins

    For the blood once there, now the ground it stains

    I look to my side, and see nothing but gray

    Smoke of gunfire darkened up my day

    As my soul departs and life shuts its iron door

    I know I’m like any victim of war

    I sigh to the thought that my existence will now cease

    And my memories will scatter like dust in the breeze

    I’ve got no hope left, there’s no way I can survive

    Only my headstrong mentality keeps me alive

    I look to my side, and see nothing but gray

    Smoke of gunfire darkened up my day

    As my soul departs and life shuts its iron door

    I know I’m like any victim of war


    Not sure if its my place. Just a suggestion. Sometimes if you take small areas where you think you can do better and increase mitzvos etc…. it brings more light into the soul and it might help in these situations. A little light pushes out a lot of darkness. Hatzlacha


    Middle: Your poem moved me. I’d love to hear the song…


    AYC – Thanks for explaining! “Aha” as they say..

    Blabla, i’m so sorry for your struggle! How is it going? How was the exercise?

    Puppy, i’m sorry that you can identify with esp. blabla.. it’s def. not easy and i wish it easier for both of you and everybody else.

    gematria – nice poem! Def. an important point..

    Middlepath, this is really something… do you have the song? I would love to hear it (too!)

    Observanteen, do you have your filter on still?



    come on and get rhyming

    nows the perfect timing

    you can be in poetry hall of fame

    need some practice?

    join the rhyme game!


    Thanks, observanteen and PrincessEagle. I don’t currently have the recorded song, but I can record it again when I have time. I still know how to play it.


    this place so supportive!

    blabla and observanteen: i dont really have anxiety but i do get headaches all the time. tylonel doesnt really help and i asked my phsyciatrist and he said theres nothing you could really do about it.

    btw does anyone know any frum support groups for teens with eating disorders? would really appreciate it.


    Princess, no. I didn’t get the chance to create a gmail acct. Probably will do tomorrow. Talk to you then…:)


    I dont believe,

    what they say.

    Its a lie.

    But im still following.

    I dont believe,

    what they teach.

    Its a fable.

    But im still learning.

    I dont believe,

    what they practice.

    Its a fib.

    But im still doing.

    I dont believe,

    what they believe.

    Its false.

    But Im still praying.


    puppy: Why don’t you do some research?


    i’m sorry puppy that you’re going through this. i really know the type of feelings and i just wish for you that you’ll see clarity. Search, question, find answers – you can’t say for sure it’s a lie until you know that for sure and you can only know that if you’ve done the searching and seen that. Sending you sympathy and hope!!

    am yisrael chai

    Dear Gematria,

    You explain so clearly why he looks glum

    And is so miserable when people don’t come

    That he seems so desperately alone

    And doesn’t get many calls on the phone

    That people think he’s really uptight

    And very stuck up, but that’s really not right

    In essence he is just EXTREMELY shy

    And just needs a smile with a very warm “Hi!”

    This may get him to turn things around

    And get others familiar with his voice’s sound

    Won’t you please take the time to socialize with him

    And because of YOU, his days won’t be so grim

    Please encourage him to make the first move

    It won’t be easy till he finds his groove

    You will make his days SOOOOO much brighter

    Till he’ll talk non-stop, you’ll want him to be quieter!

    am yisrael chai


    Thank you for your poem, MiddlePath

    It reminded me of 9/11 and the killers’ wrath

    The scene you depict was a common one that day

    A scene which many would wish would go away

    am yisrael chai

    Dear Puppy,

    What an amazing person you are

    I see in you a shining star

    Despite the fact that you don’t believe

    You still practice and do not leave

    You are searching for answers in your life

    Despite your pain which must be sharp as a knife

    You are SOOOO not giving up

    You were so blessed with a Yiddishe kup

    Just give yourself the time you need

    It may take time, but don’t you speed!

    You’ll be stronger at the end of it all

    That’s what usually happens when we take a fall

    Just keep writing in the meantime,

    By the way, I loved your rhyme!

    Can’t wait till I see you next

    Don’t care if it’s in rhyme or in plain text!

    For there’s a lot of support in this thread

    So put down your book and write us instead!


    tnx. well i used to have lots of questions but now i just am fed up.


    Did you ever do research? Did you get answers to your questions? I know exactly how you feel, been there done that.

    am yisrael chai

    You may be fed up

    but please don’t give up

    Could you share a question?

    am yisrael chai


    If you ever feel like sharing a concern

    We’ll all try to answer by taking a turn

    Since MANY have asked before you as well

    The answers should help, as far as I can tell


    tears stream down my face,

    not a merciful soul in sight,

    nobody who cares,

    nobody listens to my plight.

    I’m suffering alone,

    in this dark world of torment,

    I’m unhappy with my life right now,

    i’m always discontent.

    I’m longing for a peaceful death,

    painfree, easy, fast,

    to destroy the anguish in me,

    to fix my horrid past.

    Hashem, AD MOSAI?!?!?!! HELP! ๐Ÿ™ Rosh Hashana time is the hardest for me…


    blabla: why’s rosh hashana a hard time for you? Think of it as an oppurtunity to ask for a new happy year. Good luck!

    PrincessEagle: I don’t work on Friday’s, so Good Shabbos!


    Puppy, how is going? i’m really sorry that you are feeling this way. These aren’t pleasant feelings. What are your options now? Do you have somebody to talk to about this? Is it a matter of time?

    Your poem spoke a lot, just the certaincy that you wrote with bothered me, and it really hurt me to read the “i’m praying but it’s false”. You can’t really be praying than in the sense of talking your feelings – i’m not judging and i do understand in my own way! Can you try to just keep that up at least?

    And what is it that you’re looking for here? Is it answers or is it just sympathy and care or something else. We can try to give whatever it is!

    AYC – you write so well and you really show such a nice personality… (always good to hear nice things huh?!)

    Blabla! i’m so sorry for your pain! It hurt me to read this!! Please, just hold on, the light will still come, you’re way to young to give up already! Yes, until when… g-d, until when?!?!?!!

    Hey observanteen, why, thanks!! You know how it’s the little things that make a person feel brighter? You just did that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good shabbos!!


    Not sure how I did that, but I’m glad to hear! Have a wonderful shabbos!

    am yisrael chai


    When you feel despondent in the wee hour of the night

    And you keep thinking of your very sad plight

    Could you try to read the poems on this very thread

    And try to replace the negative thoughts dancing in your head

    You’ll see that your sadness come during the darkness

    It would help if you have this awareness

    Reread those poems which give you support

    You are not alone as much as you purport

    You are such an important part of our nation

    Whose going through a tough time in the duration

    The light at the end of the tunnel surely will come

    Then you’ll be singing all day and at night you will hum

    You just plug forward till that day will arrive

    Your personality and soul will just start to thrive

    Let’s be patient till that day will unfold

    And then you’ll see you’ve got a heart of pure gold

    Use this opportune time to beg for a great New Year

    That your only concern should be about what to wear!

    Cry to Hashem for the help that you need

    May you be fortunate to have a wonderful year decreed!


    All depression hates

    the jubilant face,

    the smile stretching wide,

    the peace felt inside.

    All depression resents

    breaking of the dark fence,

    letting light seep thru,

    personality be true.

    All depression reviles

    putting sadness in file,

    doing what is meant,

    endless chattering be sent.

    am yisrael chai

    Depression is a dark place

    Let it do an about face!

    It’s a place of gloom and doom

    Where happiness has no room

    Try to build your emunah

    It’s a great way to build simcha

    Knowing Hashem’s on your side

    And hurts when you’ve cried

    Read The Garden of Emunah

    Do it now or even soona’!

    It’s the gift that keeps on giving

    And you’ll feel the joy in living!


    On the surface I appear,

    so frum, so sweet,

    charming and happy,

    well rounded complete.

    but inside I’m crumbled,

    destroyed and overthrown,

    no dignity, no strength,

    no opinion of my own.

    the tears keep on rolling,

    my eyes just don’t dry,

    in pain, I weep,

    I can’t stop to cry.

    I am not frum,

    not jewish not good,

    haven’t kept shabbos,

    hiding under my hood.

    No really, I’m struggling with my emunah now especially with elul and rosh hashana…its very hard for me. Here’s what I wrote to my therapist:

    The day I arrived,

    I entered Your room,

    I was sure it was pointless,

    A life of just gloom.

    I was a failure,

    So helpless and dumb,

    Pointless in this world,

    Suffering until numb.

    I traveled the path,

    Of agony and pain

    I shed buckets of tears,

    My cries were in vain.

    I was alone in this world,

    So dark and so cold,

    Everyone was wicked,

    Things rustic and old.

    But now someone joined me,

    On this hard, bumpy journey,

    Gave me comfort and strength,

    My defense, my attorney.

    Supported, built up,

    Finally im on an incline.

    Thank You so much,

    I cannot say it enough,

    you are just priceless,


    blabla: that poem to your therapist is beautiful. Your other poem is…sad. Oh, so sad! You can’t imagine how much it hurt me to read it. What should I say? What CAN I say to make you feel better, stronger, empowered? I want you to know, that although I’ve no clue who you are, I feel your pain and think of you quite often. What hurt me most was to read that you don’t keep shabbos.

    Why is that? Do you have questions? Please ask them! There are answers to EVERYTHING. I know, because I had them too, and they were answered. Hatzlacha rabba.

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