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    YW Moderator-72

    the next repeat question for the new Mods comes from jax(again)

    mods: what’s your favourite part of being a mod?

    you can see the original question and answer HERE


    Dont tell me there are no favourite parts…


    I don’t Moderate for its’ rewards. I Moderate because it is my duty. Any pleasures are incidental and I disdain them.

    I do enjoy the paid vacations, but only because they are necessary for me to maintain by razor sharp Moderating skills honed at all times, without any fatigue intruding.


    and of course you enjoy the supply of kapusta supplied by Sir Editor… another fringe benefit.. thats all.



    ….and an unending supply of coffee…


    It might be a good idea to make the following notification “sticky” for a week or whatever a reasonable amount of time is, so it doesn’t drop off of the main page before people notice it:

    that is a good suggestion, another idea is to appoint someone who will post a new thread in the “Around The House” category to keep the awareness factor strong. Now we don’t need someone who is going to say don’t count on me, we do need someone who is going to say I Can Only Try

    thinking jew

    what makes you close a thread?


    I assume you are particularly interested in the thread you were recently involved in. It was closed because it was becoming a medium for posters to hurl insults at each other, necessitating deleting or editing almost every incoming post.


    I second thinking Jews question. What makes you close a thread that didn’t have insults being thrown at each other? I am talking about a specific thread that I could hear why it could turn in2 a little bit of a “sticky” thread but it hadn’t yet and I think it was an important thread to have around…


    Where did the “Olem Hazeh” go?

    I understand you took it off, but I was awaiting a response from Pashita Yid, and I was in the mood of a little argument…


    As to closing threads, the mods really could give a “warning” that if people stop being respectful on a given thread, the thread will close. But many threads were closed this week that did not seem so sticky. People should be able to express their opinions, even if the mods disagree with their view, as long as no one is calling someone stupid or irreligious, etc. Diverse views help ALL of us to understand the way the other person thinks, even when we strongly disagree, as many of us do, with each other. We are not children. If someone writes something truly offensive in language, for example, THAT person should be sent a private e-mail warning that he or she will not be allowed to post if it continues. One warning should be enough. After that, no more posts go through from that person.


    Oomis- I just have a little feeling that that specific thread shldnt have gone through originally. The whole topic was disrespectful and untrue. Not that posts weren’t nice. The mods still didn’t enlighten us on that one yet though!!

    As for other threads, you’re right.


    “People should be able to express their opinions, even if the mods disagree with their view, as long as no one is calling someone stupid or irreligious, etc.”

    Oomis, there are much more subtle and insidious ways of putting down groups of Jews even without using the “direct” language you reference.

    YWN has criteria for expressions of diversity, and there has been some nice, respectful dialogue along these lines on a number of threads. Shivim Panim L’Torah has been expressed beautifully on this site, without need for “My position is rational, intelligent, and holy, and yours is that of a simple-minded, irrational, hypocritical and fundamentalist fool”.

    exactly, thank you bemused


    “My position is rational, intelligent, and holy, and yours is that of a simple-minded, irrational, hypocritical and fundamentalist fool”

    And that line that you use an example, is a perfect example of an abrasive comment that you are correct, should never be allowed to see the light of day. It’s calling someone a fool. The mods can put a stop to that by warning the poster privately that his or her post was rejected for that reason. I guess I was brought up to be a little more sensitive to people’s feelings, even when posting anonymously, and hnopefully I always do post respectfully. I just find it hard to believe it when I see some people who feel anything goes because it’s the internet. I find onaas devarim to be very offensive personally, and it is a great contributor to sinas chinam.


    You have no idea why certain actions are taken.

    We are unable to explain the reasons for many actions so as to not embarrass certain people.

    We are not willing to make public, posts and edited comments that you do not see.

    Go ahead and form your opinions based on misinformed speculation.

    We will continue to try and preserve a Torah outlook and derech eretz as much as possible.

    No more comments on this subject will be posted here


    Oomis, I didn’t mean the poster used these exact words. There are other ways to convey the aforementioned sentiment, quite effectively and insidiously. I did not mean the statements as literal quotes.


    I did not mean to imply criticism of the moderators, so please do not take it as such. I merely wondered why some threads were closed, because there did not appear (at least in some) to be anything going on that was problematic. You have given the answer to that question and I am 100% forsquare for Derech Eretz in all things. And I certainly do not intend to form my opinions based on speculation, misinformed or otherwise.


    Please? You said when the need arises… well….


    Request denied.




    I have very good protection on my computor and cannot get into any shidduch threads.Why? am I missing anything good? what ever happened to stranded? I cant get into the fourth page of crazy shidduch story. oh well just kidding.


    Please reopen this thread:

    I didn’t notice it had been closed when I suggested the more recent Chol Hamoed thread be continued there.

    Chol Hamoed Concert info

    (from the Jewishtickets website)

    The Miami Boys Choir – Chol Hamoed Pesach 2010

    Thursday, April 1st, 7:45 PM

    Brooklyn College

    Miami at Six Flags

    Presented by NCSY

    Six Flags Great Adventure

    Jackson, NJ

    Thursday, April 1st, Concert 1-2 pm

    Miami – Gertner- Levine – Shwekey

    Chol Hamoed Pesach 2010

    Saturday, April 3rd, 9:45 PM

    Brooklyn College

    YBC Live

    Thursday, April 1st, 7:30 PM

    Queen’s College

    Local NYC Activities for Erev Shabbos and Erev Yom Tov (second days)

    -The NYC Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn. Among the exhibits are old subway cars, buses, photos, films and historic artifacts, all located in an unused subway station.

    -Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from there. The view of Brooklyn, Manhattan and the river is great and the breeze is nice.

    -On the Manhattan side, tour the South Street Seaport

    -The Police Museum is also nearby


    just trying to revive the thread


    Hi mods!

    Regarding the Lahav thread- I have the contact info for the user that requested it on that thread, but it wasn.t let through. Am I allowed to post their phone # or email address or something like that?

    no emails


    What about a phone number?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Can I please be a PRN “only when nobody’s available and hours go by without modding” mod?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    that was a question, not a post.


    What’s a PRN?


    What’s the deal with emails and URLs, is the issue about automated robots or for privacy reasons? I notice that without the dot and the @ there is more lenience.

    There isn’t any leniency. We don’t let emails through as part of the not contacting others policy. If an email is verified and useful and not posted as a link, sometimes a mod will let it through. Usually it’s a mistake.

    live rite

    I think the problem with the emails is they dont want boys and girls contacting each other and with the urls they dont want inappropriate sites posted and they cant go checking out every link.


    Dear Mods,

    Please explain, in the rules section of the cofee room, what it means when a post (topic) is only visible to the person who posted it, but the person who posted it has not been notified that it was deleted. Was it deleted?


    It means it has not been either approved or deleted yet.

    kj chusid

    Aren’t you and 29 my case managers 😉


    If we are we should probably be fired.

    kj chusid

    Lol I always assumed someone specific was assigned to me


    If some of my edits have looked unnecessary, they were just for

    formatting purposes (to try and make the text symmetrical).

    I try to do those immediately so that you won’t have to mod it twice. Does this end up inconveniencing you? If it does, I’ll stop.


    I forgot to say – I would probably see anything you wanted to say to me much faster if you put it on my profile instead of in a post. Or is that difficult/inconvenient?

    EDIT: Should I not have assumed this was one of the old technical support threads? I didn’t read it before posting.

    Once more, if a post is deleted, do not try to resubmit it in any form. Your final warning.

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