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Can we trust news as reported?

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    In light of the report of Chareidi men causing a tantrum on an elal flight, then the flight delay was downgraded to to another issue, prompting everyone to bash these Chareidi boys, my question is, can we trust the self hating Yiddishe media?


    Let’s see who the self-hater is, “Chymee”.

    “The incident, reported on by news outlets around the world, led to El Al announcing a new policy that any passenger who refuses to take their assigned seats will immediately be removed from the flight.”

    So YWN rightfully published a story that was covered by every single news outlet on the globe, quoting them when doing so.

    El Al goes ans releases a public statement (rightfully published by YWN) telling the world that this behavior will no longer be tolerated.

    Now, Johnny come late, ONE person on the flight disputes the claims.


    Thanks for the self-hate, chymee.


    All news media is fake news.

    Lets face reality and learn how media runs. ALL MEDIA NEWS from websites to newspapers etc…-HAVE AN AGENDA yes even Jewish media (who are the role models and should really be %100 honest true news) have an AGENDA and yes money talks so if you pay them gelt….. They will make the most dishonest corrupt person/company (like crooked hillary) sound honest and make it into a nice story. And IT WORKS THE SAME VICE VERSA.

    Welcome to the dishonest and corrupt world where your human psychological mind (yetzer hara) convinces the most frum person that he can do something even though he knows that it’s pure stealing.

    Ashamed to be living in such a dishonest and corrupt generation


    Hillary Clinton is one of the best of her kind.


    If you need to ask such a question, ever, you already have the answer.

    jew boy2




    The policy change can be due to Media pressure. Not necessarily because it actually happened


    My dear FERD,
    My intention wasn’t to point any news outlets in particular, but since you have I will ask you,
    Is it MUTAR to besmirk anyone under the MANTELE of free speach/since its an official newspaper/site it’s allowed to cross all Halacha boundaries, eg. LASHON HORAA, MOTZI SHEM RAA,
    I’d feel guilty operating such a news paper/site,
    I even feel guilty that I’m now on a Yiddishe news site,

    & to you FERD, please pipe down, there are other ways of communicating,



    This is El Al’s official response on the matter:

    “The details that were reported about the incident were not accurate, to put it mildly. In actual fact, the delay was totally unconnected to the incident. The plane’s journey to the runway at the airport in New York took about one hour and had nothing to do with the incident. Taking care of the two passengers who refused to sit in their allocated places occurred after the plane had already left the gate and only took a few moments. We will continue to do our best to transport our customers safely, comfortably, and according to schedule.”

    And your hate and shove it

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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