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    Did YWN cave to pressure and remove the news item about unrest in Lakewood over last night’s cancelled event? If so, what did the “geichazi’s” threaten you with that scared you to the point of self-censorship?

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Wouldn’t be surprising. They look out for their people over on the home page. It’s much more partisan than the great CR melting pot.


    CHAOS IN LAKEWOOD: Hundreds of Yeshiva Bochrim Protest After Kosher Bain Hazmanim Event Canceled; Heavy Police Response, Arrest Made.

    What was supposed to be a pleasant evening of Kosher entertainment for hundreds of Yeshiva Bochrim in Lakewood has turned into night of absolute chaos Sunday night.

    The event was going to give the Bochrim currently on Bain Hazmanim a night of entertainment, including live music and singing by Isaac Honig and Beri Weber, along with a Siyum and speeches by several local Mechanichim.

    But instead, the event was canceled at the last minute after a small group of people persuaded the Roshei Yeshiva that this event – for Bochrim only – must be stopped at all cost.

    The organizer was threatened into canceling, and was shown a “Kol Koreh” that was to be published with his name, banning the event.

    The organizers caved, and the event was canceled. Of course, they promise to repay him the nearly $30,000 he lost.

    Hundreds of Bochrim were angry as they had already purchased tickets, and decided to make Kumzits/protest at the homes of those who had the event banned

    Dozens upon dozens of police officers were mobilized for crowd control, and officers from nearby Jackson, Brick, Manchester and Toms River were requested. K9 unites were on scene.

    As of this posting there has been a confirmed arrest. 3 boys were treated after being pepper sprayed.

    What could of been a beautiful, calm event for those boys that needed it, turned into a colossal Chillul Hashem.

    Sources tell YWN that the same people that had a Kol Koreh issued telling people to boycott and not advertise on recently constructed billboards in Lakewood — without ever caling the proprietor who invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on them — are the same individuals behind this latest ban.

    theres the full text. lets see if the CR lets it through…


    What happens in Lakewood, stays in Lakewod, kal v’chomor from Vegas.


    cave in to pressure


    I do believe that caved to pressure and in my opinion that is cowerdly.

    Doing my best

    Probably Same mafia that shut concert attacked ywn


    No one caved in. YWN simply listened to the park of the Rabbonim Shlita who said this terrible event should be cancelled for the good of Klal Yisroel. Who can have any quarrel with that? Surely the Rabbonim Shlita would also have liked to relax a little after a long and taxing zman but they are always first to consider he benefit if Klal Yisroel, B”H. We are so lucky to have such leaders Shlita.


    Terrible event? Good of Klal Yisrael?


    “Instead, the event was canceled at the last minute after a small group of people persuaded the Roshei Yeshiva that this event – for Bochrim only – must be stopped at all cost….”

    This implies that the event might was cancelled because it was for “Bhochrim Only” . So did the rabbonim who were ready to issue the kol koreh want it to be open for girls as well?? I very much doubt it, even if there had been separate seating. So what was their real objection?


    “YWN simply listened to the park of the Rabbonim Shlita who said this terrible event should be cancelled for the good of Klal Yisroel”


    How sweet of you to answer for YWN! Since you are so knowledgeable, please explain what was so terrible about this event. Also, what does listening to the “park” (whatever that is) of the Rabbonim, Shlita, have to do with censoring the story?


    What park spoke to YWN?


    Avrumi was obviously being sarcastic. Shlita.


    No reason they removed the article. I thought at least one news outlet will side with the bochurim but I was wrong even ywn caved in on this topic and removed it. What has the world come to


    I am assuming that Avreimi’s auto spell changed the word “psak” to “park”.

    I too have been left bitterly disappointed after similar situations in the past. But I have learned to believe in Emunas Chachomim.

    The Rabbonim have a responsibility to Klal Yisroel as whole, now and for the future. And they therefore view the situation in a much bigger context.

    I don’t have to understand “why”. But when I keep an open mind I always come to see that they have a much clearer and longsighted understanding than what I expected.


    They also stopped allowing comments on the Notre Dame fire. They also deleted a bunch.

    Jerusalem observer

    There is a great difference between the Lakewood story and the Fench church story. The Lakewood story, aside of the despicable behavior of a very few bochurim towards the police, is solely an internal matter. The French church story enabled many thinking Yidden to express very bluntly what asher buchar buni really means. That leaves many people feeling very uncomfortable, including so it seems the censors of YWN.


    Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l was famous for his kanaus. Rav Eya Svei zt”l kept up his mesoireh, and it is good to see the tzurva meirabanans of Lakewood today keeping the same mesoireh.

    I disagree with it but I appreciate both sides.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    “They also stopped allowing comments on the Notre Dame fire. They also deleted a bunch.”
    The comments were basically what an onlooker would consider Jewish Supremacism. Celebrating a national tragedy openly on mass media is a great way to make enemies.


    What I want to know, is the reason that was given to get it cancled.
    Why doesn’t ywn report that rather than take down the story.


    tbh this is another example of the real shame…people using our holy and revered gedolim to further an agenda, become very prevalent now, in today’s day and age that here are those that are actually USING our rabbis to do what they want


    Jerusalem, the church story was correct in being censored – many nonjews read this site and we don’t want to make a chillul hashem.

    The lakewood story, on the other hand, should not have been censored. The tzibbor has to know what happens when extremists control a frum community and 30-year old immature avreichim ruin a night of hissorerrus that many were looking forward to just because they feel the need gto impose their frumkeit on others.


    I don’t see a chillul Hashem about the Notre Dame story. Perhaps in the comments, you mean?


    There have been a number of comments from readers but no response from YWN. Are the mods going to explain why the article was pulled or have you all been threatened by the geichazis with “omerta or else”?


    RockStar: you claim that YWN was worried about chilul Hashem surrounding the Paris fire in the eyes of the non-Jews who might read the article. I find this reasoning somewhat difficult to grasp. What about some articles against about whomever the powers that be at YWN consider “extremist” or “too-frum” or “un-zionist?” And then publishing often appallingly vile readers’ comments against the “extremists” — remarks that are sometimes seem better suited for a neo-Nazi website? Do the gentiles not read those articles and comments? When those non-Jews see how some frum Jews publicly talk/write about other frum Jews — isn’t this also a chilul Hashem?


    True. Let us say instead that it was to prevent people from antagonizing non-Jews.

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