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    Do you think there is a lack of interesting world news on yeshiva world?


    Well let’s see. Here are some headlines from today. Does this look like a lack of interesting news items?

    HOW WOULD YOU SPEND IT? Mega Millions Players Ponder How To Spend Record $1.6B Prize

    Election Brawl Involving Peleg Members Leads To Pepper Spray & Fire Bomb In Beit Shemesh

    Yeshiva Bochur Deemed Not Responsible for Stabbing Friend Due to Psychotic State

    Palestinian Protest Icon Goes From Jail Cell To VIP Suite

    The Latest News On The Israeli Municipal Elections 10/21/18

    Trump Says Obama Took Biden Off ‘The Trash Heap’

    Jordan Cancels Part Of Peace Agreement With Israel

    VIDEO: Pandemonium At Kever Rochel On Motzei Shabbos Of Yahrzeit

    US Government Seeks To Recover Painting Stolen By Nazis

    Heavy Rains in S. Israel on Shabbos Led to Flash Flooding

    Illegal Migrant Caravan Swells To 5,000, Resumes Advance Toward US

    VIDEO: PM Netanyahu Once Again Warns Of The Iranian Nuclear Threat

    Who Follows Speaker Ryan? Battle For Power Looms In GOP

    Is There Interference In The 2018 US Midterm Elections?

    Israel Re-Opens Both Kerem Shalom & Eretz Crossings to Gaza

    Trump Says US Will Pull Out Of Russia Nuke Treaty; Russia Warns Of Retaliation

    WATCH THIS: Saudi Foreign Minister Grilled By Fox News’ Bret Baier About Khashoggi Murder

    NEW LAW: NYPD Must Hand Out Buisness Cards, Receive Consent Before Searching Suspects

    Police: Long Island Man Threatened To Kill Senators Over Kavanaugh Confirmation

    Monsey: Two Frum Men Struck By Vehicle on Shabbos Morning; No Serious Injuries B”H

    Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein Inaugurated as Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath

    CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Train Mows Down Crowd At India Festival, At Least 60 Dead

    NY Appeals Court Hears Case From Anti-Kapparos Activists


    I think that sometimes the news is very depressing. Is there a way to post happier news? and if there is no happy news that YWN knows of then post random topics that are not so sad.
    Anyway,I understand that Galus is bitter but maybe, just maybe we can brighten it up a bit.
    Hoping to see Moshiach soon!


    (Actually, drop “stated.”)


    YWN’s stated goals probably don’t include covering world news.




    its a rare occasion that there is so much news on one day! Normally its very boring.


    As an addition to the OP’s question, I’d like to know why the latest Israeli leftist outrages have somehow escaped notice by the intrepid YWN reporters and editors. One was the shameful “Betzelem” organization denouncing of Israel in the UN last week. The other is the utterly insane permission granted to a BDS supporting “student” — an American citizen — to enroll in Hebrew University. A gaggle of leftist lawyers presented her case to the Israeli supreme court, that ruled in her favor.
    Perhaps if Yeshiva World would report such incidents, and there are more than these two — it will become more difficult to bash NK, Satmar, and other “extremists.” If there is a sizeable portion of the secular Israeli public has practically the same opinion of the state as the frum “extremists” and potentially can cause much more damage to the state (they in fact do cause damage!) — so all the endless vituperation on YWN against the frum extremists pales into a laughing stock compared to the damage these secular leftists are causing. So, since that would have “undesirable implications” (i.e., that the frum extremists are not quite the “danger” YWN makes them out to be — so the website has chosen to downplay or ignore the dangerous betrayals being perpetrated by much of the Israeli left. Damage that is way more serious that anything the NK Satmar clowns are capable of. If the excuse of “not airing one’s dirty laundry in public (i.e., publicizing the secular leftist depredations) is invoked — then it certainly applies to the antics of the frum “extremists.” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    There might just not be a lot of interesting news right now. Maybe they could look into better ways to fill the lulls. More Op-Ed’s, halachic pieces, financial news, etc.


    Chaver wrote
    “I think that sometimes the news is very depressing. Is there a way to post happier news?”

    FACT ABOUT NEWS : news is ALWAYS bad cause who cares who won the lottery (happy news) who made their flight last minute etc…. (you dont even know the person flying)

    to end on good news how about living on this famous line “no news is good news”
    so thats the best way to get your good news

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