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    What decision is there to make, with BS”D at the top of your post.

    Keep pushing it off, that’s how we need to deal with Y”H. Much hatzlocha.

    Good shabbos and b’suros tovos



    And how do you know that I’m just doing that because I’m too tired to spell LSD correctly?



    “And how do you know that I’m just doing that because I’m too tired to spell LSD correctly?”

    LOL – those who don’t have SD may turn to it.

    1000% agreement with “areivimzehlazeh”, w/o his level of persuasiveness.

    May you have S”D in this, and all other nisyonos.

    The yetzer hora knows a frontal attack doesn’t work, and will try to instill doubt and weakness.

    PLEASE remember:-

    -failure isn’t permanent

    -neither is success

    Stick around – gut Shabbos & hatzlocha.



    LSD = leyloi siyata deshmaya. I tried to rewrite the MBC song Besiyata deShmaya for Purim years ago and came up with lyrics like: “Leyloi siyata deshmyaya, that means LSD” and “Never will you be alone, with LSD you can fly on your own.”


    i gotta admit, A600, that LSD lyric is hysterical


    I vote that A6KB stays just to keep the humor going. (among other reasons) Its been awesome the past few days!!!




    What kind of answer are you looking for…

    I have some connections at Creedmor Psychiatric

    Seriously, life is very tough.

    There is so much tzar, we need yeshuos desperately. D-E-S-P-A-R-A-T-E-L-Y!!

    Some of us are at the end of the rope.

    But distancing oneself from the source of all good is the last thing to do in such a matziv. You know it. I know it. We all know it! It’s just a test- that’s all.

    This is exactly WHO and what we’re here for.

    You passed so many tests till now- pat yourself on the back.

    Don’t give up now.

    Every- single- solitary- neshoma- in- Klal- Yisroel- is- very- very- precious!

    Yours especially so. Hashem only tests those that he truly loves.



    I found this to be an amazing way to start- the perfect foundation.

    This is all to build awareness.

    (It took time to write these posts, so if you plan to read it, feel free to take your time.)


    Of course this is not even the tip of the iceberg- there’s so much to be said. If anything, you can teach me a thing or 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5…).

    I just want to let you know you are not alone. Your feelings are not so uncommon. You are not misplaced. We may not be able to fully understand your matziv if we haven’t been there and done that. But we care. All of Klal Yisroel cares.

    HASHEM cares about you.

    – areivim


    Sometimes Mods approve long posts by just skimming them, if they trust the poster and are aware of the respectful discussion that is being carried on.



    Isn’t LSD an acronym for a kallah whose chosson who proposed on an airplane? Leah in the Sky with a Diamond?

    Here’s a story reflecting thoughts that (I’m sure) aren’t very original, but apropos here;

    Crafty old General Beelzebub (aka lord of the flies) drew up invasion plans that would be utilized against two nearby cities.

    The first city was loyal to their King, but not fanatically so.

    The defensive wall surrounding them was not as strong or as high as it could have been, nor was it in a good state of repair.

    The guards could occasionally be seen napping or playing cards instead of vigilantly maintaining their posts.

    The army was poorly trained and lacking in the latest weaponry.

    The citizens of the second city were loyal to their King, up to and including defending him with their lives.

    The defensive wall surrounding their city was robust and high.

    The guards tended their duties with such precision that people could and did set their clocks by the shift changes and patrol rounds.

    The army was drilled thoroughly and equipped with enough weaponry that no neighboring town dared attack it.

    Gen. Beelzebub dispatched his army to attack the first town.

    Gen. Beelzebub was triumphant in a few short days.

    The second town was a much tougher nut to crack.

    Gen. Beelzebub realized there was no way for him to defeat their fierce and loyal army, nor could he breach their walls.

    What he did instead was dispatch spies to spread misinformation throughout the town, that their king had died.

    His sly reasoning was that since he had no hope of defeating them so long as they were loyal to their king, he would confuse them into thinking there was no king, and defeat them without needing to fire a shot.

    He knew that the king hated to appear in public, and calculated that by the time the king realized the reason for the false rumors and the need to counteract them, the gates of the town would have been left unguarded for his invading army to enter.

    His plan almost succeeded.

    The guards remained at their posts, and Gen. Beelzebub went back to devise another plan.

    He therefore tricked them in to thinking that Moshe had perished on Har Sinai, and took advantage of their confusion to have them construct the golden calf.

    This is also a great strategy for attacking someone who is very strong re: resisting temptation.

    Some of the disinformation can sound convincing.


    OMG, amazing, ICOT! So true! So well brought out!


    that’s really excellent ICOT- is that your own chiddush?

    I can anticipate Itzik’s finding of the flaw in this moshol though: He will want to know how you explain that takke, there IS disharmony, disunity and signs of a power-struggle among us… so, doesn’t your moshol (Chas V’shalom) prove the opposite?

    You now have an entire shabbos and maybe an entire week to come up with an answer. Much hatzlocha!

    If anyone has the answer, please post!

    Have a wonderful shabbos 🙂

    PS- I do not doubt for one second that Hashem is with us



    Good question.

    The story begins in singular mode, i.e. the first town represents an individual who can be tempted by gashmious, the seconf town represents an individual who doesnt consider f’rinstance eating a milk-chocolate bar after cholent a nisayon.

    The story concludes with the second town in pluran mode, mainly because I wanted a good ending – an unhappy ending would’ve allowed singular mode continuing, with the soton entering the open gates in triumph.

    Consider this an open invitation to improve on the original moshol – it isn’t copyrighted 🙂



    I can anticipate Itzik’s finding of the flaw in this moshol though: He will want to know how you explain that takke, there IS disharmony, disunity and signs of a power-struggle among us… so, doesn’t your moshol (Chas V’shalom) prove the opposite?

    I missed this on the first read (sorry).

    The “disharmony and disunity” referred to in the original story is the world running properly, not (unfortunately) binai Yisroel getting along with each other.

    P.S. – A flawed moshol is a flawed moshol, regardless of who points out its flaw(s). No offense will be taken to anyone who does so to one of mine 🙂

    anon for this

    A6KB, if you’ve ever visited Chicago, you’ll know that when people talk about “a bad trip on LSD,” they’re referring to traffic on Lake Shore Drive (though the views are great).



    Thanks for this Areivim and I will read it later tomorrow when my head is clear! It is a bit much for motzash!



    Thank you for the kind words.

    (I should’ve posted that Friday, but better late than never)


    Itzik: You’re giving my posts more credit than they’re worth- but thank you for giving them your time and thought.

    On a different note: I was not trying to pin the “fault” of the question (on ICOT’s moshol) on Itzik… I should not have worded it that way.

    ICOT: your second answering post clarified the moshol (and nimshol) perfectly. Thank you!

    I was wondering which question your first post was answering (you wrote: “Good question. The story begins in singular mode…”)


    1 more thing Itzik- the message that I, entire Klal Yisroel and Hashem cares, deserves FULL credit. More than you or I can give it. 🙂

    Gut voch!


    you know, there are screen names, and there are screen names.

    areivimzehlazeh- You ARE your screen name.

    I can’t help but stand in awe…


    hi everyone! i am kind of new to the coffeeroom! its really amazing! i hope to hear more people too!


    A600KiloBear: it’s funny how you can learn so much about a person from his posts…

    Who are you?

    Name: Itzik ? some sort of bear?


    Well, the first thing that stands out strongly is honesty. Only someone who is honest, drop dead honest, would do what you did- say your leaving, “this is my last post” ect. and return and say straight out with a B”SD at the top- “I’m rethinking”. Wow…

    I 1000% agree with arievim- “you can teach me a thing or 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5…)”

    only, i would take away the parenthesis. and the “or”.

    and i don’t think there is much left to say.

    Because i’m talking to someone who made such a turnaround (many times over apparently) with such courage and conviction in doing what’s right, that i’m just left quite speechless…

    I sort of feel like… who am i to say anything to you?

    Did I sit through 7 years of classes and then become frum?

    Do i struggle to keep kosher 100% in an area where it’s hard to even find a kosher symbol?

    and there obviously is so so much more.

    But, (pause) I do have one thing to say.

    Yes, you might be the only one in the world in your unique situation.

    But you know why?

    Because you are the only one CAPIABLE of surviving it.

    Not I, your neighbor or the friend next door.

    Your pain is strong, But SO ARE YOUR STRENGTHS!

    they are so glaringly strong…

    Jump over and run!

    with flying colors!

    Because we need you…

    Klal Yisroel needs you…


    do i deserve a welcome?


    sunflower: Welcome to the ball!


    ambush: Beautiful!!

    Sunflower, welcome to the zoo! Stick around and have a blast!



    Thanks everybody and welcome Sunflower.

    Not much time to comment again until next Thursday night – besides everything else I am waiting for my GuardYourEyes partner to come on so I can add some more kefira, LH, and MSR sites (no, chas vesholom not TYW) to my blocked sites in order that I do not get tempted by their content.

    I am also looking for new directions in business so that I am not online as much during the day when time could be better utilized.


    Welcome Sunflower:)For all of those that did not welcome sunflower(u know who u r…)u know what u should be doing now



    Welcome Peachesncream or are you just Sunflower’s alter ego?


    yup I’m sunflowers alter ego(although sunflower is not aware of that)

    now thanx for the welcome



    was that directed to me?


    cute names!


    thank you joseph, mepal, a600kilobear, peachesncream, ambush! i cant wait! i feel so welcome!


    Welcome, peachesncream! Stick around! Enjoy the fun!


    thank u guys for the welcome-I already feel that this is where I belong-whether entertaining, being entertained or both


    Hi i feel rather shy haven’t been here in a while.


    WB RoshYeshiva Shlita!


    Rosh Yeshivah: welcome back! the cr miss ya! shockingly i’ve been gone for some time too!

    joe: hello grandpa!


    pretty cool this thread got a title amendment! nice going! 😉


    hey how about me?

    …just kidding – i’m not new and not really returning. i’m kind of out of the loop (all these new conversations and i have no idea WHAT they are all about) and i’m going back to eretz yisroel pretty soon – i’m at a place there – just saying hi



    Edit: You’re too slow squeak.



    Allow me to be the first to welcome you back! (To do that, I’ll have to keep this post really short or I’ll be beaten).

    Nice to hear from you – you’ve been missed. Do drop a line once in a while. It’s great to hear that you’ve got a place in EY. I hope everything is well. Stay in touch.


    Arrrrgh! Well, if someone had to beat me to it, at least it was Joseph!

    BTW, why do my posts always seem to get approved in 26 seconds…. hmmm…


    moish: lol i just mentioned you in a different thread-general shmooze! head there to catch up! awesome that your in eretz yisroel! hatzlacha rabbah there!


    Is tonight a record or something.

    RoshYeshiva, Moish, and Jax ALL return after loooong absences, all at the same time!


    OH MY G-D! Where’s the doc…

    MOISH & JAX back on the same night- AWESOME!


    er, as you can see, you’ve been missed…

    moish- hatzlocha with everything. We haven’t forgotten about you!

    I literally rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing “moish01” on the board. Man it’s good to see you round here 🙂

    Jax- stay put!


    areivim: ya & we get you here at night too! some night! i too was in shock after seeing moish01 on the board!


    ames wow great seeing ya too! let the party begin!


    Wow, so many returnees! We really ARE having a major party this evening.




    Hello & welcome.




    Hello & welcome back.


    Thanks for the hearty welcome folks ! Joe- no surprise when the RY comes back all his talmidim follow!!


    WELCOME BACK RY, Moish and Jax! Wow, the place has not been the same without you guys! Stick around!

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