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    I dont like that they post incessant anti trump articles

    why ?

    hes Pro Freedom, Hes anti all the meshugasss going in the world , he pro police and safety for our children on the streets

    why the obsession with posting bad mean articles about him\

    can someone chime in here , maybe im missing something ?


    He’s a charlatan, a grifter, an adulterer, a deadbeat, a liar and the list goes on and on

    ☕️coffee addict


    So then don’t post about him at all


    CTL Biden is the same.


    YWN is an equal opportunity basher. If you do a relatively simple search in the archives of dump on Donald articles vs. Sleepy Joe articles, JOE wins by a margin of roughly 4:1. Headlines about controversy trigger clicks and clicks = increased ad revenues. Of course, we can go back to the good ole days of daily “Crooked Hillary” or “Barrack Husein Obama” outrage of the day articles and those really attractive stock photos the headline editor was enamored of and Donald would be nowhere to be seen (or bashed).


    Ct lawyer, I totally agree with you and it’s even worse than that. He’s victimizing himself, speaking against the deep state while receing millions from the same deep state that was about to start another ww3, did you already forget who signed an executive irder forcing people to get jabbed with deadly injections? So many fools still wanting to watch their tyran in action. Not for me.

    yaakov doe

    They just post the news much of which isn’t very flattering to Trump who nobody thinks is an exemplarily role model for Yiddin. He has a long history of being a deadbeat, a serial liar and a serial adulterer and now he’s facing accusations and being held accountable.


    I don’t decide which ‘news’ articles to post
    I merely answered the OP’s question

    The OP did not ask a question about the current POTUS

    I voluntarily had two Covid-19 vaccinations and three boosters including the bivalent. I don’t allow non-vaccinated into my home of office.


    “He’s a charlatan, a grifter, an adulterer, a deadbeat, a liar and the list goes on and on”.
    And those are his good points.


    I don’t care either way.
    As others have pointed out there are a fair amount of articles bashing both sides of the aisle.
    What gets my goat is when they (lazily) just repost what seems to be mostly editorial and partially news articles from a major paper/network.
    You have this massive article with a clear political bias…
    If you want to write an article on a given topic write one, don’t copy it wholesale from elsewhere.

    Doing my best

    Cuz DeSantis is better!


    I think a lot of people get carried away by Ts style as if respectably speaking politicians are always honest. We discussed here before that Ts policies, taken separately from his words, are pretty solid within conservative approach. For those here who would disagree also with Reagan, Romney, Milton Friedman, just say so, but don’t get carried away by tabloids into the sewer.


    There will always be supporters and opponents of his policies as any other politician.


    Because Trump is a LOSER who threatens to create a situation of a radically left-wing, and therefore anti-Semitic and especially anti-frumkeit, government with those who don’t like us controlling the legislature and the executive branch (and soon thereafter the judiciary). Trump is constantly attacking pro-faith conservatives. He is the WOKE’s best home to take over America.


    NewsFlash: Many of the writers and editors in “Chareidi Journalism” are “Chareidi Liberal” for the same reason that most journalists in the secular media are liberal.

    People that are good at creative and artistic tasks like writing and are ok with getting paid near mininum wage are most often more liberal minded. People that are good at “getting stuff done” and “Making money” are more often more conservative minded.

    The same rules that apply in the outside world apply in the frum world as well.


    The question is why weren’t they more anti-Trump years ago? Trump has been in the news a lot lately and for some really disgusting things. So should YWN just ignore front page news because they sort-of kind-of lemme-speak-with-the-shadchan like the guy?


    richashu, this might be true of “economic conservatives”, but not cultural ones. There are a lot of the latter ones both in goyishe and in Jewish world that are not wasting their time on making money.

    Amil Zola

    NewsFlash: YWN buys the news from a news service. They have zero reporters or writers.


    because he deserves it


    YWN doesn’t have to “trash” Trump. DeSantis’ political action committee will handle it for them. Their new ad blasts Trump for calling his newly adopted state of Florida “the worst state in the country” and offers to share moving expenses so the Donald can relocate to California where he can bond with Gavin Newsom, whose ex-wife is now sharing a bedroom with Don Jr.

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