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    WATCH: Dramatic Video: Extremists Enter Cell Phone Store, Spray Pepper Gas, Spill Skunk Spray

    “The attack was apparently part of an ongoing battle by extremists against cell phone stores in Chareidi areas that lack a “hechsher” of their liking.”

    Sorry YWN this is fake news.

    NO ONE approves of what these guys did

    BUT this is not a question of “hechsher” of their liking

    EVERY single godol and every single beis din in E. Israel have clearly stated the necessity of having a kosher phone

    the store keeper should not have been selling these phones; no different than selling treife meat.

    Yes we disagree with these assailants, yes we abhor violence

    But we do not view this as a question of “hechsher” of their liking

    rather that treif is forbidden –


    Dear Zushy,

    “NO ONE approves …….”

    Except the people who believe they did the right thing.

    “EVERY single gadol……”

    Except for those who did not join in forbidding technology.


    Denying that a problem exists is not a solution.

    Calling it fake news does not make it untrue.


    Zushy, ALL the phones being sold at the target store are filtered – all of them – they just do not have the right hechsher.


    Sorry no mesroah

    who are the “Except for those who did not join in forbidding technology.”

    Who are you quoting?

    There is literally wall to wall consensus here about technology and phones.

    No one is denying a problem, but YWN is still reporting fake news. Rather than stressing that treif is forbidden and castigating those who run a non kosher store in a frum area they are focusing on a very small fringe and making the idea of Kosher phones sound like a bizzare and outplaced chumra that only a few keep.


    Zushy , couldn’t have been said better .


    Well said.

    You have not addressed what @besalel wrote probably because you couldn’t verify or disprove what he said. Having lived there for a number of years, I can tell you that this happens occasionally where a purveyor of technology doesn’t have the hechsher that is fashionable this month and has a similar attack.
    And besides, I am the arbiter o f fake news on the YWN site, how dare you try to usurp me?!?😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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