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    Goan Atzum

    If you look in the Mishnah Breura Dirshu, of the poskim they bring down its is basically split 50 – 50 whether or not you could be yotzai with whiskey. So there are definitely more then enough poskim to rely on to drink whatever you want.

    I also recall seeing a teshuvas reb akiva eiger (though I cant recall where) that said that he doesn’t know where people got this misconception that you have to drink wine. The gemara just says chayiv inish levesumay, with no mention of wine. so that is another posek to rely on

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    Goan Atzum

    If can my own story that probably has no basis in fact but is a good story non the less

    I have heard that someone went over to Reb Dovid Feinstein and said ” I heard that Reb Moshe drank Cholov Stam and threw up” and Reb Dovid replied “Both stories are true, Reb Moshe drank Cholov Stam and threw up. Not at the same time though.”

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    Goan Atzum

    8. I know an old pirate named mos

    who had hooks for his fingers and toes

    it was all going okay

    they never got in his way

    Till one day when he picked his nose

    9. and then there was that other shnook

    who had utensils instead of a hook

    as a pirate he stunk

    cause his weapons were junk

    but he sure made one heck of a cook

    10. don’t forget about the captains daughter

    when there was no wind, she did what he taught’er

    she would stand by the sail

    and sneeze out a squall

    cause you see she was allergic to water

    11. so now its time to bid adieu

    as they set sail ‘cross the ocean blue

    when you see them a’coming

    know that laughs are forthcoming

    at the captain and his weirdly shaped crew

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    Goan Atzum

    1. There once was a man named bashere

    whose problem was he couldnt hear

    in his town of telz

    they didnt have belz

    so his door read “bash here for bashere”

    2. I have an old friend, a good man

    who had a very large wing span

    every day in a tizzy

    he would get home real dizzy

    from his job as a human ceiling fan

    3. One day a picture was blamed

    for a crime, “I’m innocent” he exclaimed

    next day he was jailed

    but justice had failed

    because you see the picture was framed

    4. There once was town called new york

    were everyone loved to eat pork

    they ate with a hand

    and thought it was grand

    till someone discovered the fork

    5. I have quite a good friend named ike

    but thank g-d we look nothing alike

    though it does him no harm

    having his ears on his arm

    you should see what his glasses look like

    6. His familial mutations are keen

    though alway seem to cause scenes

    his friends went on rants

    cause he never wore pants

    you seen gene had jeans in his genes

    7. he found a way to make flower growth spike

    by attaching them to the wheels of a trike

    some found it real funny

    his trying to make money

    peddling his petal pedal bike

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    Goan Atzum

    A boy, Moishe Wolfson, (name changed to protect the innocent) was going out while he was in the yeshiva dormitory. The girls father thought that it was very important that the boy his daughter was dating should have a good shachris attendance. So he decided to call the pay phone in the yeshiva that the boy was staying and ask whoever picked up how the boys attendance was. Unfortunately Moishes Shachris attendance was very bad, but as luck would have it the person who picked up the phone was non other than Moishe. This was the conversation that ensued:

    Father: Hello, I was wondering if you know Moishe Wolfson? I have some shidduch questions to ask.

    Moishe: Moishe, sure i know him really well. I would dare say that I know him as well as I know myself.

    Father: Oh good, I really only have one question. How is his shachris attendance does he come on time.

    Moishe: Mr. Schwartz, to tell you the truth i don’t get up on time all that much – on the average day i am late to shachris. But I can definitely tell you this – WHEN EVER I’M THERE HE’S THERE!

    Needless to say – as all these stories end the went out and got married.

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    Goan Atzum

    I only have on thing to say on this topic Demosthenes hit the Shidduch “crisis” right on the nose and I agree with just about every thing that he/she said…especially that lincoln logs thing

    in reply to: The AZ thread – discuss the shidduch “age gap” #648695
    Goan Atzum

    I think the reason that boys wait so till they are older already to get married is that boys have a cheyuv of talmud torah as opposed to a girl….when a boy is married already then he has other responsibilities that will take away from his overall learning (I.E. watching kids)….when a bochur waits till he is older already to get married he has a much more solid foundation on which to rely to get him through the times which can be tough for his learning…if he got married early he would fall out of learning altogether…a girl doesn’t have a cheyuv talmud torah (according to me at least) and therefor can get married earlier…the only sevarah that i have ever heard from a reliable talmud chacham for getting married earlier is when your taivah is to starong for you and it is taking away from your learning then you can get married earlier and have “pas be’salo”….but that is only when it is better for your learning.

    P.S. to PM: i hope you where kidding when you said that we should get rid of the cherem derabbeinu gershom….he was one of the rishonim and we and all of our gedolay hador combined don’t come up to his toenails…if he said that we shouldn’t do it there is absolutely nothing that should change that.

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    Goan Atzum

    yes you are right all the goyim have to do is convert. But the issue here is three fold, firstly there is something called “Kochoes Hanefesh” (very very loosely translated that means subconscious), and the goyim don’t realize that that is the reason that they hate us is because we have the emes and they don’t, they just know that they hate us. Secondly, because the previous generations hated us so much cause we have the torah and they don’t they brought up the next generations to hate us just because we are jews. and lastly they would take on the torah but we all know the famous song and medrash…







    or something of that sort…meaning that they can’t deal with the torah because it goes against there nature Hashem asked yishmael do you want the torah and he asked what was in it and Hashem said “you can’t murder” and they said “Forget it i can’t deal with such stringent laws” so although they may recognize they we are the Am Ha’Nivchar and that we are the chosen people they just can’t bring themselves to convert.

    in reply to: Modern Music…..prohibited? #621756
    Goan Atzum

    WOW….i just read through the 15 some odd post on this forum and i decided that i have to respond in many ways on many things…..first of all i would like to congratulate postsemgirl on her taking a strong stance and not letting up even when so many people attacked her….she is absolutely 100% right…the rabbani of our do’or are the amuday psak for us when they tell us that the right thing to do is not to go to concerts how dare you have the audacity to even contemplate going to a concert….the kol korei was signed by many leading rabbonim stating not to go to concerts, when you have learnt half as much torah as they have you can start thinking about arguing with their psak.

    rabbiofberlin – the reason why the chumras of old are kept stringently and the kullos are not is simple….im assuming you have heard/saw/learnt the gemara that compares us to previous generations…i’m going to quote the basic idea….”if they where like angels we are like men if the where like men we are like donkeys” the basic idea being that they where 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x greater then we are or ever will be….you can not begin to be masig the level of ruchneyos that a taana of an amora had…..if you look in sheira avodah of rebbeniu yona os mem tes you will see how he talks about the levels of ahavas Hashem and the levels of avodah that where reached by avraham yitzchak and yaakov, moshe and aharon, dovid and shlomo….i cant say the exact same for tanaim and amorim but as demenstrated by the previous quote they where pretty unbelievable themselves…oh and remember that the previous quote was talking about amoraim to tanaim kal vachmer us…..if you look in sharei kedush i forget exactly where it is there is a story quoted about reb chaim vital and the arizal talking about how if we do little things right in our generation ,due to the tumah and kleipos that we have to wade through to get to kedushah, it is comparable to achieving unbelievable levels in the amoraims times….so after all that said the reason why people jump on chumros and dont jump on kolos….is because they (amroim, tannaim, geonim, reshonim, achronim) where on levels of kedushah that we can’t be masig and the fact that they thought that a chumrah was neccesary kal vachomer on us the “donkeys”….we don’t jump on kulos because when the rabbonim of previous genrations and our genrations say not to do some thing or not to see something or not to go somewhere it is only because we have sunk to such low levels in avodah that we cant do those things with out endangering our yeddishkit….we cant go to concerts with mixed crowds even though there is seperate seating because ossur things happen so yes i would maintain that….and i quote verbatim from your words:”How about a kulloh?? “OSSUR’OSSUR””….

    Blue Shirt – I B”H am zoche to sit in a beis medrash all day and learn Torah….the Shulchan Aruch and other seforim of psak halchah DO AND SHOULD GOVERN OUR EVERY DAY LIVES….that is exactly what yiddishkeit is about….there are halachos for anything and everything….how to put your shoes on in the morning, in what order to eat your foods, how you should dress, and yes even when where and what music you should be listening to….and you are right there are diffrent poskin and gedolim and everyone listens to their own….Do you have a gadol that is telling beferush that you should ignore the ban on going to concerts and ignore the bans on certain types of music…i would highly doubt it….even if you write back and said you did i would assume you are either misquoting him or you just plain didn’t understand exactly what he said…

    so to end off…yes i will listen to the ban placed on music by the rabbbonim i will not go to concerts and i will watch as girls parade up and down the streets on yom kippur as rabbiofberlin wants me to do becaus i listen to the gedolim of this and past generations so that i will get Sechar in the world to come….like the meselis yesharim and every other mussar sefer in the world says…the whole point of this world is to get sechar so that you can enjoy the ziv hashechinah in the next world…im going to do what the rabbonim say and maybe sacrifice a little of that teivah and enjoyment of music in this world for my enjoyment in the next……are you?????????

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    Goan Atzum

    I don’t really have much to say on the topic that is being discussed here. But i was reading what “intellegent” wrote and i have to disagree. The reason that the GOYIM hate is us is not for no reason, and it is not just because it is a halacha in the torah.

    The reason why the GOYIM hate us is plain and simple…..they are infinitely jealous of the fact that we have the torah and they don’t. They are jealous of the fact that we have the emes of Ha’kadosh Baruch Ho’s torah and that they have absolutely nothing. Especially the arabs who are the sons of Yishmael and where the sons of avraham avineu also….they where so close to getting the torah…they where Avrahams children also but the torah was given to us Zerah Yitzchak….that is the only reason they hate us and there is nothing that they can do about it.

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