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    Rav Gamliel can be reached almost every day at his house from 1:3o to 3

    at 2 chagiz

    in reply to: Yeshiva And Seminary Students Guide #714458

    the guide was made by a close friend of mine

    its been very popular and well accepted

    y do u want the number

    i can ask him if i can give it to you

    in reply to: Will Rav Amnon Yitzchak manage to change the music industry? #701513

    how far is this going to go

    most old school chasidish nigunnim be it belz ger ….

    r all goyish songs or marches

    the zohar explains [i heard from a rebbe of mine}that music can be elevated till the kisah hakovod

    the words can be traif but the tune cant

    so what r we going to do assur everything unless its a carlbach song

    no more horahs by weddings

    what do u think will happen, they will all go to the source

    the real rappers popstars kol isha …..

    is this what the rabbanim really want or do they think everybody is going to listen to shiurim all day?

    this is peoples outlet

    what about while driving? nothing like a good torah tape to keep u awake?

    i think we should worry about other things like shaboss mitzvots to the best of our ability thats whats important not if a concert or a jewish singer is to rocky?

    in reply to: Whats wrong with chumros? #692928

    there is nothing wrong with chumras but with the people that make them!

    im not talking about rabbanim or the like but rather the “cool frafrumpta yeshivish”guy

    first of all they think that any body who doesnt have this chumra is not frum,charadi,yeshivish etc….

    secondly, they think that is the halacha and there is no other opinion in the world not like it

    this being said, this causes strife and hatred in the world between fellow jews

    some times a person has to be mivatel on his chumra for either sholom bayis, neighbors etc….

    i have a rebbi who keeps certain chumras but doesnt impose them even on his spouse

    he says “if im crazy what does that have to do with her”

    i think this should be the attitude of all chumra makers then the world would be a better place

    in reply to: Hats and Jackets by Davening #690513

    i think people here are missing the boat

    nobody is saying that there isnt kovod by wearing a hat or jacket for all depends on your hashkafa

    in todays day and age the hat and jacket became important and davening doesnt. people tell me all the time i would become frum but i dont want to wear the uniform

    if u would ask hashem “do u want daveners or hat and jacket wearers”? what would he say?

    [just so everybody knows im a black hatter and try to wear my hat and jacket all the time for tefilla}

    i think we should stress going to davening and what its about and then work on halochos and kovod

    in reply to: Tips to Fast Easy #1211307

    there is a segula brought down to take 7 sips of water and between every sip to kiss the mezzuza

    i am a bad faster and when ever i do this it helps me alot

    {maybe just psychological but it works}

    in reply to: Learning But Not Being Supported #689871

    y does some one learning have to be supported

    in to days age everybody thinks that people have to give them money or an apt if they r learning

    i want to know where it says that?

    also i know “kollel guys” who rent cars all the time go out to eat in fancy resterant and have thousands of dollors worth of furniture

    is this what the shver is supporting? does he know it?

    the kollel guy has to releize that he has to live with less

    im not sayig there r no real kollel guys but everyone has to know his limits

    i am not a math teacher because i failed math in school

    in reply to: Cause For Teens At Risk? #688923

    Firstly, aries2756, Why are you ‘paseling up’ the whole yeshiva system?

    It seems to me that you had a bad experience in your yeshiva days.

    Kids nowadays all have someone to talk to if not an older mentor or friend, a hotline, a program, something.

    In every yeshiva their is at least ONE RABBI that can be trusted.

    I know from my yeshiva days there was always someone to talk to.

    Now, whether hypocrisy of the Yeshiva, system, the yiddishkeit they are taught, is correct thats a different story.

    Unfortunately, we are all hypocrites to some extent. We all sin.

    When a father yells at his son not to talk during davening, and then turns around to discuss business with his friend, that is hypocritical, and that sends a more damaging message then non kosher cell phones and internet in my book.

    but thanks 4 your concern

    in reply to: Cause For Teens At Risk? #688916

    every kid that is frum knows the score

    if he does mitzvos he will get rewarded and if not will be punished

    with that said any person who goes off has the choice

    im not saying that abused by someone isnt scaring. its wrong they should be locked up 4 along time but thats not a reason to go off

    he should talk to a professional about it and deal with the issue

    when he gets to shamayim hes gonna have to answer 4 all the times he didnt keep shaboss or put on tefillin

    nobody is going to be there besides him

    {the peaople that did this to him might be punished to a certain extent}

    but every person has bechira

    in reply to: Non-Jewish Jewish Music #688544

    Last time i checked alot of the gerrer marches were all nepolians marches.

    Also besides that alot of chasidish miggunim are from non jewish sources

    the zohar says that all tunes can be uplifted for spiritual needs

    its the words that can be trief

    The question here is are the fast rockin songs with hebrew words really spiritualy stirring or just some heter to listen to them?

    The rockin chabad niggun without words, is alot more soul searching then the words of tehillem put into a rockin song

    in reply to: Camp Prices are High #688955

    Camps should be viewed as a LUXURY for people that can afford them.

    They should not be a requirement for kids.

    Parents should not feel obligated to go into debt for this. As it is parents aren’t making it.

    If parents need to go into debt for their children to go to camp, it’s time to come out with camp rules, just like wedding rules, for the self-esteem challenged.

    in reply to: Sforim that have Segulas associated with them #1115096

    somebody came to rav elyashiv and asked him if he wants to be sandek at his great grandsons bris?he said no. they asked him y not ? its a segula so the rav said in heaven there r a bunch of little doors and 1 big door

    the little doors r for segulas the big door is torah

    i want to get thru that big door


    in reply to: Cause For Teens At Risk? #688735

    As my name suggests, I’ve been dealing with “at risk” teenagers for over 10 yrs now

    I’ve heard all the “reasons” why one would not want to be frum. {My rebbe embarrassed me, my parents got divorced, I have ADD ,a learning disability, and so on.} And I want you to know something:

    Firstly, If the parents don’t know anything about Judaism how can they give anything over to there children??

    Furthermore, those that DO know Judaism and reasons, don’t do the mitzvos with a smile or a geshmak. These kids either don’t understand why they do something, or they understand and see it as a burden.

    Now to the point.

    The kids use this as an excuse.

    Nobody says it’s easy to be a frum Jew, especially if they feel disgust, anger, and unfulfillment.

    The grass ALWAYS looks greener on the other side, and at some point, the kid has to take some responsibility for his own life.

    there is a ribono shel olam and everyone will get rewarded and punished for their actions. It’s nothing personal, that’s just the way of the world.

    Maybe, for example, he had a rebbe that hated him and picked on him. We all did. But what separates the men from the boys is dealing with every situation and not running away and “going off”. Some situations are tougher then others and need more assistance, but that’s the way life is.

    NOBODY in this world ever made it big by not going through hardships and challenges. Just look at the Shevatim, our ancestors, our gedolim. Many people don’t have it easy in life and that makes them stronger, not weaker.

    I would love to be out of a job, for there to be no need for my services, but something needs to change. Either parents need to learn to instill their children with a love and excitement for Yiddishkeit, and sometimes that means instilling it in themselves first. And our children need to learn a sense of responsibility. Yes, maybe you were a victim…but don’t use that as an excuse. Stop blaming cell phones. Stop blaming internet. The problem runs much deeper.

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