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    hershi: forgive me, but how can I find the very first thread?

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    Wow, we’re in the same ‘hood! For all we know, we’ve seen each other but have no idea!

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    Smile – I agree that you satisfy the criterion of (at least) “somewhat regularly,” but how long have you been posting here in the CR?

    shkoyach – well, then unfortunately you don’t count. Nothing personal! 🙂

    Daas Yochid – Does jphone still post “somewhat regularly?”

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    Toi: Are you in a yeshiva?

    WIY: lol good call

    frummytummy: cmon, that’s half the fun!!!

    Either way, it’s basically all melted

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    Well apparently I wasn’t the first one to respond, but I didn’t know that at the time.

    Poster, I’m near Shmuel Hanavi/Bar Ilan. How ’bout you, Toi?

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    We’re running out of tiiiiiiime! 🙁

    And now I feel lame for being the first one to respond….to myself!!!

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    ItcheS: “It’s an open gemara in Horiyos 14a and Brachos 601b (give or take) that bekius is more important. Period.”

    I didn’t see the Gemaras, but are you sure that bekius is more IMPORTANT or just that it takes precedence? Huge difference.

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    HaJoseph: how did you confirm all those names?

    Also, sorry for the ignorance, but who is this Joseph fellow and what has he done wrong?

    (I’m not defending him, I’m just the most active CR member and I’m not so “up” on CR current events)

    Finally, no, I am not Joseph (although, granted, that is what he would say)

    2scents: Look around

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    a mirrer: I don’t know which chassidim you hang around, but all the ones I see have the top button buttoned.

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    as a guy from personal experience, not too much makeup

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    mental health

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    Groisnaches – “Lets see what the newly re-elected big O does with his bechira.”

    As far as I understand, kings/officers (presumably a president would be included) have limited to no bechira in making decisions affecting the nation. ie: Pharaoh

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    WIY – “He is a cold arrogant disconnected person who lives for himself. He has no sympathy and he may not be capable of feeling for others. He is a very flawed person.”

    These statements aren’t actually based on “research.” This is called hyperbole. You’re entitled to believe whatever you want, but you make it sound like fact.

    Farrocks – “Does anybody know how many girlfriends Obama has on the side? No. And however many it is, he doesn’t want you to know. And would take all necessary steps to insure you don’t know.”

    Are you intimating that he is involved in extramarital affairs, or are you just saying that he could be. If the first, you have nothing backing that statement; if the second, so could anyone.

    I’m not a fan of Obama’s but I do think that a lot of the posters here subscribe to the attitudes that they hear in their communities without actually checking things. People absorb from their surroundings. If at home you hear Obama criticism, you will feel negatively toward him with or without evidence.

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    Although ashkenazim pronounce a “vav” as an english V, I believe everyone agrees that a W sound is more authentic. That having been said, a long O is almost definitely more authentic than “oy.” The cholam is a vav, and the long O sound ends with a “w” whereas “oy” ends with a “y”

    That having been said, I personally asked Rav Moshe Shternbuch what someone who grew up saying “Oh” and now lives in a community where “oy” is accepted should do, and he answered that you should pronounce it how you learned it. I presume the same would apply if you grew up saying “oy.”

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    Interesting responses!

    Syag – SaysMe was correct in the assumption that I posted before he/she did.

    SaysMe – thanks for looking out for ME 🙂

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    Ok so far no serious responses, except for tzaddiq – I think.

    tzaddiq – were you being serious? if so, what if you found them to be a wonderful person and only found out later (several dates in)about their issue?

    in reply to: Post Here to Add/Change Your Subtitle #1199151

    Hi mods! How are you guys doing on this fine day? I hope you’re doing phenomenally awesome!

    By the way, can I please get a subtitle? I don’t have a specific request; surprise me! 😉

    (ps – did I ask nicely enough?)

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    I could be wrong but here’s what I think – when someone displays a lack of skill in spelling or speaking, it doesn’t actually make them an idiot or take away credibility. There are two problems however: one is simply that if it’s really bad, people won’t understand what you’re trying to say. If it’s at that point, something should be done to bring it up to par.

    The other problem is that unfortunately the metzius is that many people will view you as an idiot (which, in my humble opinion, stems from a craving to feel superior to others). If you don’t care how people look at you, fine. If you do, you should work on your skills.

    Also, I feel that certain people here are being quite obviously self-conscious on this thread specifically, and making much greater efforts than usually to use bombastic speech and to sound sophisticated and “cultured.” That’s just the sense I get.

    Lastly, I strongly agree with yitzchokM. This is a blog for crying out loud

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    im surprised no one has mentioned yet that rav nosson tzvi finkel zatzal was married to a cousin (i could be wrong, but i think it was a first cousin)

    in reply to: Difficult Parsha to Lein #898628

    Whatever it is, it’s not nearly as hard as practicing megillas esther/rus/eichah etc, for a while and then trying to switch to reg. trop

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