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    Tsk Tsk, cluck cluck, hmmmmm, terrible, terrible. I myself experienced some traumatic experiences with this exact issue, but I dont want to go in to it. Far too painful…

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    “wolf”, im sorry to hear about your financial situation. i wish you much hatzlacha in your worldly dealings. i really want to apologize for the tension between us. i feel at fault for it. but seriously “wolf”, it doesnt take much more than half a brain to realize that i , a bochur in israel, would know about this issue as a whole.

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    actually “wolf”, im your conscience. if your saying that EVEN a yeshiva bochur IN ISREAL wouldnt know what goes on then maybe you should learn a few things!!

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    actually “wolf”, it might surprise you to find out a few truths about me. you see, im not ur average clueless parent making assumptions. ill give you three options for who i am: 1) A YESHIVA BOCHUR IN ISRAEL!!! 2) a mossad agent 3) your conscience. study these deeply and do research. you might come to realize why i KNOW that yeshiva bochurim (and sem girls) spend a ton of cash in isrAEl!!!

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    yes wolfishmusings, yes. that most definitely is my opinion! wen i was in yeshiva my rosh hayeshiva commanded the attention of the bochurim and they would hang on dearly to every word. he wasnt like those rabbis that like to hear themselves talk!!! he KNEW we were listening!

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    i promote this form of behavior. in MMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY opinion, it creates within the child a sense of independance in that he/she is making a decision to choose by himself wats more inportant to he/she! i was raised in this fashion and fully support this method!!

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    i am sam

    sam i am

    do u like gefilte fish and chrayne?

    i do!

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    i like honey

    i also like money

    i also like Monet

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    i went to the store,

    i bought a bag of milk

    i like flying

    maybe u also like to do in-depth research on the plummage of a tyrannosaurus rex

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    any rav who’s soooo incompetent that the members of teh kehila run off to study other subjects doesnt deserve kavod. and anyway im sure that generally rabbis would rather people get some schar limud than fall asleep listening to them!!

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    in my opinion theres nothing more appropriate for a nice shidduch date than a quiet dark road where no one will pass by and shine their bright headlights in your face! then one can devote the proper attention to their date!

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