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    Hi there sweettooth long time no see;)

    so what about u princess?

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    Hey, so which one of u were at the wedding?!?!?!?!?! :p


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    Which sensor r u talking about? I think it should fit, check out the website, I’m sure it says the size of the pocket there, check if it’s the right measurements, btw if it doesn’t you can always make ur own; I bought the slip from uniaccs but didn’t exactly like the thick material it has as opposed to the reg one I’m used to wearing (found in any lingerie store…) so I bought a pc of black slinky fabric and sewed my own pocket onto the slip, It’s great, I wear it all the time! (P.S. and it came out cheaper in the end, cuz in local store the slip costs about 18-20 and the material costs mayb 5…)

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    mi2: I wear the pump either in a slip with a pocket down the front (you can find it at half slip)It’s really convenient,the tubing goes straight down the slip so u don’t feel it at all … Or some other times I wear it in a leg cuff from (

    coffefan: I donate blood all the time, and never had a problem with my sugar dropping. Funny that u mention it cuz the last time I went I really felt like I was going low, I tested and was in normal range, twas really weird. Btw, Who’d u donate for? Bikur Cholim? Chai Lifeline?

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    mi2: which pumps ru considering? If u want some info about the minimed I’m definitely gonna ‘pump’ that choice

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    The mats all work, u just have to know how to set it up/configure it to the game, there’s an option “configure dance mat”

    It’s really gr8! Loads of fun!

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    Yeh, the CGM can drive u a bit mad at the beg. it def takes getting used to!! And u should know that it’s a bit delayed that’s why ur seeing diff numbers, if ur body is dropping quickly u usually won’t see the drop on the cgm till a bit later (too late I should say) so when u feel low, u should really check with a monitor…sort of defeats the purpose of the CGM but…it does help once u get the hang of it!

    btw which one did u get?

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    I meant skip the donuts;) So far I only used them for lows, not so crazy over them, I’ll take a good piece of cake ne day better than a donut!!!

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    NO insulin ratio needed! Just skip the whole idea!

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    Doughnuts anyone?;)

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    Hey, what’s with e/o out there? We got to pg 14, but what about aiming for 15? lol!:)

    What’s with this shabbos anyone going to the shabbaton? (R’ Meisels’)????

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    I got the flu shot last yr, wasn’t willing to take any chances over there!


    NE one have a GOOD adult endo to recommend?

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    coffefan; That’s exactly the question I was about to ask…

    I was recommended someone Susan(4got what she calls herself) Goldner as s/o who knows her stuff regarding diabetes. I tried her out, she was very good, I must say! she’s really sweet, she knows about diabetes and all the stuff(asks about ur A1c…)…but it was very frustrating that she doesnt REALLY know what it’s all about(b’h 4 her!;) )…Like taking extra sugar/food b4 going out bec I know I’ll b doing quite a bit of physical activity, accrding to these nutritionists u gotta stick to meals, no extra snacks….her number is 718-854-5784. It’s def worth a try, c if it works 4u! If u have any other quest about her…just ask:)

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    and so? did I miss s/t? what does being in new jersey say about her?

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    Hey! I use Dr Ten now, and I’m REALLY not happy there! Wondering if anyone of you who goes there knows that Neesha is leaving/left there!

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    allsgr8-Which doc du use?

    Anyone have any adult endo’s to recommend??

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    allsgr8- thanks! yup, still go to doc. that’s who told me that my A1c’s above 8! She just told me; ‘we have to get it down…wear the continue glucose monitor for a week and make another app to see me….’ Not much to count on over there;) (gonna switch dr soon iy’h) I have ‘D’ for less than 2 yrs! there wasn’t really any straw apparently I just don’t have enough self control not to eat all the ‘good stuff’ (btw fyi I’m not fat at all…)…I think my nums r looking up these days! gonna check my A1c one of these days, HOPEFULLY it’s gone down, down, down( at least I can hope while there still is some hope)

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    hey I see I’ve missed a lot of happenings here…. u guys really make me jealous with those A1c’s…I used to have it too until I pretty much gave up and stopped caring about it…:( UNFORTUNATELY

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    so, how r the A1c’s doing out there? Am I the only terrible one that doesn’t manage to get it lower than 8!! HELP!!

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    Btw the chances are very high of having children with D if both parents have it! If only one parent, it’s like a small(er) (10% approx)chance

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    Amen! 🙂

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    Might b too late but…

    u can e-mail Rabbi Meisels directly at: [email protected]

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    I have donated blood plenty of times! I give through Chai Lifeline, where it goes directly to a frum patient in Memorial Sloan Kettering! They told me in the donor room that it’s not a problem at all, never had an issue with it! Go for it:)

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    Wedding’s are really crazy, I don’t know how much to bolus for the meal ‘cuz there’s no knowing how active I’ll b for the dancing…

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    I still don’t get how u ppl keep away from nosh, cakes and stuff like that. Me ‘n chocolate are just best buds;)

    How’s it possible??? Any tips?

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    Just had the weirdest thing; I test pretty often and this time I wasn’t in the mood of pricking myself again so I just picked a finger and squeezed…hard. and THREE points burst out with blood, pretty cool, no? (If i’d show that to a friend she’d say “ewww”) I used to be so grossed out by seeing blood I think seeing it so often has made it just a normal thing to us;)

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    It really is crazy how shidduchim work with D. Cuz I know plenty of stories…ppl who got married both sides officially ‘perfect’ and in one case he nebach was diagnosed a week after sheva brachos with cancer!! There’s no knowing what Hashem has in store for anyone! But, ppl are afraid to put themselves into such a position where they can easily avoid by saying no right away (without even doing homework about what diabetes really is!)

    I also got these really funny stories…s/o had bought me a coffe and I was asking her if it was sugar free like I asked her. Another girl standing there said so innocently “I guess u’ll find out” !!!! I was like, sure thing, u bet I will find out once my #s go skyrocketing!:)

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    oomis1105: can you please post that recipe? As simple as a chocolate cookie gets I still haven’t found a REALLY good one!


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    thanks allsgr8:)

    I still can’t get over the fact that this whole “D” thing is made into an issue just because of the community we live in! I mean, isn’t it absurd how ppl have to live their lives worrying about other ppl seeing things!

    As much as I know there’s really not much for us to do about the way ppl think, and we’re not going to change that any time soon! I can’t help thinking about living life free of the worrying and just being who I really am in the “D” sense. For example, just pulling out ur meter to test and n/o will blink an eyelid like it’s just a reg thing to do!!!!

    Does anyone get what i’m saying? anyone else feel this way or am I the only dreamy one around here?!?!?!?

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    Hey all you out there! you guys gave me a lot of reading to do;) I’ve posted way back and haven’t been here for a while, just thought I’d check it out and I see I’ve missed out on a lot! It was great reading up and being able to know exactly how ur feeling and all… So here’s my intro: I have type 1 for almost 2 yrs(one thing I’ll tell u-it’s been a LONG two yrs!!!!)I’m also about 20yrs…

    Can’t wait to follow up and stay in touch! I think the best thing for anyone going through this is SUPPORT from others going through the same thing. there’s NOTHING like it!(as most of u prob noticed by now!)

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    It’s very easy to speak but unless ur actually in the situation I don’t think we can even attempt to speak for others…

    I was wondering if a boy/girl decide that they’re not ready to start dating and keep pushing it off is there at all a possibility for a person to miss their bashert? I’ve heard ppl saying that each person is assigned more than one(3?) ‘basherts’ before they’re born! anyone have any insight on this topic?

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    I’m looking for a great milky ceaser dressing if anyone has one that’s REALLY good I’d love the recipe!

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    Chance, how can you send your kids to schools with all the infections going around that they’re not vaccinated for? I bet ur gonna tell me you home school!

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    Chance, Again! What vaccine du claim causes diabetes?????

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    oooohhhhhh! YOYO! This one’s for you! DELICIOUS BLONDIES

    less than 8 eggs…..

    1 C oil

    2 C. sugar

    4 eggs

    1 tab vanilla sugar

    1 tab baking powder

    1 C potato starch

    1 pack ground nuts

    mix all tog. bake at 350 30-45 min

    Hearty Appetite!

    Let me know how you like!

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    Yoyo, this one is NOT for you;)

    Here’s a GREAT MOIST BROWNIE recipe for anyone interested. It was in the Hamodia yrs back and I make dozens of them each Pesach. And they all go in minutes. VERY SIMPLE Def. worth a try!

    4 Eggs

    2 C. Sugar

    10 tsp cocoa

    1 C. oil

    1/4 C. red wine(I don’t use that much,maybe 3/4 of it with 1/4 water)

    3/4 C. potato starch

    2 tsp vanilla sugar

    beat sugar and eggs and add remaining ingred. beat until well mixed. pour into 9×13 pan lined with parchment paper. bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes

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    Chance: what do you say to the many who didn’t get the H1N1 vacc. and are no longer with us?

    Where did you do all your ‘fantastic’ research on the topic?

    And which vaccine du claim causes diabetes?

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    If u buy the brooks bro. shirts in an outlet store, sale time u can get them as little as 20-30$ each!!!! Now how’s that for cheap quality?

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    Think I should have it, but u’ll have to wait till I get around to it!

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    Are we going for seconds yet? I’ll take another one

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    chance: Which vaccine du claim causes diabetes? where is all this nonsense coming from? Is it better for our children to die bec. they’re not being vaccinated whether from the mumps, flu or what next?

    What type of hashkafos are you promoting by saying these diseases are man made!?!?!?!? Your basically saying that we’re in control of what happens to us.with your theory how can u explain the nisyonos hashem gives us are you promoting that we create the nisyonos we’re having by ourself??????????????????

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    yehudaw: From the things I’ve heard the shidduch scenes these days r pretty bad out there, ppl hear the word diabetes and literally go running w/o even knowing the definition of “that “D” word”. That’s not really giving a/o a fair chance but I guess hashem has his plans set for e/o. As Rabbi Meisels repeats all the time from the Novomisker Rebbe, he promised that no shidduch will ever be stopped due to Diabetes. When ppl say no bec. of it that just shows straight out that it’s not the right match

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    Someone in my family actually does have it and that s/o also happens to be ME! I definitely hear what ur saying but I also know that the decision had nothing to do with me the fact that it was kept a secret. My parents were the ones that felt it was better this way. It wasn’t TOP secret, quite a few ppl(including some good friends) who needed to know were told. But generally I can say myself it is VERY hard to deal w/ in itself w/o having to worry about keeping the secret.

    But I don’t agree w/ Mosh3 I DEFINITELY don’t deny it coming from the one above and am not embarrased about it even one bit! Keeping it a secret and acknowledging where hashem comes into the picture is not a contradiction at all

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    rebbitzen: I do NOT agree with you! forget about shidduchim for a minute, keeping it a secret allows girls to feel normal and not the odd one out all through school and beyond.

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    |/ |

    | ()







    ?Secret word: ? ? ? ? ? ?A? ? ?L?A? ? ? ? ?S?



    ?Unused letters: ? ?B?C?D? ?F?G?H?I?J?K? ?M?N?O?P?Q?R? ?T?U?V?W?X?Y?Z?



    ?Used letters: ? ? ? ? ?E? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?S? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


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    Fine, I’ll take 42, but only if u find some meaning in it:)

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    There’s a gr8! Pesach Cookbook out there by Tamar Ansh “Pesach – Anything’s Possible” (Targum Press) There are tons of non-gebroktz pesach cakes that r really delicious!

    But anyway, who’s starting to bake for pesach now?

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    Dr. Ten from Miamonidies is known to be a great! endoc. but it might be an issue for boys bec. of the way she dresses… The best would be to speak to Rabbi Meisels who is an amazing person who does sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much on behalf of the klal he can help u out with info to help you choose the right Dr.

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    This thread is a great chance for me to try n correct a BIG MISCONCEPTION out there:

    ppl with type 1 diabetes can have AS MUCH SUGAR AS THEY WANT just like anyone else, It’s not good for a type 1 to eat too much sugar the same way it’s unhealthy for the rest of us…

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    Yoyo: Here’s a quick and delicious recipe for hamentashen I actually just made them today and e/o polished them off!

    1/2 cup marg.

    1 c sugar

    1 egg

    1/3 c orange juice

    1tsp van. extract

    3c flour

    2tsp baking powder

    1/2tsp salt

    beat marg and sugar and then add e/t else in refridg. at least 15 min(up to 2 days-I usually end up splitting the work into 2 days)

    you can brush them with 1 beaten egg white and sprinkle with cinn.

    Happy Baking!

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