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    Is plastic bole’a? Even so, I see them washing things by hand all the time, a mesuring cup used just for water is bistomah ok…

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    These ‘proffesional refs’ that you are reffering to, are in fact the shtarkest bochurim found in the hallowed Yeshiva University batei midroshim…they spend almost all of their waking hours (when not reffing games) shvitzing over a geshmake sugya in the bais medrash

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    Very well said mw13 (however id like to suggest limiting direct quotes from pesukim being that ik for a fact of individuals who read coffeeroom matzivs in the bathroom…thank you in advance for your cooperation :))

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    Send in to a local yeshiva- natures food disposal

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    Bc its a nice thing to do, so why not?! Are you really so against a man going a little bit out of his way to be nice to a girl who may one day be his wife? If that’s the case I hope you’re a girl bc if not I kinda feel bad for the girls u go out with if that’s your attitude 🙁

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    Uh-oh are you going to suffer from withdrawal? Are you going to get caffeine headaches?? Refuah Shelaima!! :):)

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    Aries: I don’t want to be mekabel, I’m sure I misunderstood. You didn’t, chas v’shalom, have your kids driving in the mountains at such a young age and whilst inexperienced, did you!? Didn’t CHAZA”L assur that??

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    Ah learning how to drive from a woman…ur mistake is now clear so now u can move on and focus on rectifying ur driving problem (no need to pay me I don’t currently have a psychology degree)

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    I’m pretty sure that if he has a non-Jewish partner who gets all the profit from Shabbos, its technically muttar…you should probably consult a Rav before announcing the situation in a public forum, as loshon hara can clearly lose a man his parnassah….hatzlacha rabah

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)