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    “Real” people (to me) are “genuine” in the way they smile, act to you, talk to you… Doesn’t mean they cannot have different “faces” for different situations… but the “realness” is in the not making you feel “patronized” (or flattered etc.).

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    Charliehall: Inasmuch as it wasn’t the main topic for discussion (individuals prime rights to their own choices/as it effect their health was) Just as nonchalantly you waved away the dangers of smoking, which is a MUCH MORE COMMON OCCURENCE than drinking raw milk, PLUS it poses CLEAR danger to others… you called drinking/allowing raw milk as SUICIDAL… claiming weak epidimiological evidence that smoking/second hand smoking causes cancer…

    You DO realize that not all the risks of smoking, or second-hand smoking for that matter – are limited to CANCER? Do you realize that it may cause – according to the CDC – premature DEATH, and DISEASE in children? Birth defects in unborn children?

    Interestingly enough – I did not expect this turn of discussion. I thought you were ALL ACROSS THE BOARD an evidence-based (more like regulatory evidence-based) proponent… and okay with trampling on individual rights within that context. But here you veered off track… which is rather interesting. I am curious to know why. (personal thing here.)

    You should also know, that people that think for themselves, (AND consider all evidence-based studies etc. TOO) use their g-d given common sense too.

    SO, beyond the fact that there IS evidence that raw milk has many more advantageous over pasteurized milk, even if it were’nt so – they SEE the advantagous and are just happy to enjoy them. They also KNOW that infected cows should not be milked, and so they don’t. Unlike the regular milk, which they milk as sick as it may be – and just COOK OFF THE BACTERIA and dangerous pathogens you are so afraid of, rightfully so.

    A person has to consider everything medically advanced/available out there, no question. But, when something else CLEARLY works for them, especially if it carries less risk, less side effects, then it is EASY to choose that, evidence-based or not. It’s called common sense. And don’t leave it by the door when a “professional” or “regulatory agency” says something that does not ring right.

    (to take the importance of common-sense approach further)Case in point: If my doctor repeatedly tells me “there is nothing wrong with your child”, not ONE but 8 doctors, some considered “top manhattan doctors”… and my motherly intuition tells me otherwise… I choose to follow that and research and come to the NINTH doctor with my theory, and he says “oh, lets follow that theory”. And from there and on, all the medical professionals are confidently treating her (based on MY common-sense, intuitive-based, research that led the doctor come to that diagnosis).

    It’s happened to me too many times in my life, and that’s where my distrust comes from… I absolutely consider a doctor’s input, but not exclusively so. I absolutely CONSIDER the FDA’s input, but not exclusively so.

    As everyone should.

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    bombmaniac: you wrote”the FDA is not in the business of promoting small enterprises. they are in the business of keeping consumers safe when it comes to food and drug purchases.”

    So I showed you ONE recent (a few days old!!) mea culpa – that the FDA themselves admit they ARE influenced by money. Maybe not SMALL business – but BIG ones. With BIG pockets and BIG lobbyists.


    That our individual rights – to our physical and bodily health are taken away by an agency that is supposedly there ONLY to protect us – but ARE influenced by outside factors. AND THAT’S why we should NOT give up those individual rights so easily – by believing their intentions as absolutely pure and trustworthy and saying AMEN to everything they propose.

    I’m not blowing things out of proportions – THAT IS THE MAIN ISSUE and I am the one that tried to bring that EXACT issue to the fore with this thread.

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    Helpful – there are many beautiful interpretations. Here’s from Rabbi Ciner:

    Rashi explains that the simple understanding is that Avrohom, of course, was well aware of her beauty and had been for quite a long time. However, now that they were traveling to a place known for its adulterous ways (S’forno) where such beauty was not commonplace, Avrohom now needed to be concerned about that beauty and take steps to avert any harm that her beauty might cause.

    The Gaon of Vilna writes that a very righteous person has what’s called ‘chut shel chessed’ {a ‘thread of charm’} surrounding them. The Talmud [Megillah 13A] teaches that Queen Esther actually had a greenish complexion. She did not have natural beauty, yet her righteousness gave off a beautiful glow.

    The difference between a natural beauty and a ‘chut shel chessed’ can be discerned in a situation where that beauty will cause others to stumble. In such a situation, the natural beauty will remain, posing its dangers, while the ‘chut shel chessed’ will dissipate.

    The Vilna Gaon explains that when Avrohom saw that Sarah’s beauty had remained, even as they were approaching the dangers of Mitzrayim, he now knew that (in addition to the beauty of her righteousness) she had natural beauty and he had better plan to stave off that danger.

    Alternatively, Rashi offers a different explanation. He writes that the normal way of the world is that a person gets harried from the wearying effects of travel (ever try riding a camel for even five minutes?) and looks it. However, when Avrohom saw that Sarah’s beauty was unaffected by the rigors of travel, he now understood just how beautiful she was and he knew that they had to make some preventative plans before they reached Mitzrayim.

    Although there are many different interpretations as to Avrohom’s awareness of Sarah’s natural beauty, his appreciation of Sarah’s innate beauty and qualities resounds throughout the story of their life together and her subsequent death.

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    bombmaniac: Do you really believe that their intentions are pure, their actions untainted?

    How about this: A mea culpa from the FDA just a few days old… that they allowed themselves to be influenced by lobbyists… as via AP.

    (USAToday, Oct. 14) “Almost two years ago, the Food and Drug Administration ignored the advice of its scientists and approved a knee implant after being lobbied by members of Congress. On Thursday, the agency issued an unprecedented “mea culpa,” saying the device should not have been approved.

    THAT’S my beef: that so many of us, in the Jewish community, believe “b’emunah shleimah” that what the regulatory agencies say is true. And just.

    So while they are out there “doing their job”, I ask all of us to use our g-d given sechel and not trust blindly… that everything they do is for our own good. When relevant and important to your individual rights, health etc. – get informed.

    (Same with the CDC, btw.)

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    Not all men mind that very much… (to their credit) although it’s actually sometimes a demotivator for the woman needing to lose weight…

    From one such a wife

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    Suggestions? “Awareness Campaigns”? SURE. No problem. Whether I agree or disagree with the issue.

    But LEGISLATING our eating behavior if it harms no one? No way!

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    Charliehall: It is amazing to me how you wave off smoking (and harm of second-hand smoke) so quickly… as compared to the way you categorically “passel” raw milk as SUICIDAL when, clearly, studies and articles I’ve read shows the complete opposite(regarding smoking/second-hand smoke and now a little more in-depth regarding raw milk).

    Remember – I’m not a raw-milk enthusiast AT ALL. I simply am SCARED how the govt/FDA keeps on creeping more and more into our lives – in places it should have NO business being. Under the pretense that they are absolutely 100% doing this “for our own good”. Thank you anyways – I will figure out what’s good for me.

    That, and the ignorance of so many in the Jewish community regarding that fact. Saying “Amen” to whatever they serve up.

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    (don’t mean to hijack the thread but, SRpshyc: It’s funny that you say that… that’s exactly what happens to me too. As soon as I lose a little weight, feel and look a little better… I lose motivation… hmmm… gotta find me a way out of that one.)

    in reply to: An important lesson from last weeks parsha for married people #702556


    Mosherose is obviously just trying to stir the pot… I cannot believe how many people took the time to answer him in such detail.

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    FrummyMcFrum: ARE you aware that it IS legal in many states, for example California…?

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    Hmmm… most responses have veered off in a different direction than the question intended – So I will join (can’t fight ’em), and add this (quoting from Time Magazine article I read:)

    Seems like the raw milk enthusiasts agree that typical dairy farms are not the place to get raw milk from (as they contain harmful pathogens…)

    And for the record, I completely agree about if you’re going to do something risky – then you’ll have to pay for the end consequences (if there are any) – and that govt should not have to sponsor bad habits/vices etc.

    BUT, having said that, government should have NO RIGHT to tell me what to eat, how to eat it etc. (Which is what the original thread is about.)

    So I am overweight. Maybe the govt should have the right to ban me from buying any desserts?

    in reply to: i need motivation to lose weight #702165

    If you admit that you have a problem – I think you are halfway there. I second the situation to do it with a partner (someone sympathetic to your situation and also wants to lose weight, husband or friend).

    I recently read the book “The Life-Transforming Diet” (Rambam’s take on health and pyscological principles, with sources) of which, the biggest takeaway – at least for me – is, to give yourself enough time to “change your habits”. Sheer willpower will never be enough to combat desire. So little by little, you change your habits… (it does give specifics, and it seems very doable… though kind of complicated at this point for me.)

    Right now, I combine that with the principles of the “full plate diet” – simple: eat fiber foods before others (always eat fiber foods! working up to a total of 40gms a day), stop when you’re feeling full, and drink 6-8 cups of water…

    I also started a private blog on posterous (easy!), a diary of sorts, which is a great motivator!

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    Charliehall: What do you think of the “real question” here: (Not going into the debate of raw milk.) namely, what about “giving up your fundamental right to make decisions as what to choose to eat, and making decisions regarding your bodily and physical health” etc.

    Chesedname: This is by far not a comparison – because “taxing” a food, is not the same as “you cannot HAVE that food”…

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    FrummyMcFrum – remember, it’s not the “old debate” in question, it’s a new development… whereas the FDA states (in court, and is trying to establish it as law), that “you don’t have the fundamental right to make decisions as relates to your bodily and physical health”… (etc.)

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    Beautiful thread…

    I say, when you focus on that, you see it “all the time”.

    And yes, sometimes the answer is “no, shefele”.

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    I am new in this city.

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