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    I have so little time as of late

    to post, comment or debate

    Though the CR at YWN

    Is great for rebootin’

    I guess it will just have to wait

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221316

    like coming back from the dead

    this fun limerick thread

    What a pleasant surprise

    met my inquisitive eyes

    I couldn’t believe what I read

    in reply to: AMI magazine Woes #722282

    While I wasn’t swept off my feet with the first issue, they definitely intrigued me enough to buy the second. And, having read it cover to cover… my opinion is that they are doing a FINE job. Perfect? No. But no publication is… especially not right away.

    I will be”h continue reading, buying and encouraging others to…

    Kudos to AMI and my best wishes to them!

    in reply to: Shaitle Fraud Chillul Hashem Video: Sha'ar haTumah haChamishim #718089

    What many here fail to realize is that there are many facts that we don’t have…

    For example – do you know there are TWO Georgies… (couple, divorced, divided the business, one partner – the WOMAN, in fact, her name in real-life IS Georgi.. am assuming that’s what they meant about Georgi ‘being in france”… so with just these facts alone it is easy to see there’s enough room for mixups and errors and confusions… to give them the benefit of the doubt…

    in reply to: Closet Cooks, Men In The Kitchen #826916

    Well, my hubs aint in the CR so I’ll have to speak for him… he cooks all the time, and he cooks REALLLL GOOOOD!! It’s a blessing, I tell ya… (I should add that to the list of requirements for future sons-in-law… 😉

    in reply to: Dealing with difficult or annoying people: My theory #713736

    Reading this thread helped me think differently about my son’s annoying behavior today (and often)… to – maybe he’s just needing extra attention…

    So thanks WIY, while I go explore that possibility and what I can do about it…

    in reply to: Kids or teens who leave the Shabbos table to go read… #709401

    Oh, this is something I struggle with… The rule at our home is “no reading by the table”… but sometimes it backfires… like for example, when the kids “go to the bathroom” for way too long… and then I think maybe we should just be more “chilled” about it (as WIY puts it…)

    in reply to: Autism #710955

    My post didn’t go through, and can understand why as I overtly mentioned another site. But I did want to chime in and say that the “out of Sync Child” helped us tremendously years ago with one of my children… and from there we’ve been as GF/CF free as is possible… more the CF…

    It’s great to be able to get the support from each other – whether it be borderline autistic spectrum disorders… or alternative approaches – rather, PROACTIVE approaches to health: mental, phsyical, emotional and spiritual health – here in the coffee room, or elsewhere…

    And SEAN – you INSPIRE me so…!

    in reply to: How Many Screen Names? #708177

    “Today, we are all MosheRose”… NOT!

    in reply to: Suggestions to Improve YWN #1225382

    Instructions for… or capability of, changing your password… right now it is an absolute hassle to go looking for my password in old mail 🙁

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    Limerick friends are fun indeed

    We’re there for each other in time of need

    Meeting in this room again and again

    A virtual reality it’s better then

    To continue planting the friendship seed

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221241

    Well, if leniency we get

    I’ll chime in yet

    Not worrying about rhythm or rhyme

    Just getting it out in time

    This limerick is the quickest I’ve ever done 🙂

    in reply to: Teenagers Hanging Around With A Bad Crowd #708089

    Getting him interested in a particular subject/hobby etc that can take his time (and perhaps now hang out with a better crowd) without telling him to stop seeing the other boys… just letting it naturally happen…

    in reply to: What Makes You Happy? #1096642

    When my husband is happy.

    AND my kids are happy.

    Everyone in good health.


    Learning something “good”.

    Creating a viable new concept/idea.




    Seeing “hashgacha pratis” day to day/feeling-seeing Hashem is listening to my spur of the moment prayers…

    Good friends.

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711848

    My post was regarding “children, children”. I think a Bar Mitzvah boy that parents are already able to have “a talk” with and are constantly tuning in to them, are not as vulnerable as younger children…

    In any case, I think tznius-wise the mikva system (from what I know of it) can use a complete overhaul… as previously mentioned in the comments. It would probably eliminate 99% of lurking pedophiles from the mikvah premises…

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221236

    Was it time for you to go?

    My fingers and keyboard say no

    I quickly searched around

    And under entertainment found

    My dear limerick, lonely so

    in reply to: CHINUCH: A must read! #707742

    I am at a loss how some can equate following the Torah and having a deep connection to Hashem with “following the Rabbonim”.

    It’s not even like there is a consensus among the Rabbonim nowadays anyway… so if you were following one, you are surely NOT following another.

    I am not mocking respect and following a personal RAV, just this whole “the Rabbonim” thing… (excluding a select few, it’s more like “The Gabbai’s Rabbi” thing…)

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711844

    Helpful: Are you so sure? Perhaps for some “Pikuach Nefesh” comes first?

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711843

    How about one in one out? Separate/privacy in the showers? Minhag or not, before Bar Mitzvah not one child should be going unsupervised.

    in reply to: 20 yr old boy vs 23 what's the difference? #712828

    I want to chime in and add that there is a huge advantage to marrying young enough – while not “completely mature”… growing a bit together can do wonders for a couple to feel really connected and “part of a whole”.

    While I am not going to claim that most chassidish marriages are perfect, I’ve seen enough to realize that NOT yet being too “set in one’s ways” is an enormous advantage to a marriage.

    That being said, there has to be some level of maturity. Which CANNOT be measured in numbers/age. Some are mature enough by 17 – and some are not even at age 30.

    Same for boys and girls. (Although as a general rule of thumb, yes, girls mature quicker than boys…)

    One more thing: I agree with the commenter above who said its the MIDDOS that count for marriage readiness, and although being more mature means probably having worked on one’s middos longer… it doesn’t HAVE to be. If they both FEEL they are ready to take on the responsibility of marriage and have good middos, I would stake a bet that such a marriage will succeed, even if they are considered young and a tad immature.

    in reply to: Haverim Col Yisrael #707673

    Do you want to talk about alternative spelling options for hebrew words… maybe? (Or is this a mind-reading thread 🙂

    in reply to: Most embarrasing moment outside #1041944

    BPT – This is probably one of the most common mishaps… although it did happen to me a few years ago… I remember my husband ROFL more than it being “embarrasing”… (He was watching it happen!)

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221231

    I love the quiet of the night

    Everything seems so right

    I can get work done

    With no interruption

    And through the day sleep tight

    in reply to: Should There Be An Indication For Gender Under Peoples Names? #711973

    Actually – my point was just that. While I think private emails or chats are a big no-no (not everyone does!), but a public room like this, that has a positive an neutral tone to it, I think is just fine. Wouldn’t like it any other way 🙂

    in reply to: Most embarrasing moment outside #1041935

    er, BPTotty… I was the woman who gingerly opened the car door, slid into the seat, and looked up only to realize the wrong man was in the driver’s seat… meanwhile my husband was watching just a couple of cars behind – and laughing his head off…

    in reply to: say amen #707124

    I remember asking just this question from some menfolk on Yom Tov… a lively discussion ensued… and if I am not mistaken it was brought up in some sefer… (I may sound like a total am haaretz here, please forgive me) about in the bais hamikdash (or was it just a huge shul?) where it was so huge, that the people didn’t really HEAR the bracho, but a flag was raised so that they can answer at the appropriate time… Hey, maybe someone can fill in the missing pieces here…

    In any case, with the answer being no… I still feel uncomfortable NOT to say AMEN…

    in reply to: Over-Educated Girls #712922

    I don’t think there is a PROBLEM there. YOU may look at it as if there is… but the OVEREDUCATED GIRL is excercising her g-d given right to choose to pursue a higher education… and doesn’t think she has a problem at all.

    Now, if this thread would’ve been started by that OVEREDUCATED WOMAN herself, we’d have a whole different discussion going on here. (Like, why are men so intimidated by my education and law degree, that I cannot find a date?)

    in reply to: Should There Be An Indication For Gender Under Peoples Names? #711965

    While in general I strongly believe that hilchos yichud should apply to online as well…

    But in the case of CR – if there is NO indication who’s what, and the conversation stays pareve enough, I prefer it that way.

    I think in the past couple of weeks I have been active here it has been working quite well, nobody stepping over the line… (probably having a moderator “in the face” helps that way too…)

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711833

    Ben Torah: Can you elaborate what “precautions” you propose to take?

    in reply to: The Word Chain Game – Nov 4th Game #1109140

    balance beam

    in reply to: say amen #707117

    I always have that question… especially when watching family videos/simchas… I was told no, but it feels so wrong… so like Mod-80 one question remains: Is one ALLOWED to say Amen?

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711814

    Moq, actually the original question was not on silence, but on COVERING UP. Meaning, in cases where it is already a known… why do some PROTECT the molester. Why don’t they have, at least, the same rachmanus feelings for the victim and his family?

    But your overview and points are good… if it’s something that can be implemented is the million dollar question.

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    Food, not wine, is my weak spot

    Has me tied in a knot

    I want good health

    But then in stealth

    I eat the extras in the pot

    in reply to: How To Talk To Children About Personal Safety #705998


    in reply to: The Word Chain Game #706770


    in reply to: Are You An Emotional Eater? #706348

    Love food. Sadly, food doesn’t love me back…

    in reply to: Anxiety Ridden #706057

    Whatever you do, “also” consider nutritional/health issues as a cause or contributing factor. Do research (for example, the feingold diet – eliminating possible food triggers.) As well as making sure you’re getting adequate nutrients/vitamins. I know many people who’ve been helped by it, or similar approaches.

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711809

    Syag, thank you for sharing here. Hopefully it’ll educate those that find it hard to relate to the “real life” details of these terrible atrocities happening right in our own backyard.

    Ben Torah, and Helpful and other “gemara kups” out there… what say you now? (And this is one of the tamer stories out there, making it no less horrific…)

    Moq, you have some great ideas (I don’t know why I thought you were on “the other side” of this until now… so glad I was wrong…)

    Moq – I haven’t laughed so hard FOR A LONG TIME!!! Tears streaming down my face… loud laughing, to myself… my baby here thinks I’m nuts… Thank you, it felt goooooood… therapeutic, in fact.

    I’m sorry I’m totally not responding to this important threat… but that was SOMETHING ELSE!!

    in reply to: Places to go for shabbos #706473

    wisewoman… there’s a website just for you! An active one, too!

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711772

    Ben Torah

    How can you consider “firing someone from his position” makes him a rodef no more.. and the problem “taken care of”? That is ignorance at its finest.

    Don’t you realize that molesters don’t stop there? They are permanently branded a RODEF. It’s the nature of a molester – every professional in the field will say the same thing. They’ll find another school, city, state or COUNTRY to run to and ch”v do damage there. ARE YOU AWARE that this is what ACTUALLY did happen in so many “real life” cases in the past few years? How many little boys and girls were killed, yes KILLED… their eyes and neshama just snuffed out of its light… by such monsters? I DON’T CARE to know where they are coming from… what may have contributed to them becoming a monster… they can be a monster in a room by themselves, bang their head in the wall all day… do whatever you want TO YOURSELF.

    Don’t. Touch. A. Precious. Child. Ever.

    The ONLY – possible – solution would be a 24hr security detail making sure he doesn’t harm another person again. THEN perhaps it would be okay that he avoids jail. Maybe.

    And WellInformed put it very well: Those in our Jewish community (in the CR and offline), who are supposed to be rachmanim bnei rachmanim, that can so vehemently protect a molester, while not caring enough to even “play the devil’s advocate” by considering it from the child-victims perspective… probably are not parents yet

    in reply to: The Word Chain Game #706754

    racketeering mafia

    in reply to: Anxiety Ridden #706033

    Bach flower remedies are harmless and some swear by it.

    Sometimes missing nutrients can exaggerate/induce anxiety.

    EFA (essential fatty acids), Calcium/Magnesium and B-Complex supplements can help.

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711750

    Popa – how revolting.

    I don’t care how “understanding” or not you and everyone is of a molester either because he was molested, or his wife is not available to him, or his yetzer hora is too strong WHATEVER… as long as the child is protected, whichever way, shape or form – with ZERO harrassment to the victim or his family – then go right ahead… do it your way.

    Would you UNDERSTAND someone that STABBED you an inch of your life? (But he did grow up in terrible circumstances, no parents, drug use around him, gangs…)

    As Elliot Pasik informs us above: Fact is, most CHILDREN (and this discussion IS about children) do NOT lie about this. When there is a situation where someone is suspected to have an axe to grind… and may have coached his child/ren to lie, I agree his rishus is right up there with a molester himself… it IS a form of abuse… SO let’s put that in a different category than our discussion here… totally different circumstances.

    in reply to: Carlos & Gabby's Restaurant #705633

    Yum. Yum. Yum. Did I tell you it’s YUM yet? EVERYTHING on the menu that I have had the pleasure to taste, so far 🙂

    in reply to: Let's Dicsuss Scotch #705234

    frumladygit – like “duct tape” huh?

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711704

    Helpful… we are not talking about VENGEANCE here. We’re talking about PROTECTING children FROM a MOLESTER. And the Torah, is clearly on the side of a child in the case of molestation.

    in reply to: Depressing Conversation With 7th Grade BY Girl #736899

    apushata: It depends on how you raise ’em… and more importantly, who their friends are.

    As well… how much free time does a BY girl REALLY have? Not much. And they do need their downtime, no question about that. When the weather is not appropriate for outside fun stuff… one of the reasons why we encourage a love for reading. Board games. Even computer games… (carefully selected is better than a film.)

    Are you saying that the ONLY form of entertainment available are films? Give ME a break.

    in reply to: Girls out of school in Monsey #708701

    Maybe privately hire some of the teachers that lost their job too… and do a “round-robin” between all their houses, until a long-term solution is found?

    in reply to: The Word Chain Game #706730

    up the creek

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