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    one thing is enpugh for me. Just remember that the palestinians are cannibals.

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    Shoe store assistant, you are correct, see the gemro near the begining of the third perek of moi’ed koton. I have yet to meet someone who actually does it. As they say, after you.

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    I wonder how many of you people have been here, because moost men here wear the same shoes on Shabbos.

    By the way, Moishe S, ask your mother if you can do some small jobs, etc… and maybe buy your own shoes.

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    Since everyone is so interested;

    The camp was having some sort of game/race, where hte children had to take off one shoe, and hop on the other foot, and when the counsellor blew a whistle, either put on both shoes, or put on one and take off the other. my son put on both shoes, when really he was supposed to switch. my son he says he misunderstood, but i don’t blame the counsellor for not beleiving him, but although the punishment fits the crime i don’t think it was fair, especially that they made join in all the other games abnd races.

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    you guys are good

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    i know of a choshuve yid’ a cousin of my father, who sits with his wife side by side at the top

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    what about a man going outside in say a robe and crocs? i know that Rav Wosner says ladies shouldn’t. does that aspect of Tzniyus apply to men also

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    I WAS in the Golders green section of London recently for a shabbos and i am sure that i saw in one of the minhagim books there that boys until eleven years old should wear shoes with buckles, and from eleven slip on shoes, with a designer name, lechatchila tommy hilfiger.

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    i wouldn’t read so much into it. it’s simply the moissad’s only way to survive. I heard once that when they were busy with the Va’ad hatzala during WWII, someone suggested to R’ Aron Kotler that he meet a mafia head, and R’ aron said that he would bow down to the pope if it would one Jewish life.

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    dear mussar zogger,

    you can rest assured that i spoke to the camp, but it bothered me enough that I had to write about it here too. BTW it might help that someone else doesn’t do the same thing.

    Anyway i’d love to see your reaction if someone did something that cruel to your kids.

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    Hi. would anyone be interested in a daf hayomi shi’ur here in Yerusholayim for ladies? just instead of two halachois at the end, they should share two recipes!

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    fully agree with “the little i know.”

    by the way hundreds of gedoilim were makpid on every rambam; and they still treated their wives really well.

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    hi! it’s me again. someone told me that their sons spend all morning looking for their shoes, and one day her husband made them all go to school in socks. i still think that it is REALLY disgusting.

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