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    “Ahsei Licha Rav” – he may not appeal to everyone but he is certainly a source of support to many in the community and for that alone he has my respect.

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    Turkey and stuffing latkes and carrot kugel and potato poppers and mashed potatoes and gravy on Friday night! Pumpkin-chocolate bread and sufganiyot for dessert – the best of both worlds

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    of course you should eat things that contain flours and sugars. diets are not about cutting out whole food groups – it’s about MODERATION. there are many wonderful frum female and male nutritionists out there – they can help you with diet plans, with shabbos and yom tov meal plans, they may even work out a way to make latkes okay!

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    fruits and veggies, all the way

    I’m jealous, Azoi.Is. I’m jealous of the free time and lack of worries in your life. Me, I don’t have time, energy, or willingness to notice the sartorial choices of 50 year old women, let alone start a thread in the YWN CR about them.

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    Just smile and say thank you. It’s supposed to be Ish L’Reieihu -appreciate the gesture of friendship and say thanks. You don’t want to eat it, don’t – but don’t offend the giver.

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    i fasted. i find it to be a great way of incorporating some spirituality into my day-to-day life.

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    Chachma B’Goyim Ta’amin: 361.9237001 cubic centrimeters of wood per day

    No links.

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    Is it fitting for this to even be a topic of conversation?

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    I took accutane as a kid. My dermatologist DID NOT push it on me. I used it as a last resort, after years of using OTC and prescription-only (i.e. Retin-A) medications. My dermatologist sat me and my mom down and went through ALL of the known side effects and complications. I had to do regular blood tests, and refills were only given once the required blood work was completed and results received. The pills, when I took them, were in blister packs, and to pop out the pill you couldn’t miss the picture of the pregnant lady with a big X over the stomach – signifying that a pregnant woman SHOULD NOT take the medication. I took this medication years ago, before the internet was as widely used as it is now. Nowadays, there is no excuse for an uneducated consumer. I am sure that the dermatologists continue to warn about the side effects of the medication, but patients CAN check for themselves – either on the internet (chas v’chalilah, I know) or (and here’s a novel idea) by reading the PACKAGING that comes with the medication.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)