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    Could there be anything more non judicial than a partisan hack, Patrick Leahy, who had already decided publicly that he would vote for impeachment before the trial, being appointed “judge” for that trial?
    THAT is not justice!

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    What’s wrong with a person who will do anything for power? (Her relationship with the mayor).
    What’s wrong with a woman who laughed about putting people in jail for smoking marijuana and laughing about her own marijuana use?
    What’s wrong with the person who has the most leftist-communist voting record of all 100 senators?
    What’s wrong with a woman who campaigned on stopping fracking which, by itself, helped to put the USA in a position that it was energy independent for the first time in 75 years! (hint: much lower gas prices and perhaps more importantly, the saudis don’t have a strangle hold on the US economy. If you lived through the US long lines for gas after the Yom Kippur War, you might recall what that means!)
    And much more….
    you expect stable leadership from someone who openly joked (when an interviewer asked her how she could have said something in a debate), “It was a debate! It was a debate!” Meaning “I just said what I had to in order to win!”
    She has no morals. She will say or do anything to get power. And therefore, you cannot trust what she says at all! Such a person should get the lower to decide every policy? (“Not enough liberals on the court.” Let’s do packing. “Not enough blacks on the court”? Keep packing!

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    And Dr. Simone Gold and the black doctor from west Africa who has a clinic in Texas from the “white Coat Summit” who by July had cured 250+ people from all over Texas who came to her clinic. And by the way, my brother in Monsey was very ill, got it and healed from Dr Zelenko protocol. And my son just told me of a frum pharmacist who let out the word that anyone who has symptoms should come to him to get the protocol fir free (probably because he cannot show it) and he saved 3 of my family members.
    Dr Zelenko and a professor were just interviewed on Arutz Sheva (Oct 12) and the interview is a bombshell. Money and politics are killing people!

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    Doing my best:
    Life in New York’s police force.
    1. Identify and Apprehend dangerous thug.
    2. “Fully” arrest.
    3. Transport to jail.
    4. Serve supper.
    5. Release without bail.
    It’s just so rewarding to be a cop!


    To those who wish to see the truth, not lies spawned by AP or other liberal media outlets, please see Dr. Zalenko’s videos or his 2 minute interview from Will Witt (PragerU) Re using hydroxychloroquine for over 699 patients early (not after hospitalization, when it is generally too late) …
    Or Dr Yvette Lozano of Texas, who has also used hydroxychloroquine and also had a 100% success rate.
    FDA threatening lawsuits and NY and Texas and others, limiting a doctor’s ability to give those two scrips, in one way or the other, is criminal and unheard of. All to “prove” that Trump is inefficient and ineffective. Here in Maryland, a wife of a former employee who now works for a hospital, met me at a grocery store at checkout. I asked how everyone was and she whispered to me that she and her husband both got it and they took hydroxychloroquine and got better, Baruch HaShem! (He was a step away from the hospital.)
    Why did she whisper?


    “If Reb Chaim lived in your community, would you feel it was OK for you younger healthier person to go to shul or the Beis Medrash while Reb Chaim is in quarentine?”
    I am in that position myself.
    If they open up my shul, because I’m on dialysis I probably won’t be able to go.
    I don’t even understand your point? Do you really think that Reb Chaim would be jealous of your ability to go to shul to the point of wanting you to be mevatel tefillah btzibbur Krias haTorah, etc. for 85% or more of the oilam so that he would not feel bad?
    Each person needs to do what he must and if the Halacha/doctors would indicate that 10-15% of the tzibbur don’t go to shul for now, then they should bl”n follow that. Why would that 10-15% be so selfish to close down the shul for 85-90% to not make them feel bad?
    I really don’t get that….


    Please calm down.
    Conversation is about thinking first what someone said and then responding.
    Screaming (CAPS and !!!!) is inappropriate.
    Go say tehillim.
    I will say one kapital for you now.



    Thank you, cent-cent!
    Excellent explanation of a difficult concept.


    Health “The rest of your Rant doesn’t apply to me.”
    I’m shocked at your insensitive comment.
    “No hospitals I know.”
    What do you know? This is clearly reported that hospitals are closing in rural areas and even in metropolitan areas, specialists are losing their parnassah because they are not allowed to schedule “elective” surgery.
    Oh! But, of course, my “elective” surgery for a kidney transplant doesn’t concern you, because it’s part of my “Rant.”


    Cuomo said himself that 66 percent of the people who died were in lockdown.
    How is that to be explained?
    As for all of our friends etc who passed away during Pesach, ask the governor why he forbade hydroxychloroquine to be administered IMMEDIATELY as Dr. Zelenko, the MD of Monroe insisted, (699 patients as of a month ago and NOT ONE admission) and only did permit it when someone was in the hospital.
    My brother was very sick and couldn’t get the med. I begged him to find a way (I’m 200 miles away). Finally, his wife drove to NJ and picked up a prescription of hydroxychloroquine and zinc (and maybe zpac) and after a tense week, he was much better, BH.


    Dear Health,
    We value life.
    How easy you throw that into the conversation. Are you teaching us something we didn’t know? Perhaps. I will dan lchaf zchus. How about people who die at home with heart attacks because they have been frightened by the non stop media attacks? Do we value their lives? How about the liver and kidney transplants that are not being done? At the beginning of the lockdown, a liver transplant patient was told by doctors that he had one month to live. He was not allowed to have this “elective” surgery. Does his life matter? I cannot get a kidney transplant, despite having been offered kidneys by 8-9 people. Elective surgery! But at least for now I can have dialysis.
    We were told we must lockdown because 2.2 million people may die! Today the news is that Dr. Birx said she can’t trust the CDC numbers at all. up to 25% of the deaths may not be from the virus!
    The most important thing to remember, as akuoerman alluded to, every flu season is ignored. If you look at the way that Gov Cuomo dealt with this emergency, he insisted for five weeks(!) until this week that recovering patients MUST BE taken by nursing homes. At least 4000 people died. He has murder on his hands. And he did not allow Hydro clot hydroxychlorid 4000 people died. He has murder on his hands. And he did not allow Hydroxychloroquine To be administered to people before they came to the hospital. I lost a friend who was 54 years old. He wasn’t allowed to have the medicine until we came to the hospital. The three weeks he was sick but he couldn’t go to the hospital for the add a fever! Three weeks after Purim he finally got the fever. He died on the way to the hospital! Why? Because Donald Trump said try it it can’t hurt. Especially after the revelation on the weekend it is so obvious that the media hates our president and will destroy the economy rather than Allow him to be reelected.


    with all due respect, are you a doctor?
    Read carefully what the doctor said. Restarting the economy WILL help millions!
    The amount of people who have been laid off is going to (Chas v’shalom) cause huge social unrest and many suicides and domestic violence. Already last week we know that someone in Machaneh Yehuda commuted Suicide when he was not allowed to open his store.
    Let young people restart their lives!

    in reply to: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men…” #1343190

    There are two basic issues here:
    (1) a huge amount of Muslims were allowed into continental Europe. According to reports, 75% were young males.
    (2) Islam looks at a non Islamic woman as “permissible.” V’dai la’maivin. This is based on the original “perfect” man, Mohammed, who took advantage of 9 year old old Aisha, a Jewish girl whose father, etc. was beheaded.
    As I’ve said before, even if an earlier generation will become part of the dominant culture, a later generation may become “super religious.”
    In Jusaism, a ba’al Teshuva may become super-religious by following Moshe Rabbeinu’s Derech and sitting and learning all day. He may not have parnassah and may need to collect Tzedakah.
    A born again Xtian may follow J’s Derech and turn the other cheek. He may end up in the hospital!
    A jihadi who becomes super religious may follow Mohammed’s example and become a terrorist and ravage and savage any non-islamic person, etc.

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    I heard that Rav Chaim volozhin (who passed away in 1821) said that America will be “the last station” for the yidden before Mashiach. This was when the Jewish population in the new world was tiny. Only 60 years after his petira did the major influx of mostly Polish-Russian Yidden start. (2,000,000 came in the next 30-35 years, to escape the terrible decrees of the Tzar (there was no Poland at the time. . Unfortunately many went to communist/socialist ideas (I think from aa misconstrued thoughts about ideal personal Chessed as opposed to government as well as from desperation after years of tzarist decrees) which caused a backlash and caused the immigration quotas which closed the doors to “Russians” [code for Jews] in the 20s. As well as the total callous regard of FDR for the Jews of Europe and the “Red Alert” of Joe McCarthy in 1952. These things are remembered and promoted by neonazis, especially since many clearly left wing Jewish groups promote rampant immigration. Etc, etc.

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