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    the more and more i read 72’s posts, the more i think hes a girl. or woman. or lady. whatever.

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    random question: anyone have any *** DELETED*** it is precisely because of what you just tried to post that 99% of you posts have not been approved and if you continue, the posts that did get through will be deleted. YW Moderator-72

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    yossi z. – u skipped a grade?? lucky you. or maybe not.

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    My grandmother s/t drinks choclote liquor from starbucks, we once got her half drunk and she started talking about the first time she visited her was realy funny, but a/o from my family could figure out who i am and i wouldn’t want that! then i couldn’t say “nice” things about my brother.

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    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    But mods are better than the former two!


    (or at least tell me where they’re going and if you got them)

    look at the comment for the previous post on the thread. it applies to you too

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    tnx for posting that. something must have been wrong yesterday.

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    where are all my posts going? i don’t even know why i’m bothering, cuz this post probably wont go through either.

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    Oh, yes, thank you for reminding me to say thank you to Mepal, Kapusta.

    Thank you Mepal!

    (Just tell me when,and I’ll (or I shall cuz will doesn’t make much sense there)(is it gramatically correct to have a perenticies within a perenticies?) stop with the perfect grammar and spelling. Just admit first that it is not worth it to start with me. Unless you’re one of those old fashioned people who LIKE perfect grammar ecetra. 🙂

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    since i cant start my own topic, i’m gonna start a sub topic in a topic. Mods: you cant delete it cuz this is the random thread!

    JEWISH BOOKS STINK!! they’re always so FAKE! the parents never fight, neither do the kids. the teenagers always help out and the babys never wake up in middle of the night. No one ever uses ‘language’ as in good-bad language like stupid and crazy and idiot. The parents always have money spilling out of their pockets, the families are always super yeshivish. Sometimes the beginings are always realy good and then the ends sizzle out and are really bad, like the writer just ran out of patience, which s/he most probably did. And then, our teachers, parents wondor why we have to read non jewish books. I think the answers obvious.

    *these points do not involve the Binah or Mishpacha, cuz they always have normal real life stuff.

    *i think i may be one of the best spellers on the cr…when i’m not in a lazy mood

    *that was for you mepal

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    ur probably right but if i pass all my finals even with a 65 and 1/2 i still deserve my stupid piece of paper.


    leaving school building to dance in rain and sing who let the jews out!

    screaming at teacher (that felt sooooo good.)

    trying to fall asleep on floor (until i realized how DIRTY it was which took all of 2 seconds)

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    Does ANYONE know why they give out diplomas after graduation and not BY graduation?? it just ruins all the excitment. and yes i’m graduating this year. party tonight sunday night in this thread!!

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    Dear Mepal,

    I do not have a phone and I don’t text. I just find it much easier to write “Anyone” etcetra in short than type the entire word out. Because, like the rest of my generation, I am somewhat lazy. For the future I will try to use proper grammar and spelling when specifically adressing you.



    Whew, good thing I know how to type.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

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    whats a staph? sorry for the stupidness of the young.

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    does a/o know why every time i try to start a new topic and click send post, i’m told, ‘sorry this topic has been closed’? I tried s/t w/Jewish novels (and how they stink), s/t i learnt in Chumash, titled ‘scary ??’ and now i tried getting help w/Yiddios klallios and it didn’t go through! Mods?? is there s/t wrong w/ my system or yours? or are these topics tabboo which i don’t believe can be right…answer anyone?

Viewing 14 posts - 51 through 64 (of 64 total)