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    also, i think instead of our teachers telling us, go to a shuir, read books on tznius, go to special tznius workshops, they should actually bring in speakers on tznius, make tznius workshops, and assign tznius books to read. cuz most teenage girls will not just get up and go hear a shuir cuz their teacher said. unfortunatly, many of us only will read a frum book on tznius if we must for our mark.

    thats the blunt truth.

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    hey mods, thnx for the sub title! not exactly what i was looking for, but it livens things up!! and seriously, i was thinking the same thing the other day.

    now what wud be rlly funny is if you just randomely made up that subtitle off the top of your head and i was thinking the same thing…..

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    wolf-huh?? can you explain that more clearly please? i’m talking about micorsoft word actually, which i know how to get around pretty well but you just really lost me there. thanks.

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    hey mods, can you play with the subtitle under my name too?? :):)

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    oooh, i’m so curious hereorthere…your good at being suspenful…

    and whats an actuary?

    i wanna be a nurse/doctor!!

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    kay,last line of post 2 came out way to sweet…but i think you get the gist of it so…oy, i better watch my spelling now that i screamed so loud… 🙂

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    kay, sorry mods. just went to double check the rules cuz i had a feeling what i did was kinda against the rules, so here goes, i’ll write it over:

    please peerim, learn how to spell. no offense, but your spelling is embarrassing and disgraceful. and good job not going online

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    how is that the main point of the contest?? do the ppl in charge tell you to do that? i did vote, but yes, i had a sorta -“maybe this isn’t so right feeling” ‘specially after reading popa bar’s post but then i read chesed’s post and i was like, well then, it’s all good, and now i read 2qwerty’s and i’m feeling, hey maybe he’s right.

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    just an assumption

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    I VOTED!! and what place is it up to??

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    so…there ipad was taken away. serves them right.

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    okay, first of of all peerim, PLEASE, cant you just spell ‘the’ and ‘that’ correctly??? not teh and taht??? and has ur ipad been taken away? cuz u guys havent posted for a while. or did u all just turn over a fresh leaf?

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    i had a best friend in 5th grade who was bluemic, i was so scared to say anything, only cuz i was afraid it wud be a ‘breach’ on our loyalty.

    i think B”H in 8th grade her mom found out and she got help. i switched school in 6th and lost track.

    don’t get me wrong, i never forgot about it, i always wanted to write letters to her mother, or tell the nurse in camp but i never got the guts to do it.

    that was the biggest mistake, looking back, that i ever made.

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    can someone please give me the number for these res-hab places? it sounds like something i would really be interested in doing. but would they accept a fifteen-sixteen year old girl??? Thank you so so much!!!!!!

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    whats minimum weight…though im sure i’m good. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    not everyone gets in to youth CORE. my brother and i both applied last year, and only he got in…

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    once again….lack of structure=ywn.

    i actually do have a bio test to study for…………………………….oy vey. gotta go.

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    i never understood why someone wouldn’t donate blood. i thought it doesnt hurt…now reading these storis, i understand a little more…but i’m still gonna give Bli neder when i turn sixteen!!!!!

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    volvie-im talking about daycamps in the city

    popa bar..-i think you’re wrong. i personally, can’t stand working, but i do it, and try as hard as i can to make the kids think i’m obs with every one of them. but there are some girls i know who LOVE their kids, and thats why they work. why should they get paid so little???and if these day camps are hiring such young, unexperienced girs (wich id like to argue-many of us are oldest or middle in family with two or three younger sibs. plus, many of us have worked already. i’ve been working 3 years. plus that, i babysit all the time. so tell me, am i really so unexperianced? its not like i’m in charge of chinuch. im just changing diapers and washing noses.)in the first place, why would you trust a child you love so much with a little pisher? the whole thing doesn’t make sense.

    i still plan on vollounteering for bikur cholim/hospital and babysitting for side $$$. that way i can rule my own day and im not working 8 hours a day with a bunch of kids.

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    does it say anything that im sitting at home studying for chumash test while my family whent out?? and still tons to do on isru chag i cant do now cuz my father doesnt let??? for bio

    2.redo math test homework

    4.hagada report-btw, i need 2 really powerful vorts that tie into hakaras hatov or avodas hashem from seder night

    5.more that i cant remember, but its all stored on my trust blackberry

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    i’m going to eat some sauteed vegetables.

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    1 macaroon is 14 grams of fat and 126 calories from fat.


    in reply to: Lots of Spare Time #682511

    if i didn’t have spare time i wouldnt be on the web.

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    yup. try sauteed veggies. refrigerate…delicous…but not really for a trip.

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    chesedname-i almost died laughing…but wat does rofl mean??

    thats not wat i meant, the mirroring was a 2nd qust. for ex.

    #1:i had a really hard day today…everyone was down my back…

    me:that sounds really tough…ur probably totally stressed…

    her:ya…and i got screamed at by my teacher… my friends acting all wierd…

    me:that’s so frustrating…i hate when my teachers yell at me…

    her:ya…it so is!! and i dont know wats up w/friend…she’s ignoring me and i dont know wat 2 do…

    me:so ur friends acting kinda mean and your a little lost

    her:totally! i tried being super nice to her but shes not reacting….

    me:sounds like youre being pretty good about it and not just being nasty back, thats really nice of you…

    kay, so remember, this girl has a hard life and needs a lot of support and encouragement… i probably wouldn’t act this way to a friend with a high self esteem, shed be all-why are u acting so wierd? and is this even mirroring? or is it just the end that is…

    also i need more help with the sick dad thing. i really dont want to act to pitying-she h8s that and gets all withdrawn. but i dont know what to answer to make her feel better.

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    my little bro thought he was the coolest thing in his brooks bro. shirts…till one day he was like, ma i really dont like these shirts

    and in 7 grade i was obs w/kipling….then after i got mine e/o started getting lesportsac…i learnt my lesson, now a couple of years later have an adorable bag from target that was 30 bucks,good quality and millions of compliments…

    in reply to: For Frum Girls And Women #696019

    kay, i havent watched any of these videos myself, so i dont know what u mean by not tznius dress, copying goyish ideas but:a-how untznius can they be if its directed by machanchos? not to be sarcastic, but like what, their skirts will go up a little when they are dancing? and maybe im just young and innocent, but i don’t think men would diliberatly watch these dvds, im sure they cud care less…

    b-isn’t it the same like goyish changed jewish music? arent these directors trying to take girls away from innapropriate blockbuster dvds to watch something of higher quality? and if wat the jewish women are trying to sell isn’t interesting, jewish teenage girls wont wanna watch it

    personally, we shud stop jumping down everyones throats and say thanx 4 trying to protect us jewish girls

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    Quick, answer! this thread is about to disapear and still no replies!!!!

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    i dont get it. is stepmania free? and once you down load it, you have to seperatly download the songs? and once you have it you always need internet? i was looking for all this info on their website but can’t find anything.

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    cool!! thats really good news!! i’m going to talk to my mother!!!!!!

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    ya, they do have goyish dancers but i was just speaking 2 anouther friend who said there was an option to remove the dancers.

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    theres a whole group of ‘texting friends’ outside of school. basically its a bunch of girls that only txt e/o, but in skl it’s only hi, whats up, see u around. cant decide if this is bad or good/

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    striving-does it still have all the goyish girls dancing in the back?

    in reply to: Things Kids Said/Did #1185123

    my nine year old brother sees the application to heller with the name of mogen av and anouther boys camp. he asks-why would you wanna be on camp grounds with anouther two camps? so i say-they’re boys camps, we need SOMEONE for kiddush and havdala. they eat the meal on one side of the dining room and we eat on the other. and whenever we need a boy to do kiddush ect, we use them instead of bothering married staff. so he goes, wont there be a lot of fluttering????!!!!!

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    i 4got about dave and busters!!!!! i love that place!!!!!! also jeepers. i went two yrs ago with my bros and we had a BLAST!!!!

    in reply to: Suggestions to Improve YWN #1225331

    every time i try to add a new topic, it tells me the topic is closed. Anyone know why? the subjects have been about mashiach, chumash, dance revolution?

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    battery park just opened an ice skating rink. i was just on their website and theres a coupon for for free rentals until jan 28, so hurry

    in reply to: Texting For a Bachur #673440

    texting is very dangerous. i know many people that messed up-even under tight supervision in a CAMP ENVIORMENT. But then again, i have much more friends that use there phones no problem and only a few are addicted. txting is realy bad for a skool aged kid bec it effects studying sleeping and all the important things unless you’re really not addicted.

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    AND CHEAP…why do i have a feeling that’s not spelled right?

    in reply to: Ideas for Midwinter Vacation #673817

    Does anyone have any fun ideas for a bunch of girls to do? So far we thought of having a

    -home made pizza party,

    -making a day of ice skating in chelsea piers/manhattan,

    -or ice skating in aviator,

    -plaster gallary,

    but these are all very unoriganal. Any other fun ideas out there?

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    look what i started here. oi vey.

    in reply to: Shattered Glass #661302

    I think i understand what FB means about people not realizing whats going on from a novel, but i still dont get why a younger kid cant read about parents going off the derech, its scary, and maybe some kids are better off ‘sheltered’ from this topic, but i dont think appropriate is the right word.

    Also, if this was a widley known topic, i don’t think that people would say its so bad for a younger kid to read about it.

    Or am i still not getting it.

    I personally love the story and look foward to it every week.

    in reply to: Shattered Glass #661297

    The story is definatly ‘shedding light’ about the subject, but, in my opinion, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. if s/o wrote a serial about teens at risk, would it be ‘inappropriate’? unless im totally missing the point.

    in reply to: Avraham Fried’s Yankel Yankel… #657439

    whats the special ‘style’ going on here? didnt hear it yet. care to share…?

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    I NEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD MY (brothers) DS!! especially at night when i cant fall asleep. although i do admit that it is addictive, but i wen i start reading books at night, i cant put those down either. And a lot of things are addictive, should we take away poppas blackberry and moms rumor cuz textings addictive?

    in reply to: Random Questions #1081104

    HUH?? sorry.

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