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    Hi Moshe Rabeinu,

    Interesting point. It didn’t really hit me until a few years after I got married. When I was a bochur, I knew my father was wrong but I didn’t understand why. Once married, I started talking to people and realized how people can convince themselves of anything. (Including my father convincing himself that he is the only true mesora, dor achar dor, from Har Sinai.

    I won’t bore you with the details. Bottom line is I’ve discovered that everyone thinks their religion is the correct one, and everyone else will burn in Gehenom. This is a universal belief shared by all religions, all chasidus, all cults.

    I see two rebbes who are brothers fight with each other; each one’s chasidim will tell you that their rebbe is the biggest tzadik and the other is going to burn – they’re convinced! How do you reconcile the beliefs of the chasidim from each camp? One side (or both) is obviously wrong, yet they are each convinced that their rebbe is the greatest tzadik!

    But I’m supposed to believe in Eilu v’eilu divrei elokim chayim when it comes to Bais Shamai and Bais Hillel?!

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    Actually my counterpoint to your unreasonable argument is quite brilliant.

    Your entire original comment is based on the fact that “our counterparts in Israel closed their gemaras and went to the levaya.” Our counterparts in Israel also closed their businesses and went to the levaya.

    Why don’t you ask “where were the hespedim in all the businesses?”

    Is it because you have a beef with Lakewood and you’re using Rav Ovadiah Yosef’s name to bash Lakewood? Do you have a beef with all bnei Torah? Do you have a beef with all Ashkenazim? What is your beef, and why do are you being mevazeh Rav Ovadiah Yosef by using his levaya as an excuse to besmirch the lomdei Torah of Lakewood and other areas?


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    What I don’t understand is why all the businesses in Manahattan didn’t stop their work schedule and have hespedim yesterday. This was a huge bizayon hatorah on the part of all the working people of Klal Yisroel. In Eretz Yisroel, ALL the businesses shut down. They ALL went to the levaya. Why couldn’t ALL the businesses in NY close for 15 minutes and have hespedim?

    Such bizayon hatorah on the part of the working members of klal yisroel in NY is unprecedented in recorded history of klal yisroel.

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    The premise of this post is based on ignorance. If the levaya would have been held in Lakewood, the entir Lakewood Yeshiva would have gone. However, the levaya was held in Israel. What do you want, that everyone in Lakewood should buy $2,000 tickets to go to Isael for the levaya??

    Unless your question is, why didn’t everyone in Lakewood “just do something”? Something – anything – to show what exactly?

    Do you want everyone in Lakewood to bang their heads in the wall in honor of Rav Ovadiah Yosef? Do you want them to do somersaults in honor of Rav Ovadiah Yosef?

    “Doing something” is not a Jewish concept.

    There were hookups in Lakewood for the levaya, just as there were hookups for Rav Elyashiv’s levaya. There will be hespedim for Rav Ovadiah Yosef, just as there were hespedim for Rav Elyashiv. But to answer your question, no, nobody will be doing somersaults in Lakewood in honor of Rav Ovadiah Yosef.

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    Gilgulim is an invention of the superstitious. This in no way takes away from the greatness of those who invented gilgulim. Great men could also be superstitious.

    in reply to: Leah Weiss, energy healer? #996373

    Alternative medicine is as much kishuf as electricity is. They’re both something new, something previous generations knew nothing about, and something that works wonderously well.

    Worrying about which avodah zara the practitioner is praying to while applying alternative medicine, is like worrying about which avodah zara the pilot is praying to when flying your airplane.

    Get a life.

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    I don’t understand, akuperma.

    If the burka is Halach L’Moshe MiSinai, how could it be considered “hadash” or “imitating the goyim”. It is Torah itself!!

    And if you don’t agree that the burka is Halacha L’Moshe MiSinai, clearly you are a kofer, as expounded upon by HaAdmor HaRav Helbrantz Shlita.

    (as heard from a member of the Lev Tahor community.)

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    When the first chumra of tznius was introduced back in the days of Yoshiyahu, many people warned that this will cause Judaism to become very extreme, to the point that anyone who woman who doesn’t cover her hair will be considered a prutzah, and her husband can divorced her. This will wreck marriages, we were warned.

    But it was decided to go ahead with the chumras anyways, because nobody in their right mind would take it so far as to force women to cover their hair.

    The rest is history.

    In 1,000 years, if you do not agree that the burka is Torah Misinai, you will be called an apikores.

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    I have another question for you Popa:

    What is the point of the aufruf? To me it seems like a huge waste of time, effort, stress, and money.

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    I also believe that shalom bayis is more important than tznius. But here’s an interesting thought:

    What would you do if your wife put on a burka? Would you just accept it for the sake of shalom bayis? Or would you risk a little shalom bayis to preserve your own sanity?

    If you pick the second option, can you also understand that to some people, wives dressing tzniusdik is an issue of sanity for themselves, too?

    And I’m a borderline atheist! And I still say this because I believe in being honest to one’s self about these issues, and only this way can one discover the truth (if it exists).

    Full disclosure: If my wife put on a burka, I’d bite my tongue (as difficult as it is), just as I would want her to bite her tongue when I don’t dress the way she expects of a ben torah (as difficult as it is).

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    Well, Rosh Hashana was very hard too. Which is why I’m asking about Yom Kippur. The rest of the year….. I do what everyone does, you don’t think too much about it.

    in reply to: Yom Kippur and Atheists #974057

    Yes, I will be fasting and davening the entire day. My question is how to do tshuva when one is not convinced that he did any aveira.

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