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Record Breaking Crowd Yeshiva Toras Chaim/Toras Emes Academy Dinner

A record-breaking crowd of over 500 attended Yeshiva Toras Chaim/Toras Emes Academy of Miami’s 23rd Annual Dinner this past Sunday evening, December 23, 2007 at the Hilton Miami Airport. Those gathered paid tribute to Guests of Honor Rabbi and Mrs. Bentzion Chait for their dynamic and visionary leadership of the Yeshiva and the South Florida Jewish Community for nearly a quarter century. 
A special video presentation recapped the highlights of the Chaits’ twenty-four years in North Miami Beach. During that time, Rabbi Chait’s primary focus was on building the Yeshiva, which in turn was a major component in transforming the South Florida community into the flourishing makom Torah we enjoy today. At the same time, Mrs. Chait utilized her immeasurable talents and kochos to influence hundreds upon hundreds of young children and to ensure the success of every Yeshiva function with her special grace and style.
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Kirat were recognized with the Amud HaTorah Award for their extraordinary commitment to the Yeshiva and community. Additionally, the Yeshiva expressed their HaKoras HaTov to the Gruss Life Monument Funds for their long-standing friendship and generosity in assisting with the acquisition of both campuses. Mr. Joel Beritz, Vice-President, accepted this presentation on behalf of the Gruss Life Monument Funds.

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