Los Angeles: Harav Pinchos Gruman Will Become The Rabbi Of The Minyan At Aish Tamid


grumanOne of the most respected Torah figures in Los Angeles, Rabbi Gruman has been described as “The Los Angeles link in the Mesorah of the Yeshiva World” by local Rabbi Nachum Sauer. As a talmid in Lakewood in the 1950’s, Rabbi Gruman received semicha from Harav Aaron Kotler (zt”l) and Harav Moshe Feinstein (zt”l) and soon moved to Los Angeles.

Rabbi Gruman has a rich history of service to the Los Angeles Jewish community. He revived the Rabbinical Council of California and established a community kashrus committee of which he was the chairman for 13 years.

He served with distinction for 40 years as the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Los Angeles and of Bais Naftali. He was also a co-founder of the Young Israel of Hancock Park.

He was the master Rebbe and principal of Rambam for twenty years. Rambam graduates have laid the foundation for the Torah observant community in Los Angeles. He has continued in the same vein for the past 23 years at Bais Yaakov of Los Angeles.

“No one in our City has impacted more students and their future Jewish homes in Torah than Rabbi Gruman shlita”, said Rabbi Yoel Bursztyn, Menahel Bais Yaakov.

“Torah burns brightly in Rav Gruman and he will contribute much to the Minyan”, said Rabbi Yochanan Henig, Mara D’asra of the Chasidishe Kollel of Los Angeles.

“Rabbi Gruman provides unparalleled experience, promotes achdus and inspires all of us with his Torah thoughts. We are very excited about his involvement with the Minyan”, said Saul Ackerman, president of the Minyan.

Rabbi Gruman is recognized internationally as a Maharal scholar. He published several well received works on the Maharal. Rabbi Gruman is also known for his original historical perspectives, his quick wit and a smile that lights up a room!

The Minyan at Aish Tamid, located in the Hancock Park community of Los Angeles, was founded by Rabbi Avi Leibovic and Dr. Elly Berlin to create a warm and nurturing environment, facilitating spiritual growth and connection to Hashem through tefillah and zimrah, divrei chizzuk, Torah learning and communal support for one another.

“My goal is to maintain the warmth, decorum and ruach of the Minyan and enhance Torah learning”, said Rabbi Gruman.

Rebbitzen Gruman has served with distinction as teacher and principal on the East Coast for over 30 years and is continuing her career in Jewish education as a principal in Bais Tzivia in Los Angeles.

In addition to the existing Shabbos youth groups, there are plans to add weekly shiurim for adults and more educational programming for children. In addition, the formation of a women’s sisterhood will foster more family involvement and learning for all members of the family.

A celebratory kiddush in honor of Rabbi and Rebbitzin Gruman will be held Shabbos Nachamu. For more information, please contact Seth Merewitz, (916) 496-0588 or email [email protected]

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