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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Maran Hagon Rav Elyashiv Shaking Lulav At Kosel

Maran Hagon Rav Elyashiv Shlita visited the Kosel early Sunday morning to shake his Arba Minim.

Click HERE to view the photos taken by Kuvien Images (Yehuda Boltshauser & Co)

6 Responses

  1. I too appreciate the access to these giants and what we can learn from them. However, I must say that we have made these Gedolim like celebrities. I feel like the beauty and sanctity of the whole thing has become cheapened. I also feel like they have already lost the little amount of privacy that they had. Their relationship with the Boreh Olam should be somewhat private. I know some may disagree, and that’s fine, I am just giving my opinion….

  2. bizhirut: i agree with you on the first point, and it realy takes away the kedusha of these Gedolim when every footstep they take is all over the internet and Media , although on your second point i disagree somewhat , because after all, our Rabbeim ,rebbes And Gedolim Etc, are our Manhigim and how else are we to learn by example?

  3. Chafetz Chaim,

    Thanks for your comments, I agree that part of being a manhig is to teach us, the populace, at the same time there is a point when they should be able to close the door and just be husbands and fathers….

  4. You all have valid points, but from somone who whas there at shaas maaisa, they organizers definintly did a lot to promote the publicity of the event. Not only did certian photographers recieve permission to enter the gate and photograph/video, but the sadranim even made sure that people who came with the Rav and were near him did not block the shots. On the other hand, it was unsettling to see the piles of people behind the gate pushing and shoving with their backs to the Kotel in the middle of davening trying to get a photo – which probably would not even come out good at a distance. Yes, it is a bit like fans following a star, but the argument tends to be, in this society people will follow someone; much better they follow our gedolim than others. On another note, there were some other gedolim who came to the Kosel that day, without much hoohaa; if you didnt know he was coming you wouldnt know he was there

  5. Bizrizut: I feel just the opposite: by making the Gedolim into celebrities and by reporting their every move, we increase the honor and respect that they (rightfully) get.

    “at the same time there is a point when they should be able to close the door and just be husbands and fathers…”

    Agreed. This is probably the reason I have yet to see a video of what happens in a Godol’s private home.

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