Don’t Judge By What You See


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“Mommy, look! That girl is in a wheelchair!”

As parents, few comments of our kids make us cringe the way announcements such as the above do. Of course, such comments are usually accompanied by loud stage-whispers and lots of finger-pointing at the handicapped child, as our kids struggle to comprehend such a different-looking human being.

But what if our children understood that “different-looking” doesn’t necessarily mean “different”? What if they could accept the fact that those with handicaps can be just as fun, friendly, and on-the-ball as any of them?

That is the aim of Israel Bookshop’s newest kids’ book, Don’t Judge By What You See. An adorable story told in rhymes, Don’t Judge By What You See clearly conveys to children the important lesson of not judging those whom they see—especially those with physical handicaps—by their externals, but rather seeing people for who they truly are inside. Written by Ashira Greenberg, who herself has cerebral palsy, and stunningly illustrated by artist Racheli Edelstein, this book is one that all responsible, thinking parents will want to buy for their children.

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