Matot Arim Urges Citizens To SMS Ministers To Stop Gilad Deal


The Matot Arim action committee is working against the clock, seeking to pressure cabinet ministers to vote against the Shalit deal before the cabinet votes on the prisoner exchange deal.

Activists feel that calling and sending SMS messages to ministers may signal them the people are not behind such a deal.

Some of the ministers, in alphabetical order:

Aharonovich, Yitzchak – 050-5603158
Atias, Ariel – 054-9900011
Begin, Binyamin – 050-6234538
Edelstein, Yuli – 050-3334298
Erdan, Gilad – 050-5936500
Hershkowitz, Daniel – 050-6202119
Kahlon, Moshe – 050-6845584
Katz, Yisrael – 050-6233939
Landau, Uzi – 054-2424454
Landver, Sofa – 050-4357060
Liberman, Avigdor – 054-8000333 – 050-6203006
Livnat, Limor – 050-5200050
Margi, Yaakov – 050- 4963737
Nahary, Meshulam – 050-7440120
Peled, Yossi – 052-5003060
Saar, Gideon – 050-6343111
Shalom, Silvan – 050-6208500
Shteinitz, Yuval – 052-3853280
Ya’alon, Moshe – 050-6625555
Yishai, Eli – 054-5444444

WN-Israel reminds readers that ministers remove the battery from cellular phones prior to entering a cabinet forum, for security reasons.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What about those of us who don’t oppose it?
    What do the Rabbonim say about it?
    Yeshiva WOrld you are not providing us with the right news!

  2. Reply to No. 1

    First of all the cabinet has already voted on this and approved it 12 hours ago by a 23-3 vote. Secondly, many of us oppose it but the issue is now moot. I wish they had asked the generals rather than the rabbonim or politicians since many will likley die from this decision as the released terrorists will kill again. And please, DON’T tell YWN what they should publish regarding news events. If you don’t like a story, read some rag with only one side of the issue.

  3. Hashem NOT Ministers makes the ultimate decision, weren’t you ALL just in Shul, don’t forecast products of this complex prisoner exchange. Go do a Mitzvah and help a friend build a Succa, Stop being you’re unknown friend’s personal Posek!

  4. #2 – If the name of the site is Yeshiva World, I would like to know what the Roshei Hayeshivos say about it. Not the head of the Mossad. Good to hear what Rav Yosef said but what about Yeshivish Rabbonim? I can’t personally call Rav Elyashiv – I try to get that information from Yeshivish media.

  5. #3. Why does it matter what some Litvashe rosh yeshivos has to say about a political decision that has already been made?? Its a “done deal” and Shalit will be coming home the second day of yom tov succos according to some news outlets.