Bitachon. Complete trust in Hashem. That much-desired trait that we all yearn to have. It is the key to shalom bayis, parnassah, and to a happier and more fulfilling life. Yet how do we go about acquiring bitachon?

In Bitachon, Rebbetzin Feldbrand, noted author of Simcha and Grow!, amongst her other popular books, gives us the tools we need to become true baalei bitachon. The book is filled to the brim with all sorts of practical strategies, powerful stories, and real-life examples in order to help the reader acquire this vital middah. Written in Rebbetzin Feldbrand’s trademark, beloved style, this book is sure to inspire you and help you climb to higher heights in your personal growth.

As we go through life, we see more and more how essential it is to have bitachon. Whether regarding getting a good mark on your Chumash test (if you’re a kid), or coming up with the money to pay the rent or mortgage each month (if you’re an adult), it’s clear that the happenings in our lives are not in our control. So why bother worrying about anything at all? Let’s all just—as the saying goes—“let go and let G-d!” With Hashem as our Driver, we’re in the best hands possible—so why not just trust His driving skills and sense of direction?

With Bitachon as your guidebook, you’ll learn exactly how to do so—and how absolutely amazing the dividends of it are!

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