Famous Educator Rabbi Juravel Is Back With Sefer Vayikra After Hiatus


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Rabbi Juravel is well known for his endearing tapes on the parshah and other subjects, as well as his informative and educational books published by Israel Bookshop.

Kids around the globe have devoured Rabbi Juravel’s parshah books, on Sefer Bereishis and Sefer Shemos. They love his style, his exciting way of telling the stories of each parshah, his clear explanations of the mefarshim, and his interesting “Did You Know?” tidbits and sidebars. But now, with Sefer Bereishis long over and Sefer Shemos coming to a close, you—and your kids—want to know: When is Rabbi Juravel finally going to come out with a book on Sefer Vayikra?

The answer to that is: this very week! Yes, Rabbi Juravel’s parshah book on Sefer Vayikra has just been released!

And what a book it is! The popular storyteller is back with a whole host of midrashim, stories, and tidbits on Sefer Vayikra, focusing on the many mitzvos spoken about in these parshios, including the halachos of kosher animals, tzara’as, shemittah, and many others. The book also explains the various korbanos brought in the holy Mishkan, and the different lessons we can learn from them. Your kids will come away from reading this book with a wonderful and clear explanation on each of the parshios in Sefer Vayikra.

Open up this latest volume, and you will see how captivating and exciting it can be to learn about the parshah—especially w hen it’s with Rabbi Juravel!

The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel –  Vayikra can be purchased HERE at israel Book Shop.