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You read her work in the Binah magazine all the time. Now read her very first book!

Since its first appearance on the bookstore shelves, Shortchanged has quickly made its way to the top of the list of readers’ most favorite books. Originally serialized in the Binah magazine, this novel, written by popular author Etka Gitel Schwartz, had readers enthralled like never before. Now, at last, the story has been collected in a full-length novel, as well as enhanced with over 100 pages of additional material—deleted scenes, previously published tie-in stories, behind-the-scenes features, historical photos, timeline, and The Miller Memoirs: Rochelle’s Story.

The time period during which this unforgettable story takes place is the Depression, and the well-researched material in the book makes it impossible to not pick up on the authentic flavor of that era. As 1934 peters to its uncertain close, Sy, Eva, Blanche, Morris, and Charlie are faced with a reality that challenges all they’ve ever known and loved. When sacrifice is the only option, living takes courage…

Read about these captivating characters’ lives. See what makes this story an unable-to-be-put-down book that lingers in readers’ minds long after they’ve turned the last page.

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