The Rechovot Levaya For The 6 Shear Family Members R”L Killed In Fire


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It was a day of mourning for the city of Rechovot yesterday, Tuesday 4 Nissan 5772, as the tzibur escorted the Shear family to kvura following the horrific fire.

The Tuesday night blaze led to the deaths of Guy Shear (38), along with his children Eliav (11), Evyatar (8), Amitai (7), Shira (3), and Itamar (1) z”l. Well before the 15:00 levaya got underway, Najara Street was filling with hundreds of residents, friends and pained residents seeking to identify with the family as Mrs. Shear was preparing to bid her children farewell. The pained expressions of participants was visible as most were simply at a loss for words – realizing expressions of solace were dwarfed by the magnitude of the tragedy.

One of the prominent participants was the Kretchnif Rebbe Shlita escorted by many chassidim. There simply was not a dry eye as the six Zaka ambulances pulled out. The cries of pain and disbelief filled the air, including many children, friends from talmid torah who were understandably confused by the loss, the sudden tragedy and disappearance of classmates. Tehillim and words of chizuk and hisorarus were recited by Rav Yaakov Addis Shlita. The first hesped was delivered by Chief Rabbi Yona Yechiel Metzger Shlita who opened with the verse “V’chol Beis Yisroel Yivchu es Hasereifa Asher Soraf Hashem”.

The rav commented that for the second time in a week he finds himself giving a hesped for a father and his children, referring to the victims of the Otzar HaTorah Yeshiva terror attack in France. The rav concluded with words of chizuk for the almana Avivit and the family. He spoke of the menorah that had seven lights that represented her and her husband; and now, to our sorrow, six of those lights have been extinguished and only one remains lit.

The mora d’asra of Rechovot, Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook Shlita cried the pain of his city – calling on all residents to do a chesbon nefesh after they were hit with such a difficult decree. The rav stressed this is not a personal tragedy for the family alone, but for the entire city and all of Am Yisrael.

“There are no explanations and there are no explanations required other then V’yidom Aaron, adding the street is named after Rav Najara ZT”L, the composer of Ka Ribon Olam V’Olmaya, and now we turn to Ribon Olam Olmaya to bring and end to Am Yisrael’s Tzoros”.

Another hesped was given by the head of Chinuch Atzmai Rabbi Avraham Yosef Lazerson, who shared his experience, his visit to the talmid torah before the levaya. The rebbe of Eliav showed R’ Lazerson the niftar’s notebook on hilchos Pesach. The rebbe said “this is now Kodesh Kodashim. The Shomayim cries that these pure children have themselves become a Korban Pesach”.

The almana, Avivit was unable to muster the strength to attend the levaya. Close friends explained “her entire world was destroyed. She will need a great deal of support to continue”.

Fire inspectors report that fire was caused by a charger from a laptop computer that overheated. Officials explain the family was planning to build their own home and their living conditions; all sleeping in a very large room was temporary. Apparently, after getting too hot the adaptor exploded or sparked and being situated aside the child’s bed, it started the fatal blaze.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)