TRAGEDY IN KIRYAS YOEL: Yungerman R”L Killed In Horrific Crash


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Tragedy struck the Kiryas Joel community Sunday night, as word spread of the tragic death of a Yungerman from the community.

It happened at around 7:45PM, when a vehicle driving on Karlsburg Rd and Seven Springs Mountain Rd lost control. The vehicle drove off an embankment, and overturned into a small lake.

Rescue personnel from Kiryas Joel Hatzolah and KJFD rushed to the scene and extricated the victim from the water. He was found in traumatic arrest and rushed to the hospital where he was R”L Niftar.

He has been identified as Yaakov Farkash Z”H, 26-years-old.

The NY State Police tells YWN the following details from the preliminary investigation:

A 2018 Hyundai Sonata, operated by Jacob Farkas, age 26 of Kiryas Joel, was traveling east on Karlsberg Road when the vehicle veered across the roadway and down an embankment along the north side. The vehicle overturned and came to rest onto its roof partially submerged underwater. Kiryas Joel Fire and EMS responded and extricated Mr. Farkas from the vehicle. He was unresponsive and transported to Orange Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased. Monroe Fire Department SCUBA responded and conducted a further search of the area for any other possible victims with negative results. There was no indication that there were any other occupants in the vehicle.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes…

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  1. Wow three hours and zero comments. We’ve gotten to the point Raboisay, that we no longer have words to say when another tragedy strikes. Oy Vey! We need moshiach now.