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Tragedy Strikes Betar Illit; Child Niftar Hours After Celebrating His 8th Birthday

candle914Tragedy struck the community of Betar Illit on Monday 18 Sivan. During the afternoon hours the child celebrated his eighth birthday, singing and dancing with family members and in the evening, the child was niftar R”L.

The parents left home on Tuesday evening to attend a chasenah. The child was left at home with older siblings. One of the siblings noticed the child’s head was stuck between the window bars. It is unknown how he became wedged between the bars. They tried to extricate their brother but were unable to do so and they summoned emergency assistance. Firemen and EMS arrived and they tried to remove the small child’s head from between the metallic window bars. They succeeded in freeing the boy but he was unconscious and lifeless.

Ichud (United) Hatzalah and MDA (Magen David Adom) EMS personnel worked on the child but the physician on the scene eventually pronounced him dead.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. R”L every week another precious child is taken from us. What do we do to stop this. What is going on. Little children who never did a sin in their life. Each child is a G-d given gift, which we can lose any moment. Let’s treat them like gifts, like diamonds and give them all we’ve got. Let’s not yell at them, punish them for just being kids. How many reminders week after week are we L”A getting.

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