Israeli Passengers Cause Ruckus on Lufthansa Flight And Get Arrested in Germany


On a Lufthansa flight that departed from Israel’s Ben Gurion airport and flew to Frankfurt in Germany, six Israeli passengers acted with disorderly conduct onboard the airplane, in spite of repeated requests by the in-flight attendants to desist.

According to a report that appeared in Ynet, the six passengers removed their masks shortly after lift-off in direct violation of Coronavirus regulations and airline policies. The six passengers began cursing out any in-flight attendant who approached them. The attendants warned the passengers against their rude and illegal behavior.

Prior to the flight, the six purchased alcohol at the Duty-Free shops in Ben Gurion and began drinking it on the flight. When the plane landed in Frankfurt, the flight crew called for police assistance. Officers who arrived placed the passengers under arrest.

One of the passengers on the flight relayed, “They had their masks off for the entirety of the flight. They continued to stand in spite of being told several times to sit down, including being told by the pilot over the loudspeaker. They opened a bottle of alcohol and began doing shots. Nothing helped. When we arrived, the pilot asked us all to stay in our seats as police had been asked to intervene and were currently boarding the plane. The six passengers cursed out the staff and continued drinking. They were simply acting in a disgusting manner. This was well out of the ordinary. It was embarrassing for us all.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Clearly these 6 Israelis, when they come out of prison after decades of incarceration, shall be permanently banned for life from any form of public transportation in any country, so they shall have to trudge back to Israel on foot even walking on foot thru Turkey & Lebanon.

  2. no comments.Typically Israelis,who think the own the whole world and can do everything and also making
    Chilul Haschem ant antisemitism

  3. It doesn’t say that they were Chareidim. That means that they weren’t. Because if they were, it would certainly have made mention of that fact. That’s my deduction.