Israel’s Anagog Find a Parking Space App


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anagogAccording to the Israeli developers at Anagog, their algorithms can detect when a driver is walking towards his/her vehicle and alert the driver in the area looking for a parking space.

The company explains the problem as it sees it is “a significant part of our lives is dedicated to parking. We do it when we go to work, when we return home, when we go shopping or go out in the evening.

“Hundreds of millions worldwide spend time and money looking for parking every day, while constantly increasing the CO2 pollution of the environment.”

The Anagog Solution:

Anagog introduces a revolutionary parking solution.

Based on its “Parking Visibility” technology, Anagog helps drivers find parking easier and faster.

Anagog guides drivers to available parking in 2 ways:

1. Guide drivers to streets with the highest chance to find parking.

2. Guide drivers, in real time, to spaces about to be vacated.

Anagog patented technology is based on crowd sourced data collected from mobile devices by monitoring the device sensors and estimating the mobility status of the user in a very low power consumption.

The data is collected automatically, passively and anonymously.

Other features of the app include;

· Find my car

· Destination prediction

· Automatic speedcam alert

· Start/stop parking pay reminders

After the sale of WAZE, Anagog founders Gil Levy and Yaron Aizenbud are hopeful and optimistic that their app will make a similar splash in the international market.

The company offers other find-my-car applications, including FindMyCar, 2Park, StopPark, and ParkDroid.

There is also Baby-Minder, which will remind one to check that a child is not left in a vehicle.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)