Catskills: Shul At Chernovitz Bungalow Colony On Hasbrouck Road Collapses


For the second time in two weeks, a Shul in the Catskills collapsed.

The latest incident happened at around 10:00AM Monday morning, at the Chernovitz Bungalow Colony on Hasbrouck Road in Woodbourne.

The Woodbourne Fire Department responded along with Catskills Hatzolah, the NY State Police and other emergency personnel.

Thankfully, there are no injuries reported as the building was vacant, and the Sefer Torah was not in the building.

Sources tell YWN that it appears that the collapse was caused by heavy snow and ice sitting io the roof for months. This is the same thing that caused a Shul to collapse at Laurel Ledge in Fallsburg, two weeks ago.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. did this happen to other houses also or only two shuls
    i think rabbunim should be consulted there has to be some cheshbon nefesh to be done

  2. What needs to be done is for someone to inspect the shuls and other community buildings every time we have an enormous amount of snow and “rake” the snow off the roofs of those buildings susceptible to collapse from the weight of the snow and ice. Something like this: Extreme Max 5600.3207 Shingle-Saver 21′ Roof Snow Rake with 24″ Blade

    Thankfully no one was hurt but who’s to say that a roof may not collapse in the summer after having been weakened in the winter!