Op-Ed: Is David Weprin Loyal To Torah Judaism?


[Rabbi William Handler]

Congressional candidate David Weprin labels himself a “Modern Orthodox” Jew.

But, is his Jewish religion really an important priority in his life? Does he really respect Jewish values? And is he prepared to sacrifice anything at all to defend those values? Probably not! When push comes to shove, when there is a conflict between the politically-correct values of Liberalism and the Torah values of the Jewish People, David Weprin is on the other side.

His real religion is Orthodox Liberalism. Every Jewish child knows that homosexuality is an abomination, condemned in the Torah. Yet, very recently, David Weprin saw fit to make a highly-publicized speech in the New York State Assembly in favor of “Gay Marriage.”

That’s why Assemblyman Dov Hikind is not supporting David Weprin. Not only did Weprin support the “Gay Marriage” bill in the NY State Assembly, but he brazenly marched in the annual “Gay Pride” parade down Fifth Avenue, waving a rainbow-colored homosexual flag, behind a huge banner proclaiming “Gay Pride.”

Mr. Weprin is entirely alienated from Jewish Torah values. His heart is just not in it. His real allegiance is to the left-wing radicals who have taken over today’s Democratic Party.

He supports abortion-on-demand, continued Federal funding for Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion provider in the U.S,), and Obamacare, which will destroy the Medicare system for the elderly.

He cannot be trusted to loyally represent the best interests of our Jewish community. Since David Weprin knows that Jews are leery of President Obama, he has declined to publicly commit himself to support Obama—“I’m running myself right now. On September 14, (after his congressional election is over on September 13) I’ll be happy to address the President’s election…Don’t read anything into it”—These are weasel words.

Quietly, however, his campaign aide confided to the Daily News: “Of course he’s going to support Obama.”—Of course he will!

Says NYC Councilman Daniel Dromm, who has known Weprin for years: “Politics is his life.”—Orthodox Liberal Democratic politics.

Rabbi William Handler is an official spokesman for Jews for Morality, founded by Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZATZAL.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



  1. Why does the YWN need to write that the views here do not necessarily reflect the views of the YWN??? How can this not be the view of the YWN when the Y stands for YESHIVA!!

    Weprin needs to be stopped at all costs. We have had enough chillul Hashem in our community and we do not need any more.

    To have the only Orthodox Jew in Congress supporting Toeva Marriage is a terrible Chillul Hashem. What an embarrassment in front of all the good people in America who look to us for moral guidance.

    All Rabbeim in the voting Districts should urge congregants to Vote against Weprin. Don’t worry if you think we may lose “favors” from the Democrats. Whatever we get is coming from the One above and we can only rely on Him.

    I have asked a leading Posek outside NY and he said that we should try to stop Weprin. It does not matter that you may hurt Weprins career. A Chillul Hashem of this magnitude must be stopped.

    Lets stand up for Torah values and basic human morality. “Ohavei Hashem Sonay Rah”–Those who love Hashem hate evil. We say this in davening. Let’s live it!

    Please note: This is not extremism. This is basic normal Torah hashgofa. It is the radical left wing secularists that Weprin gives kavod to that are the extremists.

  2. “Rabbi William Handler is an official spokesman for Jews for Morality, founded by Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZATZAL.”

    I agree with this op-ed 100%. I only wish Reb Avigdor Miller’s name wouldn’t be involved even indirectly, since his views on these issues are considered extreme by many, especially as represented by his talmid Rabbi Yehudah Levin and could turn people off.

  3. “I have asked a leading Posek outside NY and he said that we should try to stop Weprin.”

    What do the leading Poskim who reside in the 9th Congressional District of NY say?

  4. Rabbi William Handler? Is that the same William Handler who defended the convicted rapist Rabbi Israel Weingarten? If so, then whatever you think of Weprin, this guy is 1000 times worse. Handler is a threat to all society – jewish or other. Anyone with his endorsement should refute and deny any connection to him and then take a hot shower. This is NY not Olam Habbah. If you want a society based on halachah increase your davening for moshiach to come. Otherwise, recognize that the same laws which protect your right to leave your job early in the winter, drink wine during prohibition, and wear a yarmulke in the army or at work also protects others civil rights. We may disagree with the result, but be careful what you wish for.

  5. #4,

    Hopefully, people visiting Yeshiva World do not consider Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT”L, to be extreme (unless you mean an extremely great Talmid Chacham or an extremely great Tzaddik).

  6. There is nothing extreme here. This is basic Judaism. Rav Miller ztl was not extreme at all. He was just speaking the truth. He was simply doing his job as a Rav. We have been so brainwashed by the media that some of us are forgetting our basic Torah principles.

    If we can’t stand up against this Chillul Hashem then do we really care about Torah or about kavod Shomayim?

  7. for those who are so stronly opposed to Weprin just for the same gender marriage issue–are you equally incensed with the republican leadership & majority who brought this to a vote?

  8. Mr. Mister, we don’t ask that anyone keep Shabbos or Daled Minim. This is about morality. You know that and are trying to use false arguments. Perhaps we are trained by our general belief system to understand morality the way we do, but we are not asking anyone to to follow our “religion” or its teachings. We stand up for morality, whether we learned it in Yeshiva, on television, or from the back of a Cheerios box.

  9. To #6 – Rabbi Handler is defending an innocent man he doesn’t even know – I know HaRav Weingarten and his children and it is clear that he is 100% innocent – he is a big big tzaddik and talmid chacham – and his ex-wife is a big big rashanta gangster – the judge was bribed by the neturei karta who hate Rabbi weingarten for revealing how bad they really are