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ywnlnSome people have questioned Yeshiva World News’ decision to post the horrifying events of the Malchei Yisroel Steet attack in Geulah. YWN is aware that the video was graphic, which is why YWN consults its Rabbinic advisor whenever questions come up. The postings fit into one of three categories: 1] Do not post at all 2] Post with a warning of Viewer Discretion 3] Post with no caveat of Viewer Discretion.

In this situation, we were instructed to pursue the Geulah attack as a category 2. The rationale for the decision is two-fold:

1. Firstly, our ability to empathize and to be noseh b’ol chaveiro with our brethren in Eretz Yisroel is determined by actual seeing. There is a world of a difference between merely hearing about tragedies, and actually seeing what Klal Yisroel is going through. The Maharsha explains that Moshe Rabbeinu did not throw down and break the luchos until he actually had witnessed the hashchasa of Klal Yisroel in the Chait HaAigel. This is true even though Moshe had heard about what they had done from Hashem Himself.

Our Posaik believes that we should be empathizing with our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel much more than we are doing now.

There is a halacha that one should not engage in P’ru uR’vu when there is a famine elsewhere. In Megilas Rus, Elimelech and his sons, Gedolei Olam, were punished because they did not empathize with their brethren in Eretz Yisroel. The Seforno explains that even Yitzchok Avinu needed to place Rivkah Imeinu in a position next to him, in order to empathize with her more so that he could more effectively daven for her to have children.

In a world steeped in gashmius and mosros – we could use a nudge to ensure that we are davening day and night for the victims of these horrific attacks as well as the safety of Klal Yisroel.

2. Secondly, the Jewish media is now the default go-to source of the secular media in matters that pertain to Eretz Yisroel. When the secular media and the secular government pick up on the material that the Jewish media posts, it has far-reaching ramifications. The government of Eretz Yisroel now needs more political support then ever in order to accomplish true protection. Askanim have told us of how invaluable this information actually is to their work.

The truth is that whenever decisions are made, some people are positively affected and some negatively. It would be incorrect for a parent to show the video to a very sensitive child. On the other hand, we should see it, and we should cry and daven. Moshe Rabbeinu himself had done this Mitzvah when he went among his brethren as the Pasuk tells us, “Vayar b’sivlosam.”

It should be noted, that the same decision was made when publishing the images of the horrific attack in Har Nof.

Hashem yevaraich es amo vaShalom.

— YWN Staff.

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  1. Kudos to YWN, leave it the national media to hide and obscure whats really going on

    If YWN wont post it who will?? the NYTIMES????

  2. I totally agree with this policy. As sheltered as some people would like to be from these “images”, we are all in this together and we need to feel the horror, at least somewhat. YWN – keep up the honest and accurate reporting!

  3. Of course it should be posted! It makes it so much more real. My prayers for the situation there is a lot more intense when you have vivid images in your mind of the situation

  4. I agree completely.
    When we become so desensitized to “shocking” videos and reports, it is difficult to empathize with others and daven for needs beyond our own four amos.
    After watching this video, I couldn’t help but udder a heartfelt prayer after taking in what I saw, and my davening has since included requests for the safety of Bnai Yisroel and for the immediate geulah, BE”H.
    As nervous and depressing as it is to watch videos like this (and frankly, to visit your site throughout the day), it has made me so keenly aware that Yishmael is trying to exterminate us and Esav is justifying his every move.
    We have only Hashem upon which to rely, and while he has provided us with means to help ease our struggle (e.g. the IDF, Hatzolah, Canada, etc.) – ultimately this world can only be solved through personal and collective fulfillment of our mandatory To-Do list: Teshuva, Tefillah, and Tzedekah.

  5. Thank you, YWN.
    I am not one of the people who questioned your policy to post the horrific video. Although I was, needless to say, extremely disturbed by it.
    I do want to thank you for explaining your reasoning, and for the job you are doing presenting the news accurately.

  6. “When the secular media and the secular government pick up on the material that the Jewish media posts, it has far-reaching ramifications.” Hmm. But you don’t seem to have a problem posting the neturei karta’s demonstrations. I assume the secular media loves that too?

  7. sorry I totally disagree with all of you. Your reasoning is completely twisted! And don’t compare ourselves to moshe rabeinu or anyone near him.
    it is so blatantly obvious that the goyim who spend the day watching and playing disgusting programs and games have lost their sensitivity for this sort of thing. the increasing violence and cruelty in the world boils down to what people spend their time watching and seeing. So, by posting these pictures over and over again we slowly we lose our sensitivity to seeing people drowning in blood dying on the streets. is that Where we want the drum world to head chas vesholom??

  8. “When the secular media and the secular government pick up on the material that the Jewish media posts, it has far-reaching ramifications.”
    Please clarify. Which secular media and/or government quotes theyeshivaworld?

    Moderators Note: YWN stopped updating this list ages ago….but YWN has been on every single major news outlet in the world. As well as quoted on every major talkshow in the USA (such as Hannity etc). Nice try though.

  9. Kol Hakavod, YWN!

    I did lose sleep after watching it – but I have no regrets.

    Furthermore, I said to a friend, ‘if BBC or CNN air this video – I will eat my hat’. Unfortunately the major Media Agencies are biased the other way. The only way the world will understand is by seeing what is really is going on. These videos should spread fast round the globe. It’s a shame that YWN has to do the dirty work of the World Media Agencies.

  10. I agree with the idea that it is important to get it out there for the sake of public attention. I also agree with poster named Meshugenevelt. It surely desensitizes, much faster that you’d think. It ends up having the adverse effect.

    Surely, your first horror video won’t let you sleep. But the second one will be way more tolerable, although you’ll be shaking your head. By the third, you’ll be clicking in all the suggested related content.

    So, you should indeed post it but we shouldn’t view it.

  11. Comment 8 is a must read the moderator sounds like a baby…. when he thinks he got the guy abdomen says “nice try though”just goes to show that this site is not a serious site
    The only reason why it was quoted is because there is not really any other ultra orthodox sites
    And btw I still didn’t hear any reference to the “secular Government” that follows yeshiva world news so closely

  12. Actually I was listening to fox news on satellite and the show is meant for TV but you listen on the radio….anyways they were talking about the bus stop video crash and they were showing it. I have no doubt it was because of ywn and the many jews on this site that spread it around for that specific reason just so they show it and they did……for all the critics who complain otherwise if you didn’t read it ywn stated these are the directions of daas Torah, which no offense but you obviously are not. So please if you disagree stop visiting the site.

  13. When your quoting a psak to defend yourself it means nothing if you can’t quote the rav name. It’s very easy to say “we got a psak” it doesn’t have to be true because it can’t be verified. My anonymity has nothing to do with it. I’m not trying to defend myself against anything. Printing my personal email doesn’t phase me but you owe me an apology.

  14. Thank you YWN, as difficult as it was to watch the video, it was very necessary. Adding the disclaimer was quite appropriate. As you noted, some of the mainstream media is looking for new resources to tell their story. And as many of you might be aware, there is a video of this event online that tells a different story. In that video, the first portion was deleted and the video picks up after the terrorist is shot the first time. And how do they promote it? “Israelis hitting Palestinian”.

  15. FIRST OF ALL I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHY THE MODERATOR ERASED MY FIRST POST ………2ndly,Rav Hirsh zl has a whole piece in chorev where he ex. the concept of Tznius.
    From what i understood,hes saying that the reason we cover up so much is bec the guf is very gashmi,and the neshama is very spiritualy delacate, and if the neshama has to much to do with the guf, it gets damaged…..
    As well, i just read a story about rav sher,that he was speaking to a bunch of older rabanim before Rosh Hashana, and he asked them what they need to worry about? they learn TORAH,keep kosher ect…..but he said “Gentleman,when you pick up the paper in the morning and read that a man was killed…….you continue to drink your coffe…nevermind that a woman s now a widdow,the children are now orphans…….we get desensitized,we need to be carful…..something to think about…….

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