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WARNING TO VIEWERS: These photos are graphic, and viewer discretion is advised. Our decision to post them is compelled by the hope these images will travel the globe and the international community will realize what savage, blood-thirsty animals these Islamic terrorists are.

It’s simply unfathomable how these subhuman savages can enter a house of worship (Shul) during morning prayers (Shachris) armed with axes, knives and a gun and slaughter innocent men while wrapped in their prayer shawls. The photos are somewhat reminiscent of the horrific Islamic terrorist attack in Merkaz Harav Yeshiva that claimed the lives of eight innocent students. That yeshiva is 4 minute drive from the site of this latest Islamic terror attack.

photos3 photos4 photos5


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  1. i understand posting to an extent, but what does it help to warn people of how graphic they are if you post a picture directly on the fron page before you clikc on it. i say remove the picture, and let people decide

  2. thankyou for posting these. this happened along the street form us this morning. hopefully it will wake people up to daven to H-shem.It;s basically a pogrom .

  3. The photos remind me of Holocaust photos.

    People wrapped in tallis and tefillin killed in cold blood.

    Hard to view, but I agree with YWN decision to post.

  4. #5- i also live in har nof. this is a pogrom. and ywn said it correctly….this reminded me of merkaz harav.

    oh and #3- please, get a life. What are you? some neturei karta behaima?


  6. We MUST stop using arabs. We have a grocery in our area in yerushalayim that employs heimish guys. No arabs. There are enough young guys that don’t find their place in yeshiva. Let them leave and work in these shuls and groceries. In addition, let the weaker learners replace arabs in building. They’re all over the place these arabs.

  7. can you all stop being “wimps” about wondering why they are posting photos like this (#1 and #2)…THIS IS REALITY!!!

    too many of you American Yidden would rather pretend it didn’t happen.

    BTW, do any frum Lakewood yidden in the states actually own guns (besides a few diamond dealers)??

  8. #9 isha kshaira – you write: “oh and #3- please, get a life. What are you? some neturei karta behaima?”

    1) There is no reason to get nasty.
    2) Your comment doesn’t make sense. Therefore, I can only conclude that you misunderstood him. He’s saying that it’s time to stop hiring Arabs to work for us.

    Personally, I agree with him. Although I feel sorry for innocent Arabs that just want to go to work and support their kids, non-the-less, hiring Arabs are a great security risk. Arabs lashing out at their employers and/or their customers are not an uncommon occurrence. It seems to me that when their stomachs are growling for food their heads will clear up a bit and their priorities will change. This is basically what Avraham did to Yishmael. I would place a total lock down on Arab communities until peace is returned.

  9. I agree with no 11. We should not be fighting at a time like this. Achdus will save us. I also think it is right that the pictures are shown. Not for the world but for us so that we can mourn and daven together with Acheinu bnei Yisroel. BDE and busuros toivos.

  10. This attack reminds me of the massacre committed by the savage, subhuman blood thirsty animal called Baruch Goldstein in Hebron. He too entered a house of worship and gunned down innocent men during morning prayers.

  11. Yes he did, JC. And his own security forces eliminated him, and he was unanimously condemned. I expect nothing less from the PA.

  12. Kahane was right! They must go! No more arab workers! Jews in need to work so that we don’t need arab workers! Stop telling everyone to just sit and learn! Work is not a “four-letter word”!

  13. The posting of the pictures is more for the world to see. They don’t show the faces of the Kedoshim, only parts of their bodies.
    When we suffer these tragedies, we need to look inward, repent, and increase acts of kindness, charity, and reduce loshon horah.

    Hashem Yikom Damam!

  14. “This attack reminds me of the massacre committed by the savage, subhuman blood thirsty animal called Baruch Goldstein in Hebron”

    This is an ignorant child speaking. Do you even know the history of Chevron? How much pain and suffering the Jews who lived there endured on a daily basis? For all we know we were saved from 29 potential terrorists. The fact is we need to all pull together; act and speak as one. There are only us and them; and if any of them want to join us then let them stand up and not voice their opinion because we know everyone has that. Let them raise their hand up against their own and stop violence and show the world that not all Arabs are a terrorist waiting to happen.
    OK enough dreaming now back to the real world. Just as we look twice before we cross the street the same way we need to take a look around us and know our surroundings. There is no safe place out there.
    Have a great day

  15. the world does not see these pics. WE DO and we cannot bear it.. please take them down. if you want to send them to Fox or CNN then do so, but its not for US to see such horrible things… please ask a shaailah.

  16. Post the pictures. Hashem wants our prayer. We are asleep. Wake up time. They have covered their holy faces and we need to be angry and to cry out to Hashem.
    Brothers and sisters: wake up!

  17. Raboisai Sweet and Special Yidden let us all together B’achdus be mischazek and cry together and beg and plead to Hashem to stop the tzoros and let every single one of us take a Kabala in the zchus of these 4 kedoshim and may Hashem bring the final Geula and may we all be zoche to see Kovod Shomayim

  18. Thanks to all for the nastiness. A simple question was asked and all that was received was ‘Daas Bloggers’ which is exactly what the Noviminsker Rebbe discussed. If there was a daas TORAH decision to post these (readily available on other websites) pictures on a YESHIVA WORLD website then show us. I doubt the Torah Newspapers will print these photos. I am ready to hear Daas Torah and fully submit and be wrong – just tell me who said to post these pictures.

  19. J.c as far as I know there is still a commandment to judge “thy brother favorably”. Plus you have no way of knowing that his intentions were for. Bec. From what I was told weapons were for a terrorist attack were being held there and the government refused to check it out. So he shot the place up so the government would have to investigate. I personally would rather that Arabs die rather than jews. If like you like it the other way round than you are the animal!

  20. Can all of you please keep quiet?!?!?! What does it matter if they should have posted the pictures or not? These people are dead. Dead. The lives of their families are changed forever!! Focus on the big picture, Please!

  21. And stop fighting, stop calling each other names. I’m sure the victims care less about the pictures and more about the fact that their dying caused fighting and namecalling.

  22. oy yoyoy how much negativity has to be said to each other. each one can have your own opinion about the pictures and that is no reason to call each other names or say not nice things. no one here is animals or arabs or a bad person for that matter. when we have enough ppl in this world hating us, we only have each other to love. lets try to be positive to each other

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