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Poll: Obama Leads Romney Overall, Trails On Economic Issues

A new poll shows that Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as running mate failed to give him a boost in the polls, leaving the presumptive GOP nominee locked in a tight race with President Obama.

A new Associated Press-GfK poll released Wednesday by shows Obama leading with the support of 47 percent of registered voters to 46 for the Republican ticket.

Those numbers show little change from a June AP-GfK poll which found Obama topping Romney 47 percent to 44.

But Romney’s failure to pull ahead is hurting him perception-wise. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed said they expected Obama to win, with 32 percent believing he would be defeated.

The poll finds Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, with a net positive favorability rating after a week and a half on the campaign trail.

Thirty-eight percent have a favorable view of Ryan to 34 unfavorable. Ryan fares better among registered voters who split 40 percent favorable to 34 unfavorable. But the poll finds that the seven-term Wisconsin lawmaker is still unknown to a quarter of voters.


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  1. This is a worthless poll-as you write, it is a poll of “registered” voters, not “likely voters”- and therefore, this poll actually is very good news for Romney. “Likely” voters is the only poll that really counts-and, always, the democrats will have an edge with registered voters, an advantage that disappears on polling day.

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