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TRUMP TO OBAMA: Release College, Passport Applications, I’ll Donate $5 Million to Charity

Donald Trump wants to make a deal with President Barack Obama.

If Obama releases his college and passport records by the end of October, the New York real estate mogul and reality show host says he will contribute $5 million to a charity of the president’s choice.

Trump made the offer Wednesday in a video posted to his Twitter account. He called Obama “the least transparent president in the history of this country,” and said that by taking the deal Obama would satisfy voters’ questions about his past.

Trump drew broad publicity last year for questioning whether Obama was born in the U.S. and eligible to be president. Obama later released his long-form birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii in 1961. In the video, Trump said he was proud to have pushed Obama to release the birth certificate or “whatever it may be.”

Trump has endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for president. Obama campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki declined to comment on the Trump video, saying “given Trump is one of his biggest supporters, this is a question best directed to the Romney team in Boston.”


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  1. This sort of distraction is undermining Romney’s campaign. Romney wants to talk about policy in general, and economics in particular – and the clowns try to shift the discussion to personal stuff that is totally irrelveant. His family came over several ships after the Mayflower (early 17th century), and his academic record is quite strong (though some might point out that good academics don’t correlate with success in presidents).

    For those concerned with Obama’s academics, the fact that he made Law Review had Harvard means a lot, since the grading in anonymous (the fact that is a half-Kenyan, Hawaiian from a broken home might help get into college, but won’t help you make good grades in a law school).

    His birth certificate has been publicized, and his family connections to his mothers family are well publicized. Even his mother was travelling abroad, and regardless of whether she was ever lawfully married, Obama would still have been a naturally born citizen (“native” is for 14th amendment purposes – president requires you be “natural” rather than “naturalized”).

  2. Akuperma, none of what you write has any basis. How do you know his academics were strong? Only because he made law review. But that was not anonymous; there was a lot of politicking and the fact is that he’s the only editor of the Harvard Law Review who did not publish anything with his name on it. And how did he get in to Harvard in the first place? Was it really his stellar record at Columbia? Or would his transcript reveal that he did not do well there (since he was hardly ever seen in class, and spent most of his time with the choom and worse)? What would his transcript reveal about his admissions to Occidental and Columbia? And his passport record would tell us about his travel, especially the Pakistan trip. These are very much open questions, and we have no basis for assuming there’s nothing there.

  3. akuperma:
    Assuming Mr. Obama’s father was not a citizen, this would require Mr. Obama to have been born in the United States.

    If the mods allow it, here is a link to a site regarding the Constitutional law regarding who can become President:

    Regarding Mr. Trump’s offer
    While I respect that Mr. Trump is offering to put his money where his mouth is, I’m not sure how it would help his cause.

    Since it seems he doesn’t believe that the ultimately-released long-form is genuine, what is there, in Mr. Trump’s view, to stop the government from releasing a just-as-non-authentic Harvard transcript?

  4. If someone offered me 5 million for my transcripts & passport info, they would have it so fast, they would feel the wind!

  5. #2 and #3 — Have fun with your pot shots at Mr. Obama. You’ll probably have another four years, since and your friends did a good job of focusing America’s attention away from Obama’s dismal economic policies. Remember that by 2017, we’ll have a Supreme Court that make Kagan and Sotomayer seem like moderates, and who knows what will be left of Israel, or of religious communities that oppose homosexuality.

    So enjoy it. Maybe Obama can send the birthers a nice thank you note. Maybe a tip. He would have spent hundreds of millions to avoid having people look at the economy, and they did it for free.

  6. Be careful Mr. Trump. If Obama gets re-elected he will have what he wants. Right now his a/k/a is wannabe Ayatolla Obummer. If he gets elected again he will just write another executive order making himself president for life and you will need to call him Ayatolla Obummer. Then he will have more money than you. The big difference is that his money will have his picture on it.

  7. #1 and #2 – The Harvard Law Review did (and still does), in fact, have an affirmative action policy. But it just so happens that he graduated from Harvard Law School Magna Cum Laude. He’s a smart dude.

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