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McCain Wins Kentucky, Obama Takes Vermont

7:05PM EST: Barack Obama has won Vermont and John McCain has won Kentucky, splitting expected victories as polls began to close in a handful of states Tuesday evening.

Obama appears to have a lead in Virginia and Indiana, while McCain has an advantage in Georgia and South Carolina. All are too early to call. Indiana and Virginia are two Republican states Obama is hoping to turn blue this year.

Voters continued to cast their ballots in dozens of others states, after a frenzied day campaigning that brought the historic and sprawling 2008 presidential race to a close.


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  1. considering this is based on exit polls (remember what happened to Mofaz in the Kadima primary, not to mention Bush and Gore in 2000 in the US), I wouldn’t put much faith in them. Vermont is based on 0% of the vote (okay, it’s the only state with a socialist senator, but still…)

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