Republicans Ride Voter Unrest To Control House


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Republicans drew on the support of independents and the energy of tea party activists to fashion a resounding victory in the House in midterm elections, increased their strength in the Senate and quickly served notice they intend to challenge President Barack Obama with a conservative approach to the economy.

“We hope President Obama will now respect the will of the people, change course, and to commit to making changes they are demanding,” Ohio Rep. John Boehner, the House speaker-in-waiting, told cheering partisans as GOP gains mounted Tuesday night.

Obama called Boehner to offer congratulations, and also telephoned Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and top Democrats in a series of conversations that reflected the shifting balance of power.
The Republican leaders penciled in a late-morning news conference, to be followed a short while later by Obama’s own meeting with reporters at the White House.

Incomplete returns showed the GOP picked up at least 60 House seats — the biggest party turnover in more than 70 years — and led for four more, far in excess of what was needed for a majority. About two dozen races remained too close to call.

On their night of triumph, Republicans also gained at least six Senate seats, and tea party favorites Rand Paul in Kentucky, Mike Lee in Utah and Marco Rubio in Florida were among their winners.

The GOP also wrested 10 governorships from the Democrats, Ohio and Pennsylvania among them, and gave two back, California and Hawaii.

(Source: Yahoo News)


  1. Obama’s larger than life ego will never let him admit any mistakes on his part. Publicly he might say the right things but privately he will continue to believe that he is a superior human being and that all others just don’t understand his greatness.