Hezbollah Chief Says Dialogue With Iran Is Only Way Forward


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The chief of Lebanon’s Hezbollah group is telling Saudi Arabia that dialogue with Iran is the only way forward, lashing out at the kingdom’s lavish royal welcome of U.S. president Donald Trump.

In a speech Thursday, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah says the U.S. president is ‘only interested in money’ and is the most ‘racist’ U.S. president against Arabs and Muslims. He says the Saudi welcome and deals signed are a sign of the kingdom’s weakness.

Nasrallah was speaking days after Trump signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia aimed at bolstering Saudi security, and after the U.S. State Department announced sanctions on senior Hezbollah leader Hashem Safieddine.

Nasrallah dismissed the sanctions as laughable and said such summits and declarations “will not make any difference.”