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Under The Dark Of Night, Caravan For Peleg Cheder Was Removed

A significant new development occurred in the Jerusalem neighborhood of N’vei Yaakov this week. After discussion and hearings for over a year in the case of the local council against Talmid Torah Nefesh HaChaim, which is affiliated with the Peleg branch, the High Court ordered the immediate removal of the caravan. This was done on Monday night under the cover of nightfall.

The case began when askanim affiliated with the Peleg placed the caravan on location to open a private kindergarten talmid torah. The Beis Din headed by HaGaon Rav Tzvi Weber issued a harsh injunction against it, prohibiting the caravan’s presence and operation in the area in question. Other rabbonim also spoke out against it but the Peleg askanim decided not to remove it.

The minhal, local government became involved for it is responsible for the land in question. Meetings and hearings have taken place during the past year and in light of the court ruling, while Peleg protests had many busy on Monday evening and night, a crane was brought in and the caravan removed, thereby freeing up the city-owned land once again.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. A caravan is a structure a bit shorter and somewhat wider that a commercial road trailer. Two of them make up a classroom, and 4- to 6 is a full sized baismedrash. It is a cheap option of pre fab temporary building, an din certain seotors and economies temporary can be a really long time.

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