WATCH: Dov Hikind Unloads At FJCC Event; Says Kalman Yeger Is Most Experienced To Be Councilman



Assemblyman Dov Hikind today threatened to release secret video and audio recordings of unspecified threats that he says Jewish leaders have made against each other in the Community. It’s not clear what Assemblyman Hikind is referring to but certainly seemed like mesirah from Hikind’s remarks. However, this video was taken at the FJCC breakfast only hours after Yoni Hikind leashed a blistering attack on Kalman’s family including his son who is in a local yeshiva.

Hikind admits later in the video that if experience is the most important qualification, he would vote for Kalman Yeger over his son Yoni.

Hikind went on to say that while Yoni may not be Heimish, neither was he and he expected to get re-elected next year.

In the words of one person who attended the meeting’ “Dov’s speech was the most awkward 7 minutes in history. All the politicians were looking around shocked”.

Watch the full clip below!

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Hikind has always been a publicity seeking jerk and has never shied away from these kinds of mindless rants…why are people just noticing after so many years.

  2. Attention YWN,

    The bias of your website against Hinkind and towards Yeger is so obvious. Like somewhere between CNN and MSNBC on Trump.


  3. Dov Hikind has worked so hard for the past 30 years to help the Jewish community. I will definitely vote for his son Yoni. The Hikind name is good for me.
    As for the other candidate, there is a very strange association between Yeger and Greenfield. It’s almost like they are exchanging jobs. Too close for comfort. I think Greenfield has done a lot of things to please the Certain people in the community. The 18th Ave. Park, he spent seven and a half million dollars to “renovate” was a total waste of money. Weeds have overrun the so called green designs that certain people were paid a fortune to come up with. Give kids tons of swings and you have a great park. Think carefully who you will vote for. An independant candidtae or a clone of another.

  4. What is the matter with you YWN! So you clearly have an agenda against Yoni Hikind. Fine. To the public eye and average voter, no one I’ve spoken to, quite understands your animosity and palpable dislike you have for him. So it’s obviously something more personally sinister and agenda driven and to put it plainly, it’s poor business sense and bad moral taste to openly slander and smear a frum candidate regardless of your position slant. This isn’t Politico or the Huffington Post. This is, as I believe as do most others, a news platform. Be careful how you abuse this powerful tool, lest you drive viewership away for overreaching your boundaries when pushing obvious personal agendas that most readers either don’t care about or find rather uncomfortable seeing. (See 2017 NFL ratings). And to then throw slime and try to use wise-guy innuendos at the candidates father who has served our community; to your own personal liking or not, diligently and passionately for longer than your young minded and thumb-tapping-app-driven fingers have most likely been alive is outrageous! Shame on you and the editorial board. I’m not a constituent or voter in this race but I am one in the Jewish nation and you have been nothing short of an embarrassment during these last days of this campaign.

  5. How many times did Dov repeat that he is in politics for 35 years? It is amazing that he are not embarrassed to get up and speak in that fashion. We all know your his colors. His modus operandi is simple – do whatever it takes to grab another headline and bring honor to the Hikind political machine. Enough is enough! It’s bad enough that we have to tolerate his fake and plastic personality, Heaven forbid if we allow your son to enter into the political arena. Save yourself more embarrassment, just go home and leave us alone!